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Hey everyone!

So as you can tell from my page and images, I'm a big fan of Im Dal Young's. And today I just read the last chapter of one of my favorite manwhas, Unbalance x2. Now that it is complete, I can do a series rant! This is not an indepth review but a quick and dirty rant on quality! Hope you enjoy

The bare bone plot...

Myung Jin-Ho is a senior high school student. Ever the trouble maker he stumbles into a series of mishaps that end up with his homeroom teacher (Nah Hae-Young) growing to hate him. But through these mishaps Jin-Ho falls in love with Hae-Young. But since they are Student and teacher he has to struggle to get her to love him back. And through his over zealous pursuit, Jin-Ho causes even more mishaps until the pressure finally pops and they admit they love each other. But the previous mishaps piss off some of the other girls that like Jin-Ho and they cause trouble. But the trouble eventually resolves and they get to be together.

Some praise....

This is honestly one Im Dal Young's best works. The Story isnt sugar coated, the art amaizing, and the characters are well developed. The female lead is strong and doesn't give right in to the main male lead. That being said the make lead is alost annoyingly stubborn but doesn't become irrelevant. It has its dramatic moments and also some lighter scenes to even it out. All in all it is one of the few student teacher romances done well. It has enough drama to make it a difficult pursuit but it has a satisfying results.

the angry rant.....

Now for the faults. I said before I'm a big fan of Im Dal Young. And I really enjoyed this story till the very end. But unfortunately, the ending almost ruins this story. The problem starts with the fact that this manwha was put on hiatus. It came back but as a shell of its of its former self. Too much time passed and the author's heart wasn't in it anymore. The whole last volume was rushed just so the story could end. If you like lose ends then this is the story for you. To be fair there weren't as many as in some of his other stories but they were important plot points. But now we'll never know where they lead. I don't want to spoil it for you so I won't go any further. The the last volume really kills the momentum it had coming out of the 9th volume. The major plot point was really well set up but it was taken too far and fizzled out in the end. The ending was happy but it was too rushed! It also should have been shorter because most of it was filler just to make pages. (Sigh). One of the reasons I liked this story so much was because of the art and the hiatus resulted in a chapter to chapter jump in art quality. This isnt a huge deal but it was distracting and slightly changed the feel of the story for me. Also the Drama was at times a bit over the top.

The final call....

Whew that feels better to rant lol. Now don't get me wrong. I think that this is a great manwha and if you like student teacher relationships, you won't find anything better. It's beautifully drawn and an exciting read. However, it suffered greatly due to its hiatus and some plot points were left completely open. Im Dal Young tends to do that. The ending was also very disapointing and far too abrupt. But overall I would rate this story with an A-. It's a great story but it totally tanked in the last volume. But that is better then tanking in the first lol. I would put this on my mus read list. But reading Im Dal Young takes patience. So if your not into messy but exciting stories, this is not the book for you.

Thanks so much for reading!


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