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Today, I finished the last episode of Cowboy Bebop. I picked up the complete series a weekend ago, and after watching the first episode was hooked. I fell in love with the characters and was enthralled and how the series entertained me and also called to mind my melancholy in a way that wasn't so much depressing as therapeutic. I felt as if my own soul was floating in the heavens with a gun-toting extended family. The show seemed to characterize everything I thought of as cool. While I can appreciate good storytelling, the closet romantic wanted to see Spike and Faye together in a relationship because I liked the underlying chemistry they shared despite being different types of vagabonds. Now, that it's all over, I'm going to watch the movie ASAP, I was a little disappointed to learn that it takes place during the series and doesn't tie up any loose ends from the show's conclusion, but I'll take CB in any form I can get it, except the Keanu Reeves movie. That, to quote Don Corleone, I cannot do. I know it's melodramatic to offer this requiem for an anime series, but it's weird how you get attatched to fictions, especially when you're not a big fan of the realities, or the real folk blues they seem to contain. I guess a part of me hoped that if there could be two parallel happy endings both in the series and in my life, but in a weird masochistic way, I'm glad there's no clear cut storybook finale. It leaves me hungry for something more. It leaves me hungry for life.
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  Wow, two birds with one stone. For months now, I've been a user at comicvine and tested. I also jumped on board Screened on its opening day. Today, I finally bit the bullet and joined giantbomb and animevice to complete the unholy union of whiskey media sites. I spend most of my time on the vine, but I rack up the bulk of my points on Screened. Can't wait to dive into the giantbomb/animevice communities.     
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