Toshiro1 (Level 9)

My goal is to become a mangaka and to watch Ao no Exorcist,Koroko no Basket ,Iwatobi Swim Club Enternal Summer and as much anime as possible~!
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Rage sits beside Greed-Yammy Llargo-10,0 and Aaroniero-9

Sacrifice sits in front of Aging.-Harribel-3 and Barragan-2

Despair sits in front of Madness.-Nnoitra Gilga- 5 and Szayel-8

Solitude sits in front of Intoxication.Stark Coyote-1 and Zommari-7

Nihilism sits in front of Destruction. Ulquiorra Schiffer-4 and Grimmjow-.6

I know it's not that creative but any ways see ya later ;)

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