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I wish I had a Sekirei and was an Ashikabi.
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"Essentially, to use the Spirit Bomb, one must have a pure heart so they can manipulate and gather energy, otherwise the move can backfire and possibly hurt or kill the user. In the afterlife, Goku was taught this move from King Kai. Likewise, once a Spirit Bomb has been fired, it is possible for one with a pure heart to deflect the technique, as Goku clarifies to Gohan and Krillin. However, it should be noted that although whether a person can be pure good or pure evil of heart, a Spirit Bomb that is created by a pure good person can not be deflected by a pure evil person, the two opposite energies cancel each other out and one engulfs the other. This is shown when Frieza (a being of pure evil) is not able to deflect the Spirit Bomb, although being able to survive it through brute force. Therefore, the Spirit Bomb harms anyone, regardless of morality."

I don't understand. I thought that the Spirit Bomb could not harm beings of pure good heart. But according to "Therefore, the Spirit Bomb harms anyone, regardless of morality" it can harm anyone. How does that work?
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Shout out to DFW for making the vids.

Check these out.

After watching the vids, what is your take on this battle AV community?

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Note: No Sailor Moon or DBZ. We all know that we all owned those. Something more original, please.

What: DVDs of Ichigo 100% and the OVAs.

Why: Because I saw a trailer for the show and I saw Satsuki Kitaoji in a sexy scene in that trailer, and it was ecchi, and I thought that if I got the DVDs I would see her boobs. Turns out that there was no full boob showing. Just partial boob.

Yeah, I know. Boobs got me my first anime DVD. Lol. :P
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American animation vs. Japanese animation.

I see a lot of YouTube videos regarding this topic, and I see a lot of bashing from both sides. Japanese animation is better, American animation is better.

Personally, I find American animation to be much better. The concept behind the animation doesn't mean the anime as a whole, strictly the animation. I see a lot of anime where it's nothing but standing still, mouth flapping, and using key frames to try and make it seem like the camera is moving, while in American animation the characters are actually moving, their mouths are actually following the words that they speak, and the background is live. People are moving and blinking. Each character has faces. In Japanese anime, there are instances where a background character doesn't even have a face. I don't understand the concept behind that. Why would you not give them a face?

Now, the strong issue about Japanese anime. Their scenery and pictures are fantastic. When it comes to creating a still image, nothing is prettier than Japanese art. However, when it comes to bringing that picture to life, it fails in comparison to American animation. If two characters are talking, I do not want to see a still image with one man just moving his mouth flaps, and the other just standing there. I would like to see movement in the background, the characters blinking, walking around, you know.... being ANIMATED! That's what animation is all about. Bringing something to life. I just don't see that concept of bringing something to life in anime.

On a side note, however.... you get into some nice fighting action scenes, there is a ton of awesome animation in there, but other than that, it's just bland and boring limited animation. It's not complete and full animation that you get in American animation.

I really think that is one of my turn offs with anime. Many people seem to enjoy anime, and that is completely fine, but I am fan enough to tell it like it is and say where something that I like fails in comparison to something else or isn't really strong in one area.

Japanese anime stories are magnificent. Developing plot, setting, etc. over a span of 100+ episodes. That is something that it triumphs over American stories.... HOWEVER! You need to look at the time span of the cartoon. American cartoons tell a story in half an hour. Japanese anime tells stories over 100 episodes. Look at South Park! Everything there is done in a week. I find the animation for South Park fantastic. Little cardboard people have much better animation than Japanese anime, which I find to be ridiculous because it is little cardboard people, and yet even the mouths on the characters match the words that they are saying! The story is 30 minutes, done in a week, while Japanese animators spend weeks upon weeks developing their anime, making the pretty pictures and all that, and they can't even give proper mouth movement to match the words.....really?? They have instances of terrible lack of animation, with all the time that they have put into this? I don't understand it. Now I know that people will argue budget and such, but that argument can be crushed by South Park. Cardboard people, story and animation done in a week, not weeks upon months of time given to Japanese animators where the story is spread across multiple episodes, but with South Park each and every different story is done in one 30 minute segment. I don't care what your budget is. It could be thousands of dollars. If you are getting out animated by cardboard figures, then there is something wrong here. Oh also, there are some anime out there that take WEEKS just to animate one episode, and South Park still out animates them! It's ridiculous.

I am not here to bash anime. Hell, there are some American animations that suck that Japanese animations completely squash them, but when it comes to looking at everything as a whole, American cartoons crush Japanese animation. The animation is just terrible compared to American cartoons. The stories cannot be really compared because American cartoons tell a brand new story in one 30 minute episode each time, while Japanese anime tells a story in a span of 100 episodes. It's different. It's like comparing apples to oranges. The scenery and prettiness? Definitely giving that to Japanese anime. Nothing touches their prettiness, but hell a still image is not animation. It's a picture. A still image with mouths flapping and nothing else happening is not animation. That is a pet peeve of mine with anime that I think really keeps me away from it. Just the lack of animation. Not the story, not the characters or the pictures or whatever. Just the lack of animation. I don't want to see a man standing there just moving his mouth up and down, while key frames make it seem like he is moving left and right when in reality he is not. I just don't want to get my full blown animation from big action sequences. I want there to be big time animation all the time.

I am sure many people will disagree with me, and that's fine. That's why we are all each entitled to our own opinions. Note that I am not bashing anime. I am just stating what I do not like about it. Japanese and American animation should be loved and equally respected, but to the point that if there are flaws you will be willing to admit them.
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I'm not sure if something like this has been done before, but we should make this into a game. 

I will put a sexy anime chick down, both name, series they are from, and picture, and the person below will rate the sexiness from 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest. Then, after that person rates, he will post another sexy anime chick name, series they are from, and picture, and then the next person who follows repeats the process. Alright? Sounds fun? I think so. Let's begin.

Maya Natsume from Tenjho Tenge

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