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This is sooooo weird because mostly all of the quizzes I have taken before said I was more like Hinata

Take the Naruto: Which Ninja Am I?

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Neji Hyuga 100%
So what if you were born into servitude, you've made something of yourself. Though, that chip on your shoulder almost made you homicidal... almost
Itachi Uchiha
Most people think they know you, but they don't. The only thing people actually understand about you is that you "are" awesome. Fact.
Classic, and yet still confusing. No one to this day knows exactly why you dress as a girl and flirt with little ninja boys, but you were cool. In before long series was long.
Hinata Hyuga
Poor Hinata. You usually get the short end of the stick, but we respect that you were all about Naruto when everyone else was manhandling Sasuke.
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I'm like soooo nervous going into high school and I know a lot of my other friends are. I'm not like a jittery nervous but an excited, kind of antsy nervous if you know what I'm talking about. My goal in high school is to make plenty of new friends as well as keep up with my old ones, as well as participate in clubs and sports and do better in Math which hopefully I will. I also want to get into English and History Ap or honors XD.
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