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General Discussion » Hellsing cast strength levels

I'll use Seras's strength level from my previous thread as a basis(for those who didn't read Seras's thread read it first, then come back here). Anyway Hellsing doesn't have many quantifiable strength feats, especially top tiers lack them. So i'll have to use reasonable powerscailing. And I'll only calculate strength levels for most powerful characters: Alucard, Captain, Walter and Anderson and their forms. Also Seras after 30years timeskip. So let's start:

True Vampire Seras:123.45 tons ; True Vampire Seras after 30years timeskip: 140 tons ;

I asumed she has grown stronger since there are facts on which this can be based, although wasn't stated directly in manga/ovas or anime, not to mention that we just might say she became skilled with her power set after 30 years), anyway i'll put this as her peak limit. Since I don't think Hellsing vampires can gro stronger indefinately. Alucard is weaker than Captain and is much older than him. so they have clear limit.

Alucard level 1 and level zero have the same physical status, just in level zero he can use all of his familiars at once, while in level 1 he can only use one familiar / Baskerville hound (it's unknow if he can use other familiar instead of hound, but it's not important). I put him slightly stronger than Seras after timeskip at 150tons his peak. Alucard at level 3 has lower physical status than in levels 1 and zero. Evident with his fight with Tubalcain and Luke Valentine, since in level 3 he was outclassed by both of them and with level 1 he outclassed them both.

So Alucard/Girlycard level 1 = Alucard/Girlycard level zero = 150tons;

For Captain I'll cover al 3 forms:human, werewofl, direwolf.

Captain human form : 130tons (was slightly stronger than Seras);

Captain werewolf form: 200tons (too strong for Seras, stronger(not more powerful) than Alucard based from showing in Dawn);

Captain direwolf form: 10000tons; With single bump from a side of his body he sent Seras flying like a ragdoll and she coughed blood. It was like she was regular human and he was superhuman or like he was a strong human and she was just a several months old baby(difference would be hundred fold in this case) and Seras is one of the strongest and most powerful characters. So although this is great leap in strength scailing it isn't far from through, since babies at several months can't even lift 1kg and adults are easily hundred times or more stronger than them. Anyway given all feats this seems way of, to be honest.

For Anderson I'll cover human form and Helena's Nail form.

Human form is stronger than Alucard level 3 and should be stronger and more powerful than everyone short of Seras true vampire, Captain, Alucard level 1 and 0 and Walter vampire form. Comparison with 69 years odl Walter and teen Walter will not be made (read Walter's paragraph for furthere explanation)

So Anderson human form : 80tons

Helenas Nail Anderson: 135 tons - it was apparent that he was weaker than Alucard when, Alucard got serious and overpowered him, taking the nail out of his body. But i think he was stronger than Seras at that time.

For Walter I'll just cover vampire form. Since his elder form (69 years old) and teen form have some inconsistency. Too be more precise his 69 year old self appears war weaker and less powerful than his teen self, going by actual feats, which is not logical. I used fight with Jan as basis for old Walter. And given his feats as a teen he should chop both Jan and Luke easily. But he might hold back greatly during fight with Jan since he was traitor (well potential since it was never explained if he switched sided by his own will or not or mix up of this two variants). That's why I haven't compared his teen form and elder form with Anderson.

P.S. All of these numbers were guesses (except Seras original, which was calculated), but that's the best we can do guess, since there aren't many feats to quantify. And the greates quantifiable strenght feat was done by Seras - and I calculated 123.45 tons from it. Anyway I want to hear other opinions as well. So feel free to comment.

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Seras Victoria » Seras Victoria strenght level

In the ova 10 of Hellsing Ultimate we get the greates strength feat of Seras in her True Vampire form (therefore her greatest strength feat). It's when she fires a 8.8cm (88mm) Flak 36 anti-aircraft cannon. - in the video you can see that Major confirms it's 88mm and you can compare cgi model from video to picture on article on wikipedia

The article covers also 18/37/41 models but they are practicly the same. By the way in video is the same one as on the picture on article. Before I start I'll mention that this won't be 100% accurate since it's practicly impossible to be 100% right by guessing parameters from video. Anyway I'll try to be as accurate as possible when speculating about certain parameters.

The weight of the gun is 7407kg. And in video we see that Seras is firing it with one arm(demonic one). Now I must make certain asumptions based on comparison with comic - book level normal human.

We are all familiar with the fact(I hope so) that normal comic book human(coind by Marvel, later also adopted by DC) has strenght level which allows him to military press (overhead press, without leg help) 60kg. This is now changed to "being able to lift one's bodyweight" (not handstand push up, since it's easier to do than lifting 60kg bar with plates above your head) , but for the purpose of this calculation I'll use 60kg . In contrary if i was going to use "bodyweight" than I would have to asume her bodyweight and it would be practicly the same method. By the way she looks like her bodyweight is 60kg. And i asume that this human is skilled in shotgun used, has decent marksman skill, so we exlude "aiming problems" with this.

Above thing was necessary since I'll use human with strenght level of 60kg as a model, and then using proportion I'll calculate Seras's strength.

Since she fired it once and with little difficult i think it's safe to compare it to normal comic book human firing a shotgun with one hand. I'll use 12 gauge Winchester 1897 as a model For all of you who think it's impossible to shoot it with one hand take a look at this video I'm not convinces that this guy could military press 60kg overhead. The human who could could fire it more precise than the guy from video(thanks to greater strength). And therefore comicbook normal human can also fire it with more control

To explain it again. I'll asume that my comicbook normal human - let's name him Abraham (like Van Helsing) can shoot Winchester 1897 as skilled as Seras shot Flak36. I'll exclude her "vampiric eye' ability since it's used form marksmanship. I'm scaling gun control here. And to control it better you need some strength. In case of two-hand shooting technique plays a good portion of it, but this is one-hand shooting. With one hand shooting more important is to have strong arm.

Now let's start.

Winchester 1897 weight is 3.6kg, 88mm Flak18/36 weight is 7407kg. Abraham's stenght level is 60kg, Seras's strength level is unknown or X. Abraham with strength level of 60kg can fire Winchester 1897 one-handed with same control as Seras did 88mm. Proportion would be ABRAHAM'S STENGHT LEVEL : WEIGHT OF SHOTGUN = SERAS'S STRENGTH LEVEL : WEIGHT OF 88MM . Therefore Sera's strenght level is = (Abraham's strength level x weight of 88mm)/weight of shotgun <=> X=(60 x 7407)/3.6 <=> X=123450kg or X=123.450 tons.

Therefore Seras's strength level is slightly above 100tons or 123.45 tons. With those asumptions I got expected result, . This site did most calculations about Hellsing and they put Seras at similar level (100tons) I said expected because I was calculating it while typing and didn't made parameters to fit to result of the site. I USED SHOTGUN AND HUMAN STRENGTH LEVEL RANDOMLY(i typed this in caps look to be seen better).

P.S. Sorry if text was long, but I tried to explain everything and cover every possibility. Given the fact that I was guessing parameters for calc (there was no way to measure them or scale them from video, since we talk about strength, control while shotting, overpowering recoil...) i think calc is good, anyway I want to hear other opinions as well . So what you think about it ?

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Battles » Dandy Man (Hellsing) vs W.A Zeppeli (JJBA)

@phantomrant said:

Alhambra speedblitzes. You'd have to equalize speed and restrict the use of Dandy's cards for Zeppeli to have a solid chance of winning this. And it's arguable if the Ripple will even affect Alhambra, seeing as he's part of the "Werewolf" class in Millennium, a top artificial vampire, and like Jan and Luke, should be able to casually walk around in broad daylight without so much as a burn. So you'd also have to assume the Ripple is effective, as well.

Well, well I must say that I agree 100% with you, for the first time after that thread with Dio Brando.

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Battles » SS4 Gogeta vs Saint Seiya

Too express my opinion.

If it is Gogeta vs Pegasus Seiya, than Gogeta wins. If it is against whole verse, than he loses. Since top tiers from Saint Seiya verse should be low-mid level heralds (Hades and other Olympians, Gaea, Chronus etc...). Greatest feat so far in entire franchise is Hades alighning the planets so that confirms my statement. Personally I put SSJ4 Gogeta in mid-herald category(in other words he can put up a fight with heralds of Galactus, although Surfer and more powerful heralds are too much for him). Anyway he is greatly outnumbered here so he should lose.

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Battles » SS4 Gogeta vs Saint Seiya

@5th said:

@TheVectorPrime: Seriously, why do you still go on this site? So I can disapprove all your claims again? Just stay quiet you troll

This is the greatest stupidity you posted here so far . You disaproving my claims !? What kind of stupidity is that !? So far only the opposite happened. All of the threads in which I was debating and you were just spamming are evidance ? Everyone can see that YOU FAILED TO POST EVEN A SINGLE VALID ARGUMENT if they just check those threads:

- Saint Seiya Facts vs Hypes 1 and 2

- Magnamon vs Gold Saints etc...

Unlike you I have pleanty of people here which agree with me. Some of them red manga by themself and others were convinced when they saw evidance which i have presented. You only have your fellow OBD trolls Unlike you I HAVE CREDIBILITY ON THIS SITE. After all 2 of my threads were taken as info threads. So even mods acknowledge my credibity. Face it you're nothing here !

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Battles » SS4 Gogeta vs Saint Seiya

@ROBOT6661: Well good to see someone who actually knows something about Saint Seiya. I reply to you mainly because after some time they might start saying we are the same person :-) . That's because i became "notorius Saint Seiya hater" in eyes of some users. And when someone is questioning the common "Saint Seiya universal/galaxy busting power" that "poor guy" immediatelly becomes "Vector Prime's duplicate" on every VS battles forum :-).

Here are some usefull informations you can get if you want to debate about this furthere : and this . There are also links from some of my threads on Naruto Forums so you can check them if you like. Anyway it's kinda pointless since "opinion of majority from OBD" is what matters and not actual scans. Also to point out:

- Gemini Kanon never busted a planets. The famous scan is actually showing the illusion of planets which appear to hurl toward the opponent whenever is someone using Galaxian Explosion against Wyvern in Underworld (which by the way is multi-city block in size). The same planets appeared in Saga temple in Sanctuary arc when he used Galaxian explosion. So how can actual planets be contained inside a small temple ? Well noone bothered to answer to that, and they started saying is was focused and yet soroundings were damaged. How can a focused attack destroy soroundings. How can Bronze Clothe (no matter is Bronze saints aquired 7th sense or not, since cloth still has the same properties as in Galaxian Wars arc) tank galaxy busting power ? The same bronze clothe which shatters if 4000kg are aplied on it. Here are the scans:

(everyone can compare this to Saga's galaxian explosion and see the similarities)

those scans which I posted go one after the other so I wasn't "taking things out of contest" like some say.

- Aries Mu never destroyed a universe. It was a small dimensional portal which was actually smaller than temple roof. Nobody even bothered to look the scans. I analyzed it deeper in this thread:

so you can check if you want. By the way I consider Episode G canon. Only problem is there are like 12 issues online and some of the English and Spanish scans are edited in photoshop to make the series look morepowerful. This information was told to me by one member of Saint Seiya fandome site (on which they put Saint seiya below DBZ in power :-), by the way). Not to mention that now the main exuse for "common power level" is the statement "to destroy an atom" anyway no one bothered to check several scans later which proves that this is synonymous with famous " Saints burn their(not of any other objects or bodies) atoms and aquire power" and "Saints burn their Cosmo and aquired power". Since in saint Seiya bodies of Saints and atoms are viewed as small universes. But this info somehow slipped from everyone's eyes.

Anyway this wasn't stated in Omega and now everyone is pissed of/disapointed with Omega. Not to mention that in Omega there is the greates amount of destructive feats and said feats outclass anything seen so far in every other manga/anime. There is only one exception and that is Hades aligning the planets. Which by the way is the GREATEST FEAT SHOWN SO FAR IN ENTIRE SAINT SEIYA FRANCHISE (used caps look to make it more viewable). That indicates Saint seiya gods are only mid herald level at best.

P.S. Here is good info if you want to debate about this. I adressed every flaws there are about Saint Seiya, but people don't want to listen and will stick to "opinion of majority". Too bad non of that majority red the entire manga, but I think that true facts about Saint Seiya in OBD(the main source of info) are slowly appearing at the light of day. Since after Omega came out many started to question the "common power level" . And after some time Saint Seiya will come to it's proper place in hierarchy of power levels. Since hyping of this fiction outclasses the famous GetBackers deception by far. OBD is a good place for info, too bad many fictions tend to be overrated(Tenchi Myuo, Hokuto no Ken, Demonbane, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure...) there and many to be downgraded. Multiversal, universal and now megaversal are very easily aplied to certain fictions, without checking it first. Even many characters from my favorite fiction Marvel were overrated to be honest. If OBD wants to be a valid place for info it needs to prevent many "wankers" and "haters" (liek they like to say) to post their view of power levels instead of actual facts.

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Battles » The Zodiac Gauntlet (Read OP)

@Fehafare said:

El Cid and his Lost Canvas bros clear this shit up.



Vegito. And he clears it. Omega's saints are pathetic compared to the original.



Yup, you got it! These are the new Gold Saints of Saint Seiya! Except the fact that the majority of them are traitors of Athena!

So the Gauntlet starts like this:

  1. Aries Kiki
  2. Taurus Harbinger
  3. Gemini Paradox
  4. Cancer Schiller
  5. Leo Mycenae
  6. Virgo Fudo
  7. Libra Dohko
  8. Scorpio Sonia (With full control over the Scorpio Cloth)
  9. Sagittarius Seiya (Just Omega's version, with the limitation of not having God Cloth or the Pegasus Cloth)
  10. Capricorn Ionia (Blood lusted)
  11. Aquarius Tokisada
  12. Pisces Amor


  1. No Skyfathers
  2. Character should at least be up to Solar Level
  3. Any questions for the GS power ranking in Omega will be answered
  4. I'm afraid I cannot provide manga feats or much scans because this version is entirely an anime, so please take my word for it.

Take Note: (The majority of the Gold Saints on Omega aren't so really fast so don't confuse them with the Original)

Not trying to ignite a flame war. Just to say one thing. I haven't watch entire Omega. I googled for some of the best feats and fights. In my opinion it is the second most powerful (after manga and Hades arc OVA's which are on the first place sine the OVAs is animated Hades arc manga). Not to mention that in entire Saint Seiya franchise this one has THE GREATEST NUMBER OF DESTRUCTIVE FEATS. Not to mention that some explosions (which are calced by Naruto forums members to be in kilotons) are the greates explosions seen so far in entire Franchise (above Athena Exlamation in yield). That's my opinion and I'm not going to atempt to convince you. Just to point you several things.

- This is direct sequel of anime

- Mars so far is the most powerful character to appear in entire franchise besides Hades. Anyway I sometimes tend to believe that Mars moving planet Mars is better than Hades incomplete Eclipse

- During all that Saint Seiya flam wars last summer/late spring I was stating numerous times that their power level is on par with what's shown in Omega.

- To ask you. How can Gold Saints in Omega be vastly inferior to Originals ? New armours based elemental powers is not an exuse. Since those are still 12 Zodiac Saints. How can Omega be so vastly inferior to Original - if we asume that Original has galaxy/universal level of power ? Did it ever happen that direct sequel to some anime series is trillions of times less powerful than original ??? Just think about it.

- Also I told you that all of you(speaking in general for everyone that was disagreeing with me) should at least read online English manga. I think that very few of you bothered do that. Basilikos is the one which bothered reading and immediatelly started to question the power levels which are presented on OBD. Many Saint Seiya "fans" were posting Spanish scans and asking you to take their word for it. If someone bothered to translate those scans on google translator he would see that translations are totaly opposite to what "fan" claim. One example is thread Supergod Hercules enters Saint Seiya verse, when I caught someone lying about translations. Some were even editing scans in Photoshop to fit their case.

- How comes that every Saint Seiya fan who own franchise or comes from Saint Seiya fandome communities (sites dedicated only to Saint Seiya) agrees with me about general power levels ?

P.S. I'm looking forward to reply and I'm not going to bother to convince you to anything. I hope that we can just have a brief conversation about it in good manner.

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Battles » Facts and Feats

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Ultimate Cars didn't tanked the volcanic eruption.

white hot fragments aka vulcanic debris which has less energy than bomb which could destroy a building.

So this is evidance that Cars is no where near powerful as majority of sources claim. For example OBD has him as someone who is able to tank city busting attack. Some other sites have him as someone who is able to tank country-busting attack (which is insane). In reality he is no where near that powerful. Twilight vampires (hard skin as granite) are more durable than him.

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Battles » Dio Brando runs the Gauntlet

@phantomrant: I haven't see so much BS in some post for great amount of time. By the way if I'm moron than you're the dumbest idiot ever on the face of the planet. That's in case I'm moron, but I'm not. So in reality you're just an idiot kid. Since you failed to prove what I aksed for it's quite obvious to everyone that you gave up. And now you're just posting BS in order to have the last word. But I'm not going to alow you that satisfaction. You were already owned, now you're going to get owned even more. Unfortenatelly lack of inteligence permits you to see THAT YOU'RE CHASING YOUR OWN TAIL. Just to point out some idiotic statements of yours:

1. You don't caring about durability only proves your stupidity. That's one of the most important thing you should though about. Everyone in gauntlet 2 has long range attack and in Gaunlet 1 there are guys who can chop Dio's head easily. No user who at least knows something about vs debating while deny DURABILITY. With this you only prove that you NEED TO BE EDUCATED MORE !

2. Nowhere in entire manga (all parts) was stated that someone has strenght which would alow him to achive building level destruction or that is FTL(only hanged Man was stated to be able to move as a light, thus having ligh speed movement speed) !!! THAT's YET ANOTHER GREAT LIE YOU POST !!! Strength = punching power simply proves that you're one fat ass lazy kid who should really take some sport. Strength and punching power are not equivalent (not even in Jojo's Bizarre adventure manga), and for the start just read this article Pro boxer have greatest punching power, but are no where near strongest men in the world. You made yourself look funny !!!

3. The World can punch only if opponents are up to 10m close. And his power drasticly drops if the target is closer to 10m.


5. Yes you denied. Reread your previous posts. In order to be effective they need to be up to 10m close. In any case Dio needs to cross some distance since he would be risking too much if he is close to them. And since he was STATED TO BE AS FAST AS CHEETAH 9 SECONDS WILL PASS VERY QUICK. By the way there is no indication or statement ot feat confirming World is FTL. He matched Star Platinum, so Hulk matched Silver Surfer. In order for some character to be light speedr or above he needs:

- to perform a feat in nanosecond or less on panel or similar ( 1 000 000 000 punches per second)

- to be stated as light speeder or faster

6. i see that you don't even know to count since you skiped this one :-)

7. That's what you thinking and it has nothing to do with reality.

8. time stop spam will only prolong Dio's defeat.

- even current Ichigo is a town level -that's going by OBD since you colect your info there and that's enough since I wont' go of topic analyzing Ichigo any more. And Dante won't even feel the freezing.

- Gap between city block and building buster is rreally huge. Learn some physics and than take look at orders of magnitude on naruto forums or here : . Anyway this was a clear example of you atempting to "slip away" with "corecting" the meaning of your statements.

Second part

1. Insignificant

2. Durability depends mostly by physical status. It's proportional to physical status. Too bad it doesn't fit your case so you must deny that obvious fact. Well you made yourself look silly again. Every users who has some knowledge will agree with me.

3. Hahaha

Third part

1. Already did.

2. This contradicts the second statement in second paragraph. Decide what your opinion is.

3. Now you're terrible, with intentional postin of hyperboles and fan fiction.

Emerald Splash is not FTL. Please post evidance to support your claim. Oh too bad you can't Since Hierophant Green only has B for speed. Liying again.

First scan you posted only proves that you're biased liar. There is nothing which indicates that beam from Red Stone of Asia was mostly light. It could be based on fire for example. What evidance do you have to support your theory ? If it was light speed, who comes that everyone(regular humans) could follow it's movement ? Your silly desperate and you're going to twist scans to fit your case. Too bad I'm not some newbie...

Second scan Dio hyping his stand. Like I said decide what you want. You're using databook as evidence for Star Platinum being FTL (only thing which states something like that so far), therefore going by the same databook Star Platinum is strongest. In manga Dio statement contradict with databook, so BY PLAIN LOGIC YOU CAN'T USE BOTH ! DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT SINCE I WILL ACCEPT DIO'S STATEMENT (BY THE WAY I NEVER DENIED IT, REREAD MY PREVIOUS POSTS AND YOU'LL SEE THAT I STATED GOING BY DATABOOK THAT SP IS STRONGEST) BUT IN THAT CASE WORLD IS NO WHERE NEAR LIGHT SPEED SINCE MANGA SHOWS IT CLEARLY.

- Too bad both Goku and Vegeta have clear durability feats which are above anything HST members can dish out. This is not the case with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Since most of the so called "high end feats" are taken out of the contest or missinterpreterd. Best example is so called "Cars tanking vulcanic eruption". In manga it didn't happen. Since both he and Joseph were standing on a large rock platform which was ejected by eruption. So non of them tanked anything. And later Cars was pierced by several pieces of vulacanic ejecta (small rocks) which don't have no where near energy of city block buster like MOAB bomb let alone vulcanic eruption. Or wanking Cars adaptive evolution to extreme.

Dio alone doens't have large building level punches. We already settled that. He is large wall buster at best. Like thug turned into vampire who made a large crater in the wall and destroyed his fist - since stone mask doens't increase durability. You didn't state that Parker would win, you stated that Dio clears Gauntlet 1 no problem.

Yet another stupidity you posted (in a long list of all stupidities). If it cuts stone it can cut steel ? Sure it can cut adamantium as well. Asking you to prove this stupidity (just for fun of seeing you helpless) would make even me look silly. I'll just say this. Steel is primary material used for cutting stone. Just google to see some tools(made of steel) used for stone cutting. And titanium steel is far more tougher than steel. It was stated numeorus times that Luke Cage has skin as tough as titanium steel, not to mention that when he needed a surgery, doctors could't cut his skin with medicine tools - which are by the way made of stainless-steel(also much tougher than regular steel) aloy.

So you ask me to prve that characters in gauntlet 2 can ednure freezing. Well I will. Everyone in Gauntlet 2 (except for Alucard) have the ability to make their aura stronger or some aura based powers. That's enought to overcome freezing. Since if Jonathan could do it by burning his hands and converting energy of fire into ripple those guys will do it far better with their aura based powers.

Alucard is the only one who's true form is that of Lovecraftian abomination. He can control his own blood that's enough said. Not to mention that his true form - the abomination made of some dark matter is basicly bloodless since he only bleeds when in human form.

Bonus: Luke cage can endure freezing since regular human Jonathan endured it. Parker is too agile and fast for Dio(fast as cheetah) to touch him and Dio won't be able to move when webbed (web is strong enough to hold down even the likes of Rhino).

P.S. You contradicting your previous statement with each new post, only proves that you already accepted that you're owned and lost the debate. Only your pride doesn't alow you to say: " Ok man you got the point I was wrong" . Unfortenatelly this onnly makes you look dumb. Good debater admits when he was wrong. Bad behave likes troll and spams the thread with the same thing.

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Battles » Dio Brando runs the Gauntlet

@phantomrant: Since I have forgotten.

Santana blitzing Joseph

- By the way it was stated in part 1 that vampire Dio is as fast as cheetah (max speed 120km/h). So there goes your FTL Dio :-) .

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Battles » Dio Brando runs the Gauntlet

@phantomrant: So you can't be so easily provoked with "I own you" and similar :-) ? Well that's good, now we can get serious. Before we start I want to tell you that I will use capslook to emphasize important things, not for shouting.

First thing which I wanted to point to you is, that The World is less durable than Star Platinum (since you're refering to Stands stats from databook as you're argument base). The World has C(rap) for durability which means average(and IS ON THE SAME LEVEL AS DURABILITY OF HUMAN BEING), SO wORLD IS ACTUALLY LESS DURABLE THAN DIO), while Star Platinum has A for durability (which means very good). By the way it was stated in both manga and anime that World has lesser durability than Star Platinum, while Star Platinum has lesser range. So you see if Star Platinum is unable to attack powerful enough to destroy a building, than World will be unable to stop even LESS POWERFUL ATTACK. I think we both agree (stating the opposite would be silly), that characters in Gauntlet 2 (except Alucard) have destructive power far greater than that. SO YOU CAN'T DENY THE FACT IF THEY LAY ONE HIT ON DIO HE IS FINISHED. Even Alucard would be able to deliver a fatal blow with one hit. Also going by the stat book (SINCE IT'S THE ONLY SOURCE STATING STAR PLATINUM IS FTL, WHICH YOU USE FOR YOUR CASE THEREFORE I CAN ALSO USE IT FOR MY CASE). By the way by same databook it was stated that Star Platinum is the strongest Stand there is. Therefore World can't dish out more damage than Star Platinum (building buster at best). ALSO HE WON'T BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING TO DIO'S OPPONENTS IF THEY ARE 10M OR ABOVE, SINCE HIS RANGE IS ONLY 10M AND HE BECOME WEAKER WITH DISTANCE BEING CLOSED TO 10M.

- Second

Ichigo has durability far above building level. He tanked Monster Aizen's Fragor without great effort ( only had scortched arm) and that attack is far above anything any Stand can do and even current is close to it. And Dante at full power is above building level by large margin(based on the brief research i did about him) and the fact that he has feat of tanking a huge explosion. So you're arguments fall in water completely.

- Third

- his eye liquid was stated to be powerful enough to slice stone. Everyone in second gauntlet have durability much greater than that (even Alucard)

Their durability is higher than a thin, concentrated, pressurized supersonic water beam that sliced through stone? Prove it.


The World is stronger than Star Platinum who has a strength feat I've described earlier

As I posted Star Platinum was stated to be the strongest Stand. So you lying again.

Also: 1. Why is Dio being physically stronger than Tarkus important if he's not destructive with it? Simple. He punches holes. Unless scenario 1 characters have city block durability, they'll have a hole through them. Nothing more, nothing less.

If character A needs city block durability to endure a fight with character B, that implies that character B has city block destructive power (at minimum). You're words again and you lying again. Those were some of your lies I wanted to emphasize.

- Fourth

Stands augument stats of their users by large margin. Stating the opposite you just prove that you haven't read the manga (or payed attention while reading). Jotaro and every other Stand user (except Joseph who knows ripple also, Dio, Iggy and Vanilla Ice ) are regular humans. There are numerous examples of that. Jotaro trying to kill himself with handgun, Dio atempting to slice his head, Abdul stating that Magician Red will protect him from being stabbed ... There are tons of example and it's totaly silly asking me to prove obvious thing. Since like I said there are tons of examples users stating(or being shown on panel) that they need Stands to protect them. Probably the best examples are the ones where Stand users are killed afetr their Stands are Koed or destroyed. Anyway that was regarding some previous statement of yours.

I want you to post me feats of Jonathan and Ceasare which can be presented as light speed feats. Even better I want you to post me a scan which states that they moved at light speed. This will be Point A for you to prove. About Cars feat being and outlier. He was an able to catch up with 30's aeroplane and yet he is able to react FTL ??? How can he move one part of his body at subsonic speed faster than eye) and another FTL (billions of times faster) ? That's insane and silly. Reactions can't be that greater than movement speed. And ALSO POWERSCAILING FROM THAT FEAT FAILS. SINCE THAN IT WOULD MEAN HULK HAS FTL REACTIONS AS WELL SINCE HE IS ABLE TO TAG SILVER SURFER, NO MATTER SPIDER-MAN BLITZES HIM.

About Ripple augumenting someone's physical stats. Prove it ? Post me a scan which confirms. Too bad you can't since nothing in entire manga states somehting like that. Read chapters 23 and 24 of Phantom Blood or read this arcticles and . So you're caught lying again. Also if Joseph wasn't a regular human this would be extremly graphic (refering to violent scene)

and yet it isn' graphic (his leg is intact). By the way it's obvious that Joseph didn't hold back. It was a serious kick. And don't come with "incosistency" since there are tons of similar examples in both Part 1 and Part 2.


Haha, so now you're only argument for Dio being FTL is that he was able to react to Emerald Splash, even regular human Jotaro was able to evade (and it wasn't feat of SP, since Star Platinum only blocks attacks). To bad Hierophant Green only has B for speed (which stands for good and for sure can't be Light Speed or above), therefore is weaker than Star Platinum. No to mention that his physical stats is poor. He is weaker than Noriaki physicly. All I can say about this is "good try" .

Furthere. Only Stands stated so far to be FTL are Star Platinum and Silver Chariot. The World has also A for speed and it was stated to be similar to Star Platinum. But it wasn't stated that World is FTL no where (manga, anime or databook). It's simply your failed powerscaling. I want you to post scan which states that World is FTL. This is Point B which you need to prove.

Inconsistency is a lame argument. Since this manga has single author who knows power levels of his characters. More likely is "certain guys overhyping the feats too much" than author being inconsistence. And in case you try to use DBGT as counter-argument. I must tell you that DBGT is not made by Akira Toriyama.

Durability matters for both Stands and users. Since if Stand is injured so will be the user and opposite. This doesn't aply only to Silver Chariot and The Fool. Not to mention that Dio is like a pidgeon to anyone from Gauntlet 2. And World is even worse. So it really doens't matter if World is thought form or not. He won't be able to stop anything guys from Gauntlet 2 dish out.

So you're only argument for guys from Gauntlet 2 is blood freezing. I already stated that it didn't gave much trouble to the peak human Jonathan. You're avoiding that. Well than prove to me that it will effect anyone from gauntlet 2. I want scans and not you're fanfiction. This is Point C which you need to prove. To sum it up this "hax" is useless in Gauntlet 2. Alucard will show him what true versitle power set is. Too bad he won't get to Ichigo, Luffy and Naruto to see other forms of ''hax''


As for Stingy Eyes and guys from Gauntlet 1. Check my first post and you will see that I stated only Luke Cage(who should defeat Dio) and Spidey should be problem to him. Although, now I think that Blade with his gadgets could also be a major problem. The hardest thing so far cut with Stingy Eyes is stone pillar (therefore you can't make asumption that it can cut steel or something more durable). Luke Cage has body far more durable than stone. His skin(even eyes) is as durable as titanium steel (much harder than regular steel), therefore no chance in hell for Stingy Eyes to pierce him. Not to mention that he is 25 tonner and could chop Dio's head easily. Freezing won't help since Jonathan endured it, and Cage endured similar attack without effort. I stated Spidey should give him a good fight , but I didn't stae who will win. Anyway I think that Spiderman should win. His much faster in reactions (supersonic) while Dio is subsonic (unable to evade subsonic gun). Even in movement speed Spidey is faster and is much more agile than Dio. Has wide set of abilities(spider Sense) which will give him and advantage. And has strength to challange Dio. More likely he is stronger than Dio(wallbuster without the Stand).

If you don't prove Points: A, B and C it would be clear that you gave up and that you're posting false info.

P.S. All of my statements are perfect clear (unlike yours which tend to contradict eachother - this is gramaticly correct, by the way) so don't twist my words.

Post by TheVectorPrime (269 posts) See mini bio Level 9

Battles » Dio Brando runs the Gauntlet

@phantomrant: So you're repeating the same BS again. Well that's the obvious thing lame debaters do when they're owned. Just to point several things to you.

- You can't prove that Dio alone has FTL reflexes(cause something liek that was never shown or stated). Nothing about Stands from part 3 being FTL was stated in entire manga only in databook (for Star Platinum). They couldn't react to much slower attacks. Nor you can powerscale it from Cars feat since Joseph was unable to follow the movements of Santana when that Pillar Man was twisting his body to escape. So better would be that Cars feat is inconsitancies.

- Actually both Naruto and Ichigo would be FTL, since in earlier instances of the mangas there were characters which were stated to be light speeders. Too bad later on there were characters who were low end hypersonic and they would able to blitz them (the same thing like in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure). But I can be as lame as you and insist that Naruto and Ichigo are FTL. And it would be valid since you insist that Jojo's character are FTL. Powerscailing for Naruto and Ichigo making them FTL would be more valid then powerscailing for Dio and others, by the way (based on feats from manga).

- Every Riple users is a regular human. Riple technique doesn't increase physical stats, it's just form of energy manipulation. By stating the opposite you've just proved that you're simply colecting you're info from OBD wiki (that's the reason why I mentioned opinion from Naruto forums).

- I already adressed things about Tarkus, and you repeating BS like parrot won't change the thing that Dio is physicly weaker than him. Oh, by the way just post one scan which proves that without the Stand, Dio is far superior to his former self from 100 years earlier. He didn't have the body for that amount of time, so there isn't chance in hell that he could be far more powerful. At best we could say that he might be a little physicly stronger since in part 3 he has Jonathan's body. And Jonathan was physicly superior to human Dio.

- You're wanking of Star Platinum is irrelevent since in Part 4(when Star Platnium is more powerful than in Part 3) clear limit was shown. FTL or not he is unable to block Sheer Heart Attack, which would be building buster by OBD standards . And every character(except Alucard) in Gauntlet 2 has destructive capacity far above that.

we see Star Platinum protecting Jotaro.

Even though explosion didn't make any damage in room I take it as building buster based on fact that it was stated it will be hundreds of times greater than victim's temperature. Calculating from that we can get building busting as result. Although calc would be rather of topic now(but I can do it if you want).

- In Part 3 if there is any difference between Star Platinum and World it's minimal. Dio statement is rather hyperbole (World being more powerful) since Star Platinum has better stats in databook than the World. So building buster attack would be enough to ko Dio also.

- Dio starts shouting "za warudo'' whe using time -stop when readers are informed about capabilities of World to stop time. Before that happens we are left to belive that he can basicly teleport.

- Dio having city block destructive power !? You say that you don't care about OBD opinion and yet use their failed powerscailing for this. Anyway even if we use that as a true it won't change much. City block destructive power is useles againts Goku, Ichigo, Luggy, Naruto, Yusuke, Sensui and Dante (although I might be wrong for him since I'm not very familiar with dante's capabilities and i'm posting what i was told). And actually it's no where near to it. It's on par with Star Platinum which was shown to be able to destroy artificial diamond the size of the car, at high end he would be able to destroy a building with barrage of punches, powerscailed from that.

- Burden of proof can be aplied to you also. To prove that Space Ripper Stingy Eyes(which at best can only cut stone) can effect anyone in Gauntlet 2, that blood freezing will effect anyone etc... Too bad you're unable to prove anything of that and you can just repeat the same thing over. Evidance that you're not a valid debater is you stating:

- that Space Ripper Stingy Eyes durability is greater than that of any character from gauntlet 2 (WTF you mean with that ? :-) )

- asking me to prove that author didn't thought about UV rays being light speed when he used them in plot (well go ask him would you ?)

those stupidities only prove that you're child or simply dumb.

- Alucard cathing Rip Van Winkle's bullet, proves that his cheek is durable enough to withstand it's impact and that his teeth are strong enough to shatter it (to correct you). But it's apparent that you're unable to comprehand that.

I can show you many more flaws you made but it would be of topic. You were owned and that's the fact. I was like a teacher to you and you were simply a bad student who won't listen. If you won't to be a valid debater than listen to people and don't be lame and biased. That's a friendly advice.

Post by TheVectorPrime (269 posts) See mini bio Level 9

Battles » Dio Brando runs the Gauntlet

@phantomrant: Dude, you're just biased and you don't know what are you talking about.

- Reactions skyrocketed in part 3 thanks to Stands. Dio without the stand has the same reactions as in part 1. He was resurected after 100 + years. IT WASN'T STATED THAT HE HAS GROWN MORE POWERFUL (REFERING TO HIM WITHOUT THE STAND) nore he could since he was "basicly in coma" for all that time.

- During Phantom Blood he doesn't become exponentialy more powerful. That claim simply proves how biased you are. At best we can say that he only became more skilled with his vampire powers. But his power set and physical stats is the same in Phantom Blood. And is the same in Part 3. Except this time he can create parasites from his hair and has a Stand.

- Ok you prove that their durability is lesser than the same beam ! Oh wait, how can yo compare ''durability" to "concetrated, pressuraized (PROVE THAT IT IS SUPERSONIC) beam" :-) . Beams DON'T HAVE DURABILITY :-) .Did you refere to comparing durability to stone ? That would be more logical or wanted me to prove that their durability would alow them to endure Dio's beam. Next time you should think twice before posting :-) > By the way to end this confusion I'll answer to you. The hardest thing so far Dio beam's cut is stone. And since it was shown/stated you can't claim that Dio's beams for example can cut through diamond. That would simply be and asunmption (without anything to base it on) and asumptions without evidance are useless. Everyone in gauntlet 2 have durabilty far above stone. Yes the same can be said for Alucard. Contrary to what you say, Alucard swallowed hypersonic bullet of Rip Van Winkle, which was able to totaly devastate SR-71 Blackbird, which is 85% made of titanium . And the same bullet did inflict internal damage to his cheek, but was unable to penetrate his cheek. Alucard being ripped apart by bullets indicates that those are silver bullets (anythying other than that would actually be useless againts vampire in Hellsing so that furthere proves my argument) and Anderson't bayonetts are also made of holy silver. So you see you're asumption was very wrong. Oh by the way if you disagree with this, than go try to prove that rock is more durable than Goku, Ichigo, Luffy... Good luck in that case :-) .

- Show me the scan which stated "BLOOD FREZZING BYPASSES DURABILITY" . I repeat if it only managed to "slow down" athletic human Jonathan it will be useless to uber powerfull guys in gauntlet 2. denying this obvious fact only proves that you're biased.

- I already analyzed that scan. He didn't stoped the punch. Stopping punch is waht Vegeta did to Frieza when they fought on Namek for the first time, for example. I mentioned that Jonathan sliced his arm. But like I said that was thanks to Riple properties. Damaged done to the Tarkus's head is more likely because of the Riple. This confirms my point, Tarkus body being vaporized. and throwing Tarkus is thanks to Jonathan's strength, although little inconstianance for human strength if you ask me. Since regular human should not be able to throw even small human like that. Anyway that's anime effect, and we have Jonathan throwing like that several guys when he and Dio are playing rugby for university and feat is far inferior to Tarkus destrpying large amount of rock.

- Zombie is synonim to vampire in part 1. By the Tarkus had fangs and is different from Page, Plant, Bonam... Difference between zombies (lesser undead created without Stone Mask) become prominent in later parts of the manga. Like i said his strength feat was the greatest strength feat in entire manga. Even Stands have lesser strenght feats, although I haven't compare Tarkus to them.

Also don't put words in my mouth. By saying stronger, I didn't mean that Tarkus is more powerful than Dio, and Pillar Men. I was simply refering to physical strength (Tarkus was a simple brute). He only had his strength augumented while Dio and Pillar Men had far more exotic abilities, which would alow them and rather easy win in fight with Tarkus. And if you check NAruto Forums you will also see that common opinion is that Tarkus is the strongest vampire/character in entire manga (this exludes the Stands). That doesn't mean that I won't you to subdue to that opinion or that I think because i was told so by them. Point is that prior to become zombie/vampire Tarkus already had strength on par if not greater than vampires made by Stone Mask. They shattered several axes on his neck when they atempted to behead him, and a hobo - turned vampire by Dio with Stone Mask was able to extremly damage th wall, but in the process he completly destroyed his fist. And when that happens Dio concludes that vampires don't aquire proportional increse in durability. In other words they keep their human durability. This confirms that DIO HAS VERY LOW DURABILITY and can partly explain also why Jonathan shattered Tarkus's head (althouhg thanks to riple is far more likely). Anyway back to strength. Transformation increses strength so Tarkus strength was increased when he transformed into zombie/vampire. It is proportional far every zombie/vampire. And that mean Tarkus will have more strength than human Dio( who was weaker than Tarkus in human form).

- If you reread my previous post, you can see that I stated at THE END OF THE PART 3 (refering to to increase in time stopping during entire Part 3). The longest seen so far in manga is 9 seconds, shortly after that Dio died. So we can't use more than that unless OP specificly stated for example that he alows 1 minute time stop or more. Kapish ? Anything above those 9 seconds is what Dio could potentially achive. And we deal here with WHAT WAS SHOWN and not with WHAT MIGHT HAVE HAPPEND OR BE SHOWN. The world shown that he can stop it for 9 seconds max so that the upper limit until OP states othervise. By the way Dio can't hurt anyone in Gauntlet 2. He lacks the offensive power to do that. And The World hasn't shown anything above street level of attacking power. And I repeat before he says Za Warudo he will be mutilated. As shown in manga and especially in OVA's he says Za Warudo in the same amount of time the regular human would say. That's about 1 second (say Za Warudo by yourself and see how long it takes). Guys in Gaunlet 2 can do many things in 1 second.

- No you don't have any real argument for Dio and you just keep repeating the same thing over and over.

- Alucard is much faster than Dio. And after aproximately 27 seconds from Alucard vs Dio round 1, Dio's body will be ripped apart by Rip Van Winkle's bullet and Tubalcaine Alhambra's cards. That's one real argument :-) .

- Gimme a break about FTL. First of all. FTL speed for Stands comes from powerscailing of Star Platinum. In that thread you can see some users posting scans from Jojo's Bizarred Adventure databook. Interesting thing is that info about stands came in Part 6, and yet the stands first appear in part 3. By the way statement that Star Platinum is FTL is rather stupid since so far the best speed he shown is catching a bullet. What's even more interesting whan user on Naruto Forums claimed that scan was fan edited. Furthere it contradicts what has been shown in Part 6 during Manhattn Transfer. Also in Part 4 it was shown that there is limit to how powerful attack Star Platinum can stop. And it really doesn't matter if he is FTL or not he isn't stopping something on par or above building buster like (Sheer Heart Attack of Kira ). Anyway Star Platinum beinf FTL or ligth speed wasn't stated in manga. And especially not in part 3 . So far the only Stand in part 3 which has light speed movement (not reactions) is The Hanged Man. And only Silver Chariot could match him which contradicts with Star Platinum being FTL since Silver Chariot was shown to be faster. Also Sivler Chariot was able to stab The Hanged Man only because The Hanged Man was cornered in only possible coin. Also I repeat that Hanged Man can only move at light speed he can't react no where near it.

- so what if Dio followed Stand figth ? That's lame argument, not to mention that non of the Stands in pArt 3 should have even ligth speed movement (except for Hanged man). Even Joseph Joestar was able to do the same, and he has regular human reactions. And don't come with Cars feat in part 2 since it was an outlier. Author didn't think that UV light beam can travel at speed of light. So you can't powerscale Joseph reactions from that. Also Joseph wasn't able to track Esidisi(or was it Wammu, I can't remember right now and I'm too lazy to look in the manga for it) escaping feat (the one when he twists his body), so that indicates that Joseph is unable to track even supersonic speeds. Which furthere confirms that Stands in part 3 can't be FTL. And even being FTL won't change anything at all since nor Dio (street level) nor World (building buster) can hurt anyone in Gauntlet 2 , except for Alucard (only in case of World).

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Battles » Dio Brando runs the Gauntlet

@phantomrant said:

@TheVectorPrime said:

Blood freezing can't help him. Dio lacks the strength and speed himself to fight opponents in second round. OBD is basing Dio's strength from Tarkus. But point is that Tarkus is physicly strongest character to appear in entire Jojo's Bizzare Adventure manga so far. After Phantom Blood physical strength is putting aside to more exotic abilities. Physicly strongest characters are Riple users and Tarkus. Anyway Stand users are superior to Riple users, thanks to their hax abilities but inferior in physical strength, even with Stands (based on feats).

He doesn't lack anything at all. He has all the advantages. Speed is useless as his reactions are much, much, much faster than their speed. Therefore, he's able to initiate a timestop before they can even move. Dio was shown to leap from building to building and fly across city blocks. If they're fighting in Time Squares, so long as the distance isn't anything crazy, he's going to cross it before their opponent can even do anything notable. That's the massive difference between their movement speed (which is like what, double-digit hypersonic?) and Dio's reactions. Furthermore, Dio's main advantage in any battle he's in is spamming those timestops. He can stop time however much he wants. The time limit also increases the more he uses it ever since he absorbed Joseph's blood, unless the OP states that it's pre-joseph.

That said, he crosses the distance while time is stopped, put his hand on them for 2 seconds, vaporizes their body fluids, and voila. They're frozen from the inside and the outside. Unless they have shown resistance to that, Dio wins.

We see Jonathan stomping Tarkus in physical hand-to-hand combat after he receives Zeppeli's Ripple, therefore he's stronger than Tarkus physically. Later, it's shown multiple times that Dio was able to match Jonathan's blows in their fight, and subdued him. In fact, it took Zeppeli's Ripple just to put Jonathan at a level where he can combat Dio. It doesn't matter that Dio can't cause AoE/environmental damage with strikes despite the fact Tarkus can even though Dio is clearly stronger than him physically. The power of his strikes are still above the power of Tarkus's strikes.

Yes he does. Just tell me were did you get the info that Dio is has reactions much, much greater than them ??? That thing you stated only confirms that you havent read the manga. Now let me explain some things to you.

- In Phantom Blood (Part 1) Dio was stunned by a gun shot. Keep in mind that this was Victorian England and gun muzzles were all sub sonic. So that tells us that his reactions were less than sub sonic muzzle (now where near what you claim). Also tells us about his durability. He was stunned by that same shot. For comparison Green Goblin was able to tank Magnum 44 round point blank. In other word Dio's physical stats is at street level in Part 1. In Part 3 his physical stats hasn't changed at all. His feats confirm that . Only this time he has a Stand

- Dio was only shown to leap from building to building when he chased Joseph in Cairo. Spiderman can do that even better.

- his eye liquid was stated to be powerful enough to slice stone. Everyone in second gauntlet have durability much greater than that (even Alucard)

- Like I said his freezing ability will be inneffective against those guys, i thought that you've red the manga so i didn't bothered explaining. But now I'll explain. Before Jonathan started learning Riple Dio frozen his arm when they clashed in the mansion. Jonathan was 195cm (6'5'') tall regular human with athletic/olympic level of strength. And he endured it pretty easily without any consequences. Guys in the second gauntlet are so much above humans and peak humans that it isn't worth comparing (especially Goku).

- Jonathan defeat Tarkus thanks to the fact that Riple is based on Sun rays energy and Sun is leathal to Vampires. First he sliced his arm thanks to the Riple property and than he deliver lethal punches.And only because of the Riple properties they were effective. And about Jonathan vs Dio. Dio never matched him physicly like you say. When they fought for second time. Jonathan than sliced him with sword and proced to deliver Riple powered blows and kick. But Dio forze his legs and arms in order to prevent Riple effect (it requires sun light or heat ...). And when Jonathan burned his fists he defeat Dio because he was able to channle the Riple. reread part 40 Fire and Ice and see that I'm right : By the way it impossible for Dio to be stronger than Tarkus, because even beofre becoming a vampire, Tarkus was strong enough to endure several axe slashes in his neck. Axes were even broken in the proces. So even before he became vampire he was superhuman. Dio was regular human. Not to mention that even the strongest Pillar Man Wammu has inferior feat to that of Tarkus. And Pillar Men were stated to be above vampires as vampires are above humans (considering entire power set).

- At the end of Part 3 when Dio has greatest control over The World he is only able to stop time for 9 seconds maximum(so your argument about time stop falls in water) and than has to wait some time in order to do it again. Any of the characters in second gauntlet can rip him to shreads before he even says "Za Warudo" or "Time Stop" as pronaunced in original and English dub.

As you see Dio is given too much credit here. He won't be able to win a single round in second Gauntlet. At best he could possible stealmate Dante(I don't have up to date knowledge about dante so I could be wrong about stealmate, since i was told that recent incarnations of Dante are much more powerful), but too bad he won't even pass Alucard, who is literly going to rape both him and the World, like he did to Rip Van Winkle.

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Battles » The OP Anime Team vs. All known Celestials that came to earth

Celestials win. Only one capable of being noticed by them is Alphamon. This is a total missmatch my friend.

Post by TheVectorPrime (269 posts) See mini bio Level 9

Battles » The Captain vs Dark Walter

Well Captain should win. He is able to physicly match and overcome vampire Walter, not to mention that he has some good hax. Like mist form and good regeneration. In my opinion Captain at full power is the most powerful bad(or good if we take into acount his rather gentle behavior) guy in Hellsing.

Fight with Seras was an epic PIS. Captain had to stay in his human form in order for Seras to have any chance and still had to give her silver, so that she would be able to win. Plus he alowed Seras to hold him and Pip to stab him with silver tooth. Captain desperately wanted to die and so Seras won. In other words it would be the same, if guys A and B start a fight and guy A gives to guy B a knife and alows to be stabbed. Lame and pathetic way to die. Not to mention that Hirano never bother to explain us how the heck was Pip able to stab with a tooth the MOST DURABLE CHARACTER in entire hellsing. So far we have seen that soul have the same power level as if they are alive. And Pip was a regular human <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Captain in every terms. Too bad that such good character died in such stupid way. Alucard vs Captain figth is the one I always wanted to see and i think it would be the best fight in entire manga, but unfortenately Hirano thought different from me.

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Battles » Dio Brando runs the Gauntlet

@Fehafare said:

He should clear both. Round 1 doesn't have that many impressive opponents for him and for round 2 Stand is overkill.

The World has effective radius of 10 meters. Although timestop is supossed to be universal World will be useless if opponents are 100m away.@phantomrant said:

W/o Stand he likely clears. He has FTL reactions, supersonic to hypersonic liquid eye beams, and he's stronger than Tarkus who shattered a cliff just by stabbing his sword to the ground. Not to mention regen, blood sucking, mind-controlling spores, and is hard to kill. Only problem is that Dio's movement speed isn't anything particular. He might stop at Parker.

With The World: They're screwed. I see that ppl are forgetting that Dio has blood freezing hax which bypasses durability. Timestop spam + blood freezing ----> Dio wins. For goku, it depends on the distance. If it's significantly high, then goku gets off a ki blast.

Blood freezing can't help him. Dio lacks the strength and speed himself to fight opponents in second round. OBD is basing Dio's strength from Tarkus. But point is that Tarkus is physicly strongest character to appear in entire Jojo's Bizzare Adventure manga so far. After Phantom Blood physical strength is putting aside to more exotic abilities. Physicly strongest characters are Riple users and Tarkus. Anyway Stand users are superior to Riple users, thanks to their hax abilities but inferior in physical strength, even with Stands (based on feats).@Kuma_From_Argentina said:

The first guantlet is spite for Dio, he haves powers way beyond weird and beyond most convetional vampires. Morbius is outmatched, so is Blade. Cage could last longer, at least until Dio discovers that there are weakspot of Cage invulnerability, like his insides. Tombstone is dead and buried. Spider-man haves a 50/50 chances.

With Stand is too easy. Time stop, bloodsucking, rinse and repeat. Except that Alucards fucking murders Dio the moment Dio tries to drink his blood, Alucard controls it from inside and fucking murders dio from inside out, not to mention the possiblity of surviving the fight until daybreak, killing dio, but Alucard can survive under daylight, thus game set and match for Vlad Tepes

Like I said Dio lacks the strength and speed to hurt guys in fights with Stand. With World is debatable for some guys (like Dante and Alucard) but only if they are up to 10m distance from him. The best he can do is delay his defeat with several timestops.

Overall if he manages to overcome Alucard somehow he is definately stopping at Goku (who is the most powerful and yet put second). I repeat I don't see him winning against guys who suppose to fight him with Stand. At best he can tie with some of them. Seriously you guys are overestimating Dio.

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Battles » Captain America vs. Guts (BERSERK)

Guts wins. Physicly superior based on feats. This is as clear as spring water. Although if we caunt Cap's PIS feats (majority of his feats, like defeating the Hulk) than he wins :-) .

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Battles » Dio Brando runs the Gauntlet

Even with time stoping I don't see how can he hurt Goku, Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo, Dante, Sensui and Yusuke and he has nothing to overcome Alucard's regeneration. With knowledge about Stand's power(time stopping) I'm more than sure that they can come up with something and win. Although I was told that World is FTL after reading the manga(part 3 entire and Phnatom Blood up to Ripple teaching) and watching Ovas I disagree with that. And even with World FTL, his stand won't be able to hurt those deal those guys above at best in this case we can have a tie.

Without the Stand i don't see him defeating Luke Cage(possible lose for Dio). And Spidey should give him a good fight.

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