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I wish I had a Sekirei and was an Ashikabi.
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Slut Girl - Everything up to the bonus Alpha Chapter was good. I felt as though the bonus alpha chapter was unfinished and it left me unfulfilled.
Desert Punk - I have to agree with user PenguinDust when he posted his thoughts about the anime in this thread. As much as I loved the anime, the ending left me unfulfilled. The turn of events and the emptiness the ending had, I really wished it had a more solid ending. 
DBZ - Let's have Goku leave EVERYONE, just to go train and fight Uub...... okay?? I really don't feel I need to explain how dumb the DBZ ending was. DBZ definitely needed a more solid ending. Akira Toriyama got lazy. Plain and simple, and I really wish he hadn't gotten lazy with such an amazing anime series.... well, up to Frieza Saga in my personal opinion anyway. After that, DBZ got...... wack. 
Elfen Lied - I HATE cliff hangers, and it had a cliff hanger in the very end and final episode of the series..... seriously??? Yeah, let's leave the audience with questions rather than answers. Great way to end an anime.
What anime/manga do you all think had a bad ending?
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