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Battles » Death the Kid (Soul Eater) vs Deathstroke (DC Comics)

Kid, reluctantly.

I have seen people in Soul Eater get stabbed in the chest and get up. I remember when when Sid knocked Black Star high up into the air, jumped up to him and used a tombstone to slam into his head and send him rocketing into the ground, in which he got up not too long from (I'm aware Black Star is the most durable of the group and that Sid was holding back, but he was still got blasted in the ground). This all never made sense to me. Sid was said to be a much better fighter then Maka and Black Star. I hate that I can't put it well into words and therefore I can't explain why I am confused on the level of power characters in Soul Eater are.

This is important because I don't know if Kid can be hit by real bullets and survive, but all things considered. Kid probably has a better chance at dodging and that's what I reluctantly base my vote on. This is quite debatable on who would win though.

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Battles » Kid Goku vs Pre-Shippuden Sasuke

Wait, Sasuke with curse mark as well? If so then Goku.

Sharingan could help follow his movements, as it did against Haku.However, It's Goku's everything that just nukes the debate. You can take your pick with speed, strength, durability, ect (because I can't think of anything additional to that list). He can avoid just about all Sasuke's attacks, and if he didn't then they aren't doing much damage. Goku's massive strength keeps the fight being ended in one blow, two or three being generous.

P.S. I'm going to add skill to that to that list I made.

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Battles » Spider-Man VS Krillin


Spider-Man is the man but Krillin from DB is still faster and stronger.

If Spider-Man has a chance, it would have to be Krillin letting him repeatedly punch him. I do think 21st Tournament Krillin would win, but it would be closer and I can understand the opposition debate.

But before Mater Roshi trained Krillin? Krillin would totally win, did anyone else see how he cut the rope on the bridge? His hands were like knives. I am kidding, Spider-Man would have my vote then and really only then.

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Battles » Goku Vs. Wonder Woman


Reasons why have been stated, so I will just say ditto with just about all their explanations.

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