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"From the way you fight.. Do you have any balls at all?" Gotta love Sai =)
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 Brave new world...
Anime is spreading like a bad rash O_O 
Just because a dude watches a adult tittled Hentai he thinks hes a Anime God and no one can top him.  I can't believe a dude told me I was too young to understand Anime and that my opinion was worth Jack... HAHAHAHAHHAHA Kids today are so funneh..   

Should I take him to school? OK

My response:

Too young?? Dude I've been watching anime since I got memory. I've watch Ninja Scroll, Ranma, I've watch Samurai X, I've watch´╗┐ everything that has to do with Mobile Suit Gundams, I've watch Technoman, I've watch DB, DBZ, DBGT, Once Piece,´╗┐ Yugioh, Zatch Bell, Metabots, pokemon, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, I've watch Akira, I've watch Bible black (The whole series) Blue Girl, Stepmother, and many many more. And Im 23 while you are 21... You got the balls to tell me Im too young! Lmao

Kids are so funneh, aren't they? 
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