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There was a time where my answer to this would be Fist of the North Star. I grew up watching that show on Starz ever Friday night/Saturday morning (along with Dirty Pair/Flash. Best night ever for a young lad), and while it still is a show I love to death, I don't know if I can call it my favorite. I really love Gunslinger Girl. Like, ridiculously so. But I never considered it to be my all time favorite. There's also Infinite Ryvius.....I'm just gonna say Gunslinger Girl. It was the characters what got me.

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Just thought I'd make with the intro blog. I'm not really a fan of blogging, though it does help the writing process. I came here from GiantBomb (seems to be the case with some). And I must say: Finally the two things I can get behind have a nifty site with which I can prove how much of a nerd I am. And I welcome all nerds like myself. Anyway, anything you really wanted to know about me is in my About Me section <------ that way. So, I hope some of us will be able to get along. See ya around, I suppose.
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