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People who know me know I'm a huge fan of Gust games, even now despite the fact that none of the games they've made this generation have been particularly good, I still can't help but get excited when they announce a new game (With the exception of Meruru), And recently they announced a new game, Surge Concerto: Ceil no Surge, for the PSV. Unlike Gust's other games this isn't an RPG.

The game story will center around a world called La Ciel, in a solar system with a swelling sun that threatens to destroy the La Ciel. Two factions have arisen each offering there own solution, The Astronomers who want to teleport every one to a new planet, and the Terrestrials who want to use song magic to save there solar system. Public opinion is equally split between these two ideas, so it's up to the president, Ionsafon, to make the decision on what plan to go with. Unfortunately her mind is broken (which I hope isn't just some missed translated phrase saying she has amnesia.). Already I have some questions, like why can they only do one? I mean the smart thing to do here would be to try the song magic approach while the teleport to another planet plan is being worked on so that if the song magic doesn't work they have the contingency plan, then again I may hove just spoiled the ending to an unreleased game (yes I wouldn't put part the writers to make a world where the people are smart enough to master teleportation technology but only one person can think of simple solutions to this problem.)

Anyways that where you come in, it's you job to dive into Ion's mind, find mend points in order to restore here mind (Did I mention this game is being helmed by Akira Tsuchiya, the director of Ar Tonelico). When she's not hooked up to the dive machine the player can interact with her during her daily life (you can really sense the urgency this game will have already). You can also change her outfits. unlike the Ar Tonelico series, this game will feature an active time function much like that of the Animal Crossing series. So the player can start up and see Ion eating or playing a game, this also adds a hair growth function where over time Ion's hair will get longer because... why not? The game will also feature online aspects, though, little has been revealed about the online components of the game.

Surge Concerto will release in Japan on April 26 of this year, and us in west will probably see the game release some time early next year.

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I recently decided to check out the first episode of Girl Meets Girl and I gotta say it was hilarious, for all the wrong reasons (NOTE, I watched the dub)
We start with a space ship (I believe it was called the SS Phallic) that captain is most likely named generic anime salary man. who douse a great of not giving a damn that there ship is about to crash. we cut away to the "characters" who give a surprise when about two of actually sound like they care. though the only really interesting one was the teacher and the main character's parents that over acted the hell out of there roles. A bit later we see a group at NASA talking about the ship that is about to Crash. the conversation I interpreted like this (remember to read each line with the utmost apathy)
Man A "Sir the earth's atmosphere has been penetrated by something"
Man B "We can't mess up, what is it"
Man A "Well sir if would appear to be a galactic dong"
Man B "Cool"
Cut back to the main characters a boy was just rejected, apparently he was apathetic enough, so he's hiding on a mountain. The exact place where the SS Phallic is going crash actually. They take responsibility by rebuilding his body. unfortunately all there cosmic erection technology went into there ships so they can only bring him back as a she. The aliens have the curtsey to announce they forced a sex change on this kid to the entire world, and that's not a joke the literally announce what they did to the whole world. I'm sure the series will follow her as her slowly except what happen and her struggles with the media constant harassment over her being the first human to have alien contact. Who am I kidding we be lucky to have one character who's reaction to this wasn't completely excepting these events like they happen every day.
Again the voice acting was so bad it actually added a lot of comedy to the show so I probably will continue the series. The first episode also taught me a a available lesson about myself,  I am really immature.
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earlier this year Nisa released Neptunia, a bad game meant to spoof the game industry using moefied versions of the the main consoles. Apparently the game sold well enough to warrant a sequel, Neptunia mk-II and it has may have a pretty big name working on it. In fact one may call him a Megaman of developers. Keiji Inafune, creatue of the Megaman, Dead Rising, and Lost Planet franchises, has seemed to have found a new home at Compile Heart after leaving Capcom (while criticizing them for focusing to much on sequels no less) . It would appear that he is working on Neptunia MK-II, and it's been confirmed that he is in the game as two special attacks.

the Donnahanda Nova

and the Creator Sword

Though the cameo and cross overs don't stop there  (though certaily the weirdness douse)

5bp-chan has a special ability that summons AN ELECTRIC GUITAR! which will also summon Kurisu from Steins:Gate

 Finally the last confirmed characters to help you, and so far the only actual video game character, Totori and her sister (Atelier Totori: The Adventure of Arland) will aslo be in the game (most likely summoned by Gust-chan)

While I may have not liked the first game, the improvements look great enough for me to get excited for this title.
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Last night while browsing around for any spec of real news about the PSN being down, I came across this little gem that about Pokemon, a musical that pokes fun at both the games and the anime simultaneously

   Though it was funny I was left with one question about the Brock
wasn't Brocks's eyes always closed in the anime?
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I notice that since I returned I really haven't written a substantial blog entry, so I thought to my self, why the hell start now (I'll eventually get around to writing my own preview of the spring comedies.)

When I left the site a little over a year ago I was off subs because years before I found that subs where being very helpful in relieving stress in a very stressful time in life (it didn't help that the two subs I was watching at the time where terrible, Seto no hayome and ichigo 100%) Since then I had a hard time getting back into subs, but thanks to the great subs during last winter seasons, and partly to the Yakuza game series I was able to get back into subs.

Opon getting back into subs I gave my self a mention, find an watch all the comedy from studio Shaft that haven't been dubbed yet, one of those anime was Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei a great dark comedy that started to damper in later seasons like Zan. Despite that I even went on to watch the Zan OVA Bangaich, The first episode was pretty standerd, using the same stale formula as the the rest of Zan but the second episode treated to some thing a bit different. something truly awesome. Now I give it unto you, be prepare.

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