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Cooler's return

this movie was a squeal to movie 5 cooler's revenge cooler was reborn into the big geta star and has come to namek to seek fuel also vegeta comes the zighters fight cooler who is now meta cooler in an epic that was awesome meta cooler knowing instant transmission  surprised goku  super sayian ...

Reviewed by Toxin45 on Jan. 8, 2011
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Dragon ball z movie 5:Cooler's revenge

yes the first cooler movie where it Debuts cooler the older brother of frieza and his minions Salza,Neiz,and doore Cooler's armored squad yes goku becomes super sayian and meets frieza's big bro but there are errors in the film gohan has a tail and goku can become a super sayian but other ...

Reviewed by Toxin45 on Dec. 29, 2010
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 12: Fusion Reborn

Hi just giving my second review on a DBZ movie this time it's Fusion Reborn in this is a about Goku and his friends & family having to enjoy peace in the after life and real world when suddenly a young demon was caught in a freak accident mutating him ...

Reviewed by Toxin45 on Dec. 19, 2010
1 out of 2 found this review helpful.
Broly second coming

Yes the Legendary super saiyan returns in movie the first Majin buu saga related film it was awesome some people think that gohan was super saiyan 2 while others say this is Super saiyan but it has been confirmed to be super sayian 2 also the fights were i just ...

Reviewed by Toxin45 on Dec. 19, 2010
3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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