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Battles » Team Naruto Vs. Team One Piece (Remake of the bad one)

Well we can't forget that Team Naruto has some speedsters and probably a few faster characters than a few OP characters such as: Raikage, Naruto, perhaps Kabuto. Pein is also in the equation and he's a very powerful foe along with Tobi (Who has the Bijuu in his possessions) who is easily a multi mountain buster or maybe forest level. Madara Uchiha turned an entire forest into a tropic with just wood release, there's also Danzo's Izanagi, Sasuke's new Susano'o and major hax, Itachi's tsukiyomi and genjutsu, Kabuto's edo tensei (Since there's only 5 minutes of prep I guess Kabuto can use a volunteer), Madara's spamming and regeneration, Gaara's sand, Deidara's C4 and C0 attacks, and so on! Also Mu is in this battle and Mu attacks focus on atomic destruction so I highly doubt any admiral or OP character can survive a blast from Mu's dust release.  
And for Kabuto can resurrect Minato from edo tensei if he gets two volunteers, Minato can come as a huge factor in the battle with his speed and jutsu.
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Battles » Team Naruto Vs. Team One Piece (Remake of the bad one)

@LiquidPrince: Because it's an instant win for the OP win if intangibility is on, isn't that obvious? 
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Battles » Team Yamato vs Sasori

Scenario 1) Naruto solos as you gave no limits to Naruto meaning (Chakra Mode Naruto) instantly blitz Sasori with a rasengan to the heart  
Scenario 2) Naruto solos again, he defeated a higher tier Akatsuki member than Sasori (Rasen Shuriken)  
Scenario 3) Naruto solos 
Naruto last name is now solo
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Battles » Team Naruto Vs. Team One Piece (Remake of the bad one)

@ohgodwhy: Kizaru doesn't necessarily have good reactions either and most Naruto characters should be faster than him as long as he doesn't use his logia type power, and he only moves at light speed.  
: Fine Haki can be used -_- But Genjutsu will be included 
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Battles » Team Naruto Vs. Team One Piece (Remake of the bad one)

1. Part II Shippuden - Naruto Uzumaki (After taking control of Kurama)  
2. Current Tobi  (With control over the 6 paths - Jinchuuriki) 
3. Pein (With all six paths)  
4. Current Kabuto (After possessing Orochimaru's remains and unlocking sage mode)  
5. Jirayia 
6. Killer Bee with Samehada 
7. Itachi Uchiha (Prime Itachi at full health)  
8. Sasuke Uchiha (Current Sasuke Uchiha with the MS)   
9.  Raikage - A
10. Deidara  
11. Madara Uchiha (Edo Madara)  
12. Sasori  
13. Deidara  
14. Kakuzu  
15. Konan   
16. Mu (The Second Tsuchikage)  
17. Gaara (With Shukaku) 
18. Danzo 
1. Luffy post-time skip  
2. Kizaru  
3. Akoiji 
4. Akainu  
5. White Beard  
6. Kuma (After the war) 
7. Zoro (New World Saga)  
8. Mihawk  
9. Eustass Kid  
10. Sanji  
11. Crocodile  
12. Black Beard (Yami Yami no Mi only)  
13. Ace 
14. Doflamingo  
15. Jinbe  
16. Rob Lucci  
17. Kaku  
18. Enel  
1) Battle takes place in the Konoha   
2.) Logia-Intangibility is off 
3.) 10 minutes of prep   
You decide who wins! 
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Battles » Akatsuki Battle/Tier Thread

1.) Tobi for obvious reasons  
2.) Pein for obvious reasons  
3.) Itachi  
4.) Kisame 
5.) Kakuzu simply surpasses Sasori because of his masks destructive force and spam of attacks that can certainly detach sasori's puppets army along with his incredible strength and Iron Skin! Sasori Iron sand is to slow for Kakuzu to wait and his masks are separate in this case and should be fast enough to avoid being hit, their reflexes are amazing shown when Kakashi tried destroying one up close with a kunai and it easily dodged him and the part where the masks split to dodge their own attack which was a laser beam! Kakuzu is just to fast and destructive for sasori to handle. 
6.) Sasori  is so overrated, the country stuff is simply overestimated as Sakura and Chiyo were able to take down his army and those are only two ninjas! Country most likely had weak defense along with the fact he never said what country it was and how he even took it down! The Third Kazekage is a powerful shinobi and I must give him credit for beating the third and using him as  a puppet however Kakuzu is just way more destructive with his attacks and Sasori puppets are rather useless and easy to break excluding his Kazekage puppet. 
7.) Konan  
8.) Deidara  
9.) Hidan  
10.) Zetsu 
I'll explain later just wait a few to edit my post to why
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Battles » Kakuzu & Hidan Vs. Deidara & Sasori

@ohgodwhy: Even by then I highly doubt Kakuzu will give Deidara a chance to use C4 as his C4 explosion requires a mouth full of clay to be summoned, and Kakuzu by far is stronger and faster than Deidara plus his attacks cover more than what Deidara can cover. Deidara will be to overwhelmed by Kakuzu's team of masks and Hidan's crazy self he won't have enough time. The masks aren't slow and their attacks are perfect for long range and since they're all separate beings they can attack from all corners, sides, and directions without worrying Deidara getting away. 
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Off-Topic » Rate the amv above you :D

10! Songs goes perfectly with the movie and I love Cowboy Bebop <3  
  Now I know Guilty Crown is a pretty bad anime because of the plot but this amv is actually good in my opinion and is worth rating
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Battles » Kakuzu & Hidan Vs. Deidara & Sasori


@ohgodwhy: Thank you for having sense, we need members like you to stop the torrents of stupidity on the site.

@sickVisionz: Everything that ohgodwhy said. If you're putting Sasuke and attacks that Shikamaru was able to dodge in the same league then you need help.

"His air mobility is crap against ground based opponents". Fighter A is stuck on the ground. Fighter B can fly and launch ranged explosive attacks. Do you not see how fighter B has the advantage? And please don't start with the "DUH BUT SASUKE" again, he was only able to reach him through his wings, speed and intelligence, neither of which Hidan has. My apologies, but when you start saying that Deidara was the weakest member of Akatsuki your credibility goes out the window. For more information read the list of feats/facts I left at the end of one of my previous posts.

And for the record, yes I mention the Gaara fight. Deidara was dodging attacks from Gaara (kage level) without too much difficulty, including those of his uber sand. As well as this his speed was matching Onoki's in the air, a kage level opponent. If Kakashi was dodging all the masks as well as Hidan, and even Shikamaru was able to dodge the attacks of one without much trouble, what makes you think that the masks will be a major problem for Deidara? Oh and I agree that Gaara was forced to protect the village, yes, but then you are forgetting Deidara wasn't going all out (where was the C2 dragon and C4?), as he had to take Gaara alive, something that is hugely problematic for Deidara's fighting style, meaning he was at a huge disadvantage.

Interestingly you rave on about suicide as well. Ever heard of C2? No? How about C4? Kakuzu and Hidan aren't going to look so great when they're being disintegrated from the inside out.

Like I said Kakuzu can defuse Deidara's bombs and C4 explosion with just his lighting heart, and Deidara wouldn't use C0 in risking destroying Sasori in the crossfire (If he uses a suicide explosion they all die and so does Sasori meaning the fight would clearly be a win for the Zombie Combo). C2 Hahaha! If it weren't for Tobi burying all those land mines beneath the field Sasuke would've easily taken down C2! Kakuzu's masks will simply jump at Deidara and blast him from the air leaving him bate for Hidan! And Kakashi is a far more skilled ninja in taijutsu than Deidara and has the Sharingan, please show me feats that can compare to when Kakashi was multi tasking by avoiding Kakuzu's masks and Hidan's crazy self? Oh wait, you don't have anything that can indicate that Deidara can move as fast as Kakashi did! And please don't bring in that he escaped team Gai since team Gai wasn't even trying to kill him but hold him captive. And Deidara hasn't dealt with large attacks when airborne (In which Kakuzu has) neither has he been shown to be fast enough to dodge giant blasts. Gaara had an entire village to protect while fighting Deidara at the same time, if it weren't for the village Gaara would've easily captured Deidara.  


1. Fair enough, I'll give you that, but the fact remains Asuma was giving Hidan a good fight. Any other akatsuki member would have slaughtered him.

2. Not true at all, did Deidara need Tobi to warn him when Sasuke attacked at the start of the fight? Note how later in the fight whenever Tobi does give out a warning it's almost always followed by "I know!", or something to that effect. Tobi was only really good for the mines in that fight. Gaara's attacks are not as versatile, no, but they attack on a far larger scale than Kakuzu's individual masks and arguably at even greater speeds (Deidara was dodging Gaara's 'special' sand, the one usually used for his auto-protect), whereas even Shikamaru was dodging attacks from the masks. Again, if Kakashi could dodge the masks, so can Deidara, who it has also been shown can match Onoki in speed.

3. You are missing the point with the poison; it doesn't need to kill him in this fight, and yes, it does take several days to finish them off. But it can paralyze them in a very short amount of time (not sure the exact measurement, but it occurs almost immediately). Since Hidan's immortality would do little to stop this, he will be out of the fight very quickly. He's no good to Kakuzu if he's lying on the floor unable to move. It's funny that you note immobilizing and blowing him up as ways of killing him, as team 2 are capable of both.

4. Two words: paralysing poison.

5. Just because an attack is stronger doesn't mean it can do everything that a weaker attack can. Sasuke's chidori stream is a more widespread attack, whereas Kakuzu's mask fires a single beam/blast. Whilst more powerful, it is less effective against a massive swarm of microscopic bombs. And as I said, Kakuzu will not even know the bombs are coming; he'll have never seen the attack, plus even if he did, he still has no means of detecting the bombs. The iron sand can form a variety of shapes, including huge stabbing weapons. Kakuzu's iron skin may not be able to withstand continual blows from it, and even if he can, Deidara kills him with a dose of C4 while Sasori keeps him occupied.

6. We only saw that Hidan delivered the final blow, not that he single-handedly beat it.

Kakuzu does not and never will solo someone as strong as Sasori and Deidara.

I honestly see the fight going something like this:

Deidara hops atop his bird, Sasori lets loose his hundreds of puppets, and Hidan goes in swinging. Deidara becomes airbourne, whilst Kakuzu fires off a combined mask attack, wiping out most of the puppets. Deidara begins firing off C2 bombs at Kakuzu and Hidan, Kakuzu then splitting up his masks and sending them after Deidara. Whilst this is going on Sasori manages to tag Hidan with a sneak attack from his puppets, hitting him with the poison, and releases the 3rd kazekage puppet. Deidara continues to dodge the masks, keeping them at bay with blasts of C1. Sasori's kazekage puppet will be knocking Kakuzu around and keeping him on his toes with iron sand attacks, eventually forcing Kakuzu to call back the masks to fight Sasori. Whilst this is going on Deidara preps and unleashes the C4 garuda, which then wipes out Kakuzu. Game over, team artist walk off into the sunset arguing about art.

1. Not any Akatsuki member would slaughter Asuma, Asuma is a very skilled Shinobi! Put him up face-to-face against Deidara and there goes Deidara's head!  
2.  Are you serious? Don't argue Tobi didn't help Deidara because he clearly did, and Deidara was clearly caught off guard most of the time when Sasuke attacked! Tobi always had to warn Deidara from when Sasuke came in! This is proven when Sasuke flings to giant shrukins from above and catches Deidara! Quite pitiful from a shinobi who you said managed to dodge Sasuke's attacks yet can't even dodged two giant shrukins! And as I stated above Deidara's flight speed is pretty fast but not fast enough to escape an incoming impact of element blasts from every direction! Plus his elements destroy Deidara's clay, fire + lighting = good bye Deidara!  

The scans clearly show Tobi warning Deidara, Deidara even admits he's lucky as the force of the blast pushed him away while Sasuke was about to incapacitate him!!! 

3.   Please show me a scan that indicates that Sasori poison paralyzes its victim? I mean Kankuro lived to walk back to the Hidden Sand village while suffering the effects of Sasori's Poison, and I don't think Kakuzu has a nerve system nor has no organs to be damaged by Sasori's poison but his heart, Kakuzu is a complete ragdoll and his entire body is composed by hundreds of tendrils and wires.  
4. Paralyzing poison? Please show me somewhere where it says the poison paralyzes its victims because Chiyo got slashed by one of the puppets (poison) and was still capable of staying intact despite suffering from the poison.  
5. Doesn't matter if Sasuke's chidori is more widespread Kakuzu can do the exact same thing if he wields mastery over lighting in which he does with his heart, all he has to do is keep his lighting heart within him and he'll be all fine. Sasuke detected the micro bombs so why can't Kakuzu? And I'm pretty sure the Akatsuki are knowledgeable of each others abilities as they are all acquainted due to being members so I'm pretty sure it won't be to hard for Kakuzu and Hidan to figure out it's micro bombs.  
6. Pein assigned Hidan with his own Jinchuuriki, you see Kakuzu get smashed in the very beginning by the Jinchuuriki and the fight skips on to another panel showing the Jinchuuriki crucified on the wall. Not to mention the jutsu he used to defeat the Jinchuuriki was an entirely different ritual compared to the one he used on Asuma and Shikimaru (Kishimoto stated that Hidan had other tricks up his sleeve and there was more to his rituals along with his scythe in the data books). And even if Kakuzu did help take down the Jinchuuriki Hidan must've did more of the work as the injuries on the Jinchuuriki were all cut and stab wounds and as I can recall Kakuzu isn't known for making wounds like those.  
Kakuzu can solo the two so easy, Deidara is so weak compared to Kakuzu and not in destructive capacity but in different areas of fighting! Deidara in no way can handle Kakuzu or Hidan in combat and needs to be a little pussy and use long distance attacks. Sasori is the only powerful asset in this fight as Deidara will be quickly disposed of by Kakuzu! Kakuzu and Hidan teamwork is absolutely flawless that even Pein announced it and that he was really surprised upon hearing their deaths along with the rest of the Akatsuki members. Deidara wouldn't use a suicide attack in risking endangering Sasori and compromising the battle! Deidara says that Sasori is far more powerful than Deidara and by comparing Sasori to Kakuzu, Kakuzu seems to be a step higher than Sasori! Kakuzu is superb in taijutsu then the two and is far physically stronger than Sakura (Who knocked a giant block of Iron sand, I don't see Kakuzu having trouble doing the same thing) along with the fact Sasori army of puppets are robust and weak, the only power in his army of puppets is that they're overwhelming and can easily take out any shinobi who doesn't have versatile attacks. Kakuzu has versatile attacks, the fight between him and Sasori will only end up with a win for Kakuzu as Kakuzu overall prowess and destructive force can wipe Sasori's armies of puppets and destroy them with complete ease, the iron sand is all he needs to worry about but his masks shouldn't have trouble dodging as Sasori's iron sand is slow to begin with and the masks can only be destroyed directly in their faces.  
You're seriously overestimating Deidara and Sasori here in being like gods of the Akatsuki or something because the two are quite low tiers compared to a few members! 
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Battles » Kakuzu & Hidan Vs. Deidara & Sasori


@FormerCrimsonKing: I am referring to the 3rd kazekage puppet. If you think he's going to be useless in this fight then you're a fool. All the puppets that Sakura was fighting were fodder, and even then she had Chiyo's 10 puppets backing her up, and they still would have lost had it not been for Chiyo's uber weapon she gave to Sakura. None bar perhpas the fire one of Kakuzu's minions showed the power needed to destroy half of Sasori's puppets with a couple of regular blasts, you need to check them out again mate. PIS? Bull. The Sasori fight was PIS (he allowed himself to be stabbed? Really?). Kakuzu and Hidan were going for the kill.

And Asuma? Are you kidding? Any other member of Akatsuki would have stomped him. Plus I seriously hope you don't think that Hidan=Kakashi. Kakashi was keeping up with Hidan using taijutsu alone, and that was with Kakuzu's masks firing off at him.

@One_Piece_God: Teamwork so great that a combo attack didn't even kill Kakashi. And if you think about it, Sasori and Deidara's styles compliment each other well; Sasori defends and drives a ground onslaught whilst Deidara attacks from above.

@TheNobody: Oh boy, that's a lot of trash to wade through.

1. Easily kept up with Asuma? Not really. Or did you forget about the part where Asuma cut off his head? He gave him a pretty hard time, deal with it.

2. Hurrah, he was dodging attacks from Shikamaru. These are feats that most jounin wouldn't care to boast about, let alone Akatsuki members. Deidara was dodging attacks from Gaara and Sasuke, Hidan isn't even in the same league.

3. "Hidan is as deadly as any other Akatsuki Member, his immortality is a huge factor in this battle". Sigh. Really? Ok, so Hidan is now as deadly as Itachi guys, who can mindrape someone with a glance, or Sasori, who automatically wins with one hit unless his opponent is a healing nin. Gotcha. And did you even bother reading my post? I agree the explosions won't do too much to him. Sasori's poison from every single one of his attacks, one the other hand...

4. "Also crazily reckless". Which is exactly why it will be easy for Sasori to hit with with one of his attacks, rendering him useless. Deidara has dealt with people faster than Hidan, I don't see him getting hit before he can get airborne, especially with Sasori's puppets in the way.

5. Iron skin? Meet iron sand, sand that was ploughing through rock like it was nothing. Explosions will end Kakuzu as well. C4 useless? You act as though Kakuzu will be able to casually disarm it. He will be trying to dodge iron sand attacks and have puppets raining on him, and the mask fires a single blast. You think it can diffuse every single bomb? Bull. Kakuzu won't even be able to see the C4 bombs, Sasuke was only able to manage it because of his sharingan.

6. Finally, Hidan "taking down the 2 tails" is speculation, we didn't see the fight. For all we know Kakuzu was helping him the whole time.

Let's end this ridiculous love for the zombie brothers. They're no pushovers but they're overwhelmed here. I will leave you with these little facts for you to remember:

Hidan- beat Asuma. Ended up being soloed by Shikamaru.

Kakuzu- fought Hashirama and lived. Stronger than Kakashi. Was beaten by Naruto (pre-sage mode) with help from Kakashi.

Deidara- fought and subdued Gaara. Lost against the Sasuke who fought Itachi.

Sasori- once took down an entire country by himself. Effortlessly defeated Kankuro. Died by allowing himself to lose against Sakura and Granny Chiyo, who had knowledge on most of his puppets and who came prepped with 3 bottles of antidote for his poison.

1. Hidan was caught by Shikimaru's shadow possession jutsu which was the reason why Asuma managed to decapitate him, plus Hidan was already in his blood possession mode and couldn't leave the circle because of risking loosing his control over Asuma's body.  
2.  Yeah, except Tobi saved Deidara's life by warning him every time Sasuke came close enough to hit him, if it weren't for Tobi Deidara would've been in serious trouble and plus Gaara attacks aren't as versatile as Kakuzu and his mask as each Heart is its own separate individual unlike Gaara's sand which are all linked together by his chakra and such. And if any mask gets a close enough range to shoot an elemental blast its goodbye for Deidara.   
3. Poison shouldn't have any affect on Hidan as he is immortal, and the poison was stated to take 7 days in order to fully kill so Hidan's perfectly alright. And Sakura had no trouble fighting while being poison so Hidan shouldn't either. And yes he's deadly, when you least expect it he can easily kill you if he gets one tiny drop of blood. The only way to defeat Hidan is to immobilize him, mind fuck him, or blow him to bits, and if any shinobi can't do this then he's royally screwed as Hidan can fake his death and attack you while your guard is down if you're not aware of his immortality.  
4. Sasori hits can't do anything to Hidan but make him flinch, the guy takes so much abuse he doesn't even show any signs of pain,  
5. Sasuke easily defuse C4 with just his chidori which weaker compared to kakuzu's lighting attacks. And Kakuzu stated himself he immune to all blunt force meaning Iron sand will have trouble piercing Kakuzu, lol Sasori puppets are shown to be so fragile and not even strong or durable just overwhelming in numbers. Kakuzu's attacks reach a very long range and can stretch across an entire forest of giant trees and rip the surface apart.  
6. Hidan clearly was shown killing the two tails in the end of the battle and I have to give Deidara props in taking down Gaara.  
Anyway Team Zombie wins as I stated! Kakuzu solos
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Battles » Itachi vs 1st hokage hashirama

No competition, Hashirama wins! Despite him seemingly appearing weak during the fight against the 3rd Hokage he wasn't really in his right mind set and was simply a mindless puppet throwing off techniques, also remember Orochimaru's Edo Tensei was imperfect compared to Kabuto who by far is more powerful and perfect than Orochimaru's version. In the Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation it shows part of the fight between Madara and Hashirama if you play the game (I don't know if this is canon or not) but it seems Hashirama lives to his title as being one of the strongest shinobis at his time, he easily countered a Demon bomb from the nine tails and tamed the beast along with Madara. And that was only part of the fight, it goes on unknown. And from recent feats from Madara Madara is easily on top of Itachi by many ways as possible, considering Hashirama defeated Madara should put him right on top of Itachi. 
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Battles » Kakuzu & Hidan Vs. Deidara & Sasori


@t3h_bash: LOL, I love your casual dismissing of Hidan, good to see that some people recognize how waste he is.

I have absolutely no idea why anyone thinks that Kakuzu and Hidan stand a chance here. They're the weakest team in Akatsuki for a reason. I'm hoping that people remember that this is the team that was having difficulty facing Kakashi, Ino, Chouji and Shikamaru (though of course they still had the upper hand). If it had been Deidara and Sasori in their place it would have been a bloodbath.

First thing's first; Hidan is nigh useless in this. He would need Kakuzu to drag down Deidara via his wires to even do anything to him, and he would have to land a direct hit on Sasori's heart to damage him. The fact that Sasori's poison paralyzes first will mean major trouble for Hidan as well. Basically, one hit from Sasori with pretty much anything and Hidan is as good as out of the fight. Hidan's reckless attitude makes this all the more likely.

Now let's consider Kakuzu, who is easily the stronger of the two, having shown he's above Kakashi and he fought with Hashirama and lived. His wide-scale fire attacks could be very dangerous for Sasori's puppets, but between Sasori's paralysing poison, his iron sand and Deidara's bombs Kakuzu is going down hard.

Team 2 win with little difficulty. In fact I'd be tempted to say that Sasori could solo.

@Bellum: Why are you writing Deidara off? He's definitely on the same level as Kakuzu. If he pulls off C4 then it could well be over for the zombie bros.

@TheNobody: Kakazu solo Deidara and Sasori? Oh dear.

You seem to forget; Hidan is worthless against Deidara. Hidan can chase something that's 200 feet in the air all he wants, he's never going to catch it. It's only the elemental masks chasing him, and if that's the case, then Kakuzu is wide open to an assault of iron sand and explosions. Deidara could probably avoid them all anyway, seeing as how Kakashi was dodging all 3 of them and Deidara was dodging an onslaught from Gaara's sand. It's likely Sasori could probably land a sneak attack on Kakuzu before he could use the iron skin ability anyway. Once Hidan is through (about 10 seconds into the fight) Deidara could just prep a C4 (with Sasori keeping the pressure on Kakuzu with iron sand) and it's over. If it came to it Deidara could drop a C3 on Sasori and Kakuzu; I don't care what his skin is made of, he's gone if that happens.

Hidan weak? Hidan may be the weakest link in the Akatsuki but he is no one to be taken lightly, he easily kept up with Asuma and was completely out running Shikimaru's shadow possession Jutsu. He's not slow, only his method of attacks are slow however he himself is no slow poke. In the info data book Hidan intelligence is stated to be equal on terms of Neji and Naruto's level. Hidan needed to be stopped by Shikimaru's shadow possession in order to be hit and Asuma isn't slow. 
 Hidan is as deadly as any other Akatsuki Member, his immortality is a huge factor in this battle as Deidara's small bird, spider, etc explosions won't do shit to take down the immortal ninja as Hidan is crazy durable and probably has one of the greatest scans of durability in Naruto (He tanked a full blown wind blast from Kakuzu which lifted the ground and tore the giant trees from their roots along with sending team Asuma on their asses),  tanked a full explosion of Asuma's smoke screen attack, and survived being blown to ashes by dozens of paper bombs set by Shikimaru. 
 Hidan is complete agile and acrobatic, also crazily reckless! Right when the battle begins he'll be swinging at Deidara and overwhelming him with his crazy scythe attacks while Kakuzu's masks help along to prevent Deidara from going airborne. And remember a simple impact from one of Kakuzu's masks can scatter Deidara and Sasori. Sasori in no way can hurt Kakuzu because of his iron skin, his puppets would be useless in assault against Kakuzu as none can't scratch or hurt him. And Deidara's C4 Explosion is totally useless, a simple lighting attack from Kakuzu can defuse the micro bombs.
 The only thing actually capable of killing Kakuzu is Sasori's Iron sand which shouldn't be a problem for Kakuzu to dodge as he can detach and attach his limbs at will. Deidara will be completey occupied with Hidan and Kakuzu's masks which will lead to his demise leaving Sasori left to face Kakuzu and Hidan along with his masks. If Sakura can easily punch her way through Sasori's useless puppets then so can Kakuzu and Kakuzu physically should be more stronger than Sakura (The feat of him punching a giant iron gate with a single punch and surviving a full impact from the Chibi's palm). And Hidan isn't weak he took down the two tails! He's deadly as hell and you better remember that.
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Battles » Kakuzu & Hidan Vs. Deidara & Sasori

@ohgodwhy: As I said before Kakuzu by far can take down Sasori's army of puppets with just a spam of his elemental attacks, Sasori's puppet army are rather useless in this fight. Deidara isn't a problem for Kakuzu either as Kakuzu can defuse and destroy Deidara's clay bombs with his lighting element along with his fire element, plus his heart monsters can fly and hover which will be a real problem for Deidara as Deidara can't handle being chased by Hidan and attacked by all 4 of Kakuzu's hearts at the same time. As for Kakuzu and Sasori, Kakuzu with his iron skin can last against Sasori's Kazekage puppet and iron sand. All Kakuzu has to do his keep his defense up and try to avoid being hit by Sasori's iron sand. I really see Kakuzu solo'ing this.

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Battles » Kakuzu, Kisame, and Itachi Vs. Mihawk, Crocodile, and Jinbe

@ohgodwhy said:

Team 2 should win this I believe. Mihawk's already got the title of the strongest swordsman in the OP world which says lots about the power he possesses. Susanoo would be useless against Mihawk's powerful slashes which have been shown to cut giant glaciers and ships in half with ease. Mihawk also has incredible speed, even Luffy in gear 2 was barely dodging his slashes and Luffy in gear 2 is probably faster than almost everyone in Naruto and with his hawk eyes he has incredible vision and can defend from almost any attack. He was one of the very few people who escaped from Marineford without even a scratch.

Jinbei would have to fight Kisame because Kisame vs Crocodile would just be a complete mismatch. This would actually be quite close but I can imagine Kisame fighting similarly to Hodi Jones who was defeated fairly easily by Jinbei earlier on in the series. It would be close but personally I think Jinbei would win this with his fishman karate.

Crocodile vs Kakuzu would also be quite close I can imagine because Kakuzu can also use water techniques but not as well as Kisame. I think if you take away logia intangibility from Crocodile then he could potentially lose this one.

Overall though I think Mihawk is just too powerful and could probably solo here.

I can really see Jinbe beating Kisame however for Kakuzu, as you are forgetting Kakuzu also has his fire jutsu which can possibly lead him to victory against crocodile since fire turns sand into glass. Also don't forget Itachi is in this and in this case will be forced to use attacks like amaterasu or Susano'o to take down Mihawk, Itachi has fast and lighting speed reactions as I can recall from his fight with Sasuke when Sasuke summoned Karin on him, Karin was said to be lighting fast from when it had struck. Itachi obviously was fast enough to react to this attack with Susano'o in which I believe is powerful enough to hold up against Mihawk considering it has the ultimate defense, itachi being the only one to perfect Susano'o.

Post by TheNobody (289 posts) See mini bio Level 7

Battles » Kakuzu, Kisame, and Itachi Vs. Mihawk, Crocodile, and Jinbe

Also their must be reasons and explainations of why team 1 or team 2 wins or else your post won't matter much

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Battles » Kakuzu, Kisame, and Itachi Vs. Mihawk, Crocodile, and Jinbe

The Three Great Akatsuki Members


The Three Great Shichibukai


No Haki

No Genjutsu

All at their Prime

Battle takes place in the Giant Turtle Island around Sea

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Battles » Kakuzu & Hidan Vs. Deidara & Sasori

This is a good battle and hard to decide who wins but I'll place my money on Team 1/Zombie Bros. Hidan and Kakuzu's teamwork is flawless and the best among any pairs in the Akatsuki. And Hidan's durability is incredible given from the fact he's been blown up by Asuma's Smoke Screen and hit directly by Kakuzu's Futon blast so the only way Deidara could be able to take down Hidan completely would be to blow him into bits. Sasori's Kazekage Puppet is the only problem here, I see Kakuzu easily taking out Deidara leaving only the two Zombie Bros left with Sasori. Sasori Puppet army won't be a problem as Kakuzu can easily just destroy the army of puppets with just a single blast from any of his hearts. Hidan can handle himself against Sasori's Iron Sand, he's very acrobatic and agile enough to dodge and avoid being hit, and even if he was hit he's immortal so he'll survive. I say Team 1 wins!

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Battles » Madara Uchiha vs Whitebeard

Now don't go underrating Madara's powers here, the Current Madara isn't even as powerful as prime Madara. Because of Edo Tensei he isn't as powerful as he was in the past. Edo Madara even states that none of the Kages would last a chance against him if he was at his prime neither would they stand a chance against him now, he was boasting about how he could wipe all the Kages but decides not to. I mean Madara is one tough dude and so far one of the most powerful characters in Naruto. Not saying he'll beat White Beard but he can at least give a good fight.

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Battles » Madara Uchiha Vs. The Three Marine Admirals

@All_StarSupes: I highly doubt the Admirals can beat Madara so easy considering he has the Kyuubi in his hand (Who is easily a multi mountain buster) along with the fact that he held off 5 kages at once. 
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Battles » Madara Uchiha Vs. The Three Marine Admirals

Madara Uchiha  
Madara Uchiha  
Full Prime 
With Possession of the Kyuubi  
Harshirama Cells  
The Admirals 
The Admirals 
1# Intangibility off  
2# Fight takes place in the Hidden Leaf  
3# No knowledge of each other abilities  
Who wins? You decide? 
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