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The Beginning

From birth Trauma was trained to be a sharpshooter. As a young kid he was outside training with his gun until his arms wouldn't allow him to go any further. His parents had been in the highest military ranks. His father had been a general of a private military and his mother was a sniper specialist. They had met through the F.D.C military coporation. F.D.C stands for final defence corporation. A private military used for the worst situations and off planet missions. It was when the two met during a deadly mission to take out a dark shadow army they fell in love. Soon the love turned into a marriage and the start of a new family. Only a year later the couple had a baby boy. At the military hospital is where she gave birth to a son she called trauma. This was the birth of a new hero and when everything seemed to be perfect. But, things so great can only last so long.

A new terror
 The boy known as trauma had only been two years of age when the base was attacked by the shadow legion. The huge army came without warning. They killed anyone that came within a inch of them. They tore the base to shreds without mercy or feeling. It was when the shadows arrived at the section where trauma and his family was held. A shadow approached the baby with a fist ready to kill him. But, his father shot down the shadow. The shadow fell right down upon trauma. Instead of crushing him it went into the young boys body. Seconds later the shadow army arrived and just like that his father was taken away. Almost a day later filled with cries from a baby his mother showed up and took him far away. To this very day though it is unclear why trauma is still alive and why the shadows didn't kill him.

Growing up

His mother took young trauma to a underground base of the F.D.C. It was there she would train him to become one of the worlds best sharpshooter and fighter. She taught him how to hold his gun steady and the flight speeds of different bullets. They went as far as making him go through a surgery to go inside of his right arm and make it cybernetic which allowed him extra strength and to hold any gun perfectly steady. Also, his eye was made into what they call a Hawkeye. It hooks up to a private webstream made by the military that can help him spot objectives that are miles away and even further. Also, with this eye he could look up anything he wanted and hack anything he wanted. Other cybernetic changes were made also but, none to major.  His mother introduced him a to the fighting specialists of the F.D.C. He taught trauma everything he knew from using his amazing speed to run up walls to learning ancient martial arts that have never been learned by another. His life was nothing but a training room.

A dark matter

When trauma reached the age of sixteen a new power was discovered. It was discovered when while firing his gun a bullet turned into dark energy. This frightened the whole military but, they soon found he wasn't a shadow tropper but, one of the shadows had transfered its power into trauma giving him complete control over the shadow energy. With this he could turn anything into a shadow, make different objects out of the shadows, and make deadly blasts. Scientists concluded that when the shadow went into trauma it gave him the powers he has today. These were the powers that truely made trauma one of the best of the best of his kind.

Using his powers to charge up cards
Using his powers to charge up cards

Present time

Now trauma is seventeen and works for the Private military as a sniper. Also, he works for a hero orginization in which he does anything to protect the innocent even if it means lossing his life.


Hawkeye- This a cybernetic enhancement put in his eye used for many different things.

Cybernetic enhancements- There are enhancements all over traumas body but, none big enough to be called a true cyborg. He has them located in his feet and parts of his legs. His right arm and abs. Also, his spinal cord is made of strong cyborg metal.

Shadow Energy- This energy can be made into different objects or used as blasts. Also, with a touch trauma can make inanimate objects turn into the energy.

Raising the dead- the dark energy allows trauma to raise the dead and use them to fight.

Healing- Trauma's dark energy allows him to heal himself and a fast rate but, how well the healing works depends on how much energy he uses.

Ancient martial arts- These martial arts are what make trauma one of the best fighters in the world.

Marksman- Trauma almost never misses and no matter what his target is always found.

Trauma Stats
Date Joined: Dec. 5, 2008
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Points: 19,314 Points
Ranked: Ranked #78 of 45,067
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