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Part one:False Day

It was a normal day.Yuki was getting ready for School,and so where her friends,(Mio,Kyon).What they didn't know that is her father new weapon has be taking from the base.The three men who took the weapon,are going to use it to destroy the city.The men start to open fire on everything in the city.Yuki and her friends are in school.Everyone in the school start to hear loud exploding and see thing start to get blowing away.The teacher are inform to send the student to the school gym,because there a attack on the city.The men fire everywhere,they have a idea to get the government attended,they start to fire at the school.Lots of the school start to get shot at and blow away.They fire at the gym and after they shot the gym that has half of it side and in ruble.Yuki and her friends are trap and everyone around them are dead.They have only one way out and its outside.They decide who goes and check it out.Kyon say he will be the one to check it out.Kyon tells Yuki before he leave(Kyon:I always been in love with you scent we where little kids.)As soon as kyon walk out he gets shot in the back of the head.Mio tried to protect and dies doing so when fight the guy.The weapon the men took was nuclear.The main guy took the weapon inject in to Yuki and she goes crazy.Yuki push the man away from her and he drop he's gun.She pick up the gun and shoot the guy three time in the chest.The other men check it out and Yuki kills them.Her Father hears about it,and begs his commander to have a team to go and take out the attack on the city.The commander has a team to move out.Her father and the team gets to the school.Her father run all around the school and just see ruble.He think that his daughter is dead.Yuki start to scream in sadness.Her father followed her's scream,to the gym and runs over there and see the dead body of Kyon.He runs in to the ruble gym and find Yuki cover in blood from Mio body laying on her.He goes over to clam down Yuki,and see that she a pole in her back.Her's Father does know what to do.Yuki's body start to cover her body with a red and white armor.The armor push out the pole out of Yuki body and heal her.Her's father is shock that the nuclear weapon could do something like this.

To be continued.

All rights to ANDREW E CHAPLIN the witter.


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