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Bulma Briefs and her "oh, so sweet"... hair 
Bulma Briefs and her "oh, so sweet"... hair 
I was first given the introduction to the lovely seduction that is Japanese entertainment when I was nine years old. It was 2002 and Dragon Ball Z had been airing in an English dub format for a few years at that point. I went over to a friend's house for the first time and he was watching it. Needless to say, I was immediately hooked. It must've had something to do with the charming simplicity of the plot combined with the over-the-top humour and awesome action set-pieces because whenever that show was on, my eyes were glued to the irradiated screen and my mind shut off any implications of there being a world outside of what was going on in that tube. Along with the sugar high of watching Super Saiyan Goku take out Frieza with his famed Kamehameha, this anime series also marked the first time I ever had a crush on a fictional character; Bulma (of course). Her crazy-big Toriyama eyes, her bright blue hair and, of course, her breasts were another reason I would tune in week after week. Sadly though, April 7th of 2003 marked not only the day they finished the English dub for Dragon Ball Z, it was also the day that I stopped partaking in any form of Japanese media for a whole two years. It was 2005, when I was twelve years old, that my old flame for Akira Toriyama's spiky-haired aliens was rekindled as well as when I was introduced to a new kind of flame...
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