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When people bring this up, a counter I usually here is "Dark Schneider has never busted a galaxy". Now, if this is in fact true (I need some clarification on this), it kind of ties into DBZ characters in a sense. Why? Well, power scaling in DBZ is how the show works. That is how they get their powers and destructive capabilities (the higher your power level, the more destructive capability you have). And yet, when asked if characters are truly capable of such feats as busting a planet and beyond, the general consensus says "No" because on panel, they have never blown up the planet. They make claims, and yet the feats that are shown contradict these claims. Here is where my argument comes in with Dark Schneider. If he has never busted a galaxy, then can he be considered one? It would be hypocritical to think so, because when you deny that Goku is a planet buster and yet accept that Dark Schneider is a galaxy buster, you are basically flip-flopping your own words in a sense, because the same principles apply for Goku, but you deny he has the power to blow up a planet, even though he defeated a planet buster in Frieza. Now, if Dark Schneider has defeated galaxy busters (I also need clarification on this. Who has he defeated that was a galaxy buster, and did that person actually destroy a galaxy on panel, or was it a claim with no feat to back it up?) and the general consensus believe him to be one, why can't Goku, who has defeated planet busters, not be considered a planet buster? It's hypocritical to say that Dark Schneider is a galaxy buster, but Goku is not a planet buster.
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