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Hey Guys, I thought I should start a blogging here on Anime Vice because I thought it might be cool place to talk about my love anime!
By the way spoilers for both Ah! My Goddess and Code Geass: R2 follow so just a heads up!
Anyways, I just finished Code Geass: R2 and Ah! My Goddess today. Two completely different genre's of anime cos thats how I roll. 
Although my friend told me 'Ah! My Goddess is for girls!' which I totally disagree with as I feel although the majority of the cast are goddess's with ranging personalities I don't think anyone is more relate able than Keiichi. We all feel like one of the most unluckiest people on the planet and Keiichi is no different (although I think he has a point as some of things that happen to him are very very unlucky) Then again the whole idea of having some one 'perfect' for you to appear in your life seems to be another common dream shared by many people. This is why I think Ah! My Goddess is great for anyone of any gender. The majority of people can relate to how Keiichi feels towards Belldandy and granted there's all this crazy comic situations at heart its a romantic tale about two lovers who stay together through thick and thin which is why it was great to watch along side Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion R2 as that is dark and mysterious just like Zero himself.     
Now Code Geass R2 was one hell of a roller coaster and I enjoyed every moment of it! So many twists and turns. Just when you think you know what's going on they pull the rug from under your feet and totally catch you by surprise. It can be a bit confusing what with people swapping sides here and there (especially at the end). Also
No one really dies on Code Geass so why should Lelouch be any different?
No one really dies on Code Geass so why should Lelouch be any different?
I found it hard to know exactly who to root for. I mean there was Lelouch who seemed to becoming more 'Light Yagami' as the series went on although he did seem to care about peoples lives at times it was hard to tell when he was lying or not for me and the characters! But right at the end he does prove that he cares. I think his conscious caught up with him and he made the final decision to end it all and finally bring peace to the world. Although, I do wonder.... Is he really dead? I mean yes I know there making another series but isn't that not about Lelouch? It's just that C.C seems to suggest he could still be alive....    
Anyways I digress..... I'll try and keep this updated with my views about anime/manga and whatever else takes my fancy. I will try and add photo's into my next post but I did try with this one but they kept on going everywhere bar where I wanted them >___< So I'm gonna have to spend some time getting used to this word processor. 
Anyways till next time! 
                                           The Triforce Fighter
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