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As we all know, in the Japanese version, Goku is voice by Masako Nozawa, and in the American version, he is voiced by Sean Schemmel
Many American's criticize the Japanese voice of Goku due to the fact that, not only is he voiced by a woman, but he sounds like one as well. They prefer Goku's American voice because he sounds more manly and tough, opposed to his Japanese counterpart. 
Apparently(after reading this), Akira Toriyama actually looks at Goku's Japanese voice as the official voice for Goku, because Akira Toriyama envisioned Goku as a goofy little kid, and that is how Goku is best represented with the Japanese voice. He isn't supposed to sound all manly and tough. He is supposed to be like his personality, and that is a goofy little kid. 
What do you all feel about this topic? Do you prefer Goku's voice done by Masako Nozawa or Sean Schemmel? Do you prefer the American or Japanese voice for him? 
Personally, I prefer the American voice. I just cannot stand how Goku sounds in the Japanese version. I guess it is the fact that Goku doesn't sound manly and tough. That is my personal opinion. I feel as though Sean Schemmel has Goku at that level where he sounds manly and tough, but also like a goofball. Masako Nozawa just has him as a goofball, but not manly and tough.
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