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This question has been on my mind for a while now. I want to get your opinions on it. 
Do you think there are manly and girly anime out there? 
For example: Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon 
Now, the general populace would agree that DBZ is much more macho and manly, and Sailor Moon is much more girly, so men would prefer DBZ and women would prefer Sailor Moon. 
My question comes in as - sure, men do like DBZ, but could a large audience of women also enjoy DBZ? Do you think they can appreciate it as well, and could men appreciate Sailor Moon as well? 
For me, I have no problem with a female as the lead role. Anime like Grenadier that have a female role who kicks ass, I have no problem with that. I don't see it as manly or girly. It's just an anime with a chick kicking ass. I mean, I bet more women would prefer that than men, but as a man, I don't care if there are anime out there with a female role. 
Do any of you out there feel the same way? Can you appreciate an anime with a girl as the female role? Could men out there appreciate anime like Sailor Moon equally as they do DBZ, and vice versa with women? I'd like to know.
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