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Ah Chaos Head where to start. I've seemed to have developed a strong love, hate relationship with the is series so strong I can easily cut the series in half and its all thanks to Takumi. Now first things first, turns out Takumi ends up as a great character and the truth is 
that this is a good coming of age story BUT early on Takumi's character is such a turn off. Now don't get me wrong I don't want every
protagonist to be as like able as Goku but still Takumi doesn't do himself any favors. I've heard him being described as an older Shinji which I totally disagree with. Shinji tried from day one he just... needed a lot of convincing! Then again watching the evolution of Takumi from something worse than an Okatu to a member of sociality was great. The progression is defiantly one of the highlights of the show.  
The art is fantastic and although this is the first Madhouse anime I've watched I'm looking forward into running into them again (after further research I've watched some of their stuff before. I didn't realise they are the studio behind Death Note) . It was by far some of the best I've seen in a while plus the music is very memorable too (I love the Outro theme song and the DOS text that types the lyrics out at the top left of the screen. Really fitted with Takumi's character. Not to forget its 16 bit bleeps and bloops which all added to the Otaku-ness).
 The story line in my opinion was good as well but my main gripe was the needless techno babble that felt was there to pad. It felt like they had the story but had to make it at least 12 episodes long so they added all this Science Fiction nonsense that I just felt wasn't needed and didn't really add much to the story line and just made it more confusing. Okay it explained the powers of Takumi and co but is that really needed? I mean look what happened when George Lucas tried to give a scientific reason behind The Force. Some things are better of left un-said and this is one of them.  
The plot twists where a bit predictable (the first time I heard and saw 'Shogun' I was pretty sure it was Takumi from the future or something of that description) yet they still kept me hooked and interested to find out more. None of this doesn't come into play till the final three episodes though! I just feel it would've been better if all the episodes where as full of suspense. I know that might be asking a lot but Code Geass R2 pulled it off so I know its possible.  
I think Chaos Head had the potential to be something really unique and special but it tripped itself up with trying to give a reason for everything when it just wasn't needed. If they could condense the show down to say 8 episodes and have less Takumi playing his MMO and hating on 3 Dimensional women I think I would've enjoyed the show more. Although that said that doesn't stop the ending from being very heart warming I just felt it was a lot of hard work to get there in the first place.  
It also reminded me a lot like the DS Game 'The World Ends With You' not just in location ( Shibuya) but in the meaning of the locations. For instance both places have Shibuya River being key places at the end of the series and showing the main protagonist at giant zebra crossing (The Scramble its called in TWEWY). Plus the use of the crossing the road noise (the sound that plays when you can cross the road basically X D). Not to forget the important of fashion in both of the worlds.  
That leads me to another point, that whole 'Shibuya attracting young people' thing was also confusing and unnecessary, along with the detective explaining it. He seemed to play such a small role I'm not sure why he was featured so heavily.  
 The best way to describe this series is like a rainbow. Might take ages to follow but once you reach the end there's a pot of gold waiting for you (or something like that, I'm not great with analogies). 
 Anyways till next time! 
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