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     Gust has brought us a lot of great RPGs over the years from Disgaea, to Atelier Iris, and even Ar Tonelico. Ar Tonelico is a series about floating land masses held up by towers, alon g with this, a species of computer like women called  reyvateils are able to siphon power from the tower and turn it into powerful magic through singing. 
     The first game revolved around a pissed off reyvateil's attempts to wipe out humanity, and make a reyvateil paradise (real smart considering that all reyvateil are female and there's really doesn't seem to be any cloning technology in these worlds) Game play was tuned based but gave you the ability to charge up spells for greater effects. as you combod attacks with song magic your bonus gauge went up, not only would this increase the loot you get, but it would also allow your characters to use stronger attacks. The most interesting feature in the game though was the Cosmosphere, Here you could get new spells and learn more about the revyateil. these where funny an did give the revyateil some depth. they also the revyateil new costumes for combat.
     The second one's story revolved around a groups attempt to say fuck physics, we will make mater from nothing (though is retrospect, i believe that what song magic is anyways) trying to make more land. this time around you could duel wield reyvateil for even higher charges, combat was more action bassed, the game gave you a time limit to attack, Enemy's would only attack reyvateil this time around, but as long as you had a revyateil you could null out all damage (remember kids, only guard attacks if they are head towards a hot girl, never to protect yourself) The combat in this one was the most interesting feature in this game, do to a crappy localization job from niss the bugged down the game, striped it of most voice acting, dulled down the wit of the Cosmoshere, and even added in some of the worst grammar seen in a game since F wing 0 ("Your strong will adds more power" actual quote from the game) this was a guilty pleasure for me because of how much i enjoyed the combat, but due to all the issues as a person who c0onsiders them self a fake gaming journlist there was no way i could recommended this.
       So far they only new element of game play for the third one is the ability to costimize unique songs for combat, there are three ways i can see them doing this. Ist is like they did in the first one, allowing you to attach crystals to spells for greater effect, 2 actualy having something like in Guitar hero that will allow you to make your own melody, but that seems way to complex, third and what i hope for most, the ability to have songs from you hard drive play as you cast for greater effect (i can see it know, "you know that chick sounds a lot like Brett Gurewitz ")
Edit, sorry Xbox users, this one is a PS3 exclusive,
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