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Is it true that girls as voluptuous as Orihime Inoue (Bleach) may have weight problems later on?

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In the anime “Best Student Council” there is a puppet named Pucchan.   He is an interesting character because he can act and speak on his own.   He seems to enjoy being the only guy in a girl’s school.   He is very protective of Rino Rando his “owner”.



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How long do you think Aizen will be in prison before he escapes? I doubt it will take more than a year or two.
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Of course my favorite male character is Hayate Ayasaki.  The top two female characters are Nagi Sanzenin and the maid Maria.  Nagi is more interesting because she has a lot of flaws but grows in her role.
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The big day arrived and the double wedding celebration was underway.   Ichigo Kurosaki married Rukia Kuchiki and Uryu Ishida married Orihime Inoue.   There were lots of food and drink of all varieties.   Rangiku Matsumoto was drinking too much.   Byakuya Kuchiki almost let himself smile until he remembered he was the head of the Kuchiki clan and wasn’t allowed to smile. Isshin Kurosaki had no inhibitions about celebrating the wedding of his son as he joined Rangiku at the punchbowl.   He wouldn’t let his daughters Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki partake of the adult punch. They had to drink from the kiddie punch bowl with Yachiru Kusajishi.

Orihime and Uryu didn’t have surviving family members but had been adopted by the Soul Reapers.   Rangiku had much sisterly advice for Orihime. Shunsui Kyōraku and Jūshirō Ukitake   offered Uryu the benefit of their wisdom.   Nanao Ise kept nagging Shunsui to stop drinking so much.   When he suggested that they get married she blushed and stomped off.   Chad Sado was also in attendance to celebrate with his friends.

Ichigo said “this is the happiest day in my life!”   Rukia was smiling.   Orihime and Uryu were smiling. All was well with the world.   Ichigo said he didn’t want to grow any taller so he ate some porridge.   But something was wrong because it tasted like fishcake.   The horror and revulsion were so great that he tipped over in his chair.   Then it happened.

Soi Fon woke up and said “ !@#$%&*(), what an awful dream!”   She thought “I don’t like weddings and I don’t like those people!”She thought they were all deficient in one way or another.   The only person she respected was Yoruichi Shihōin. Throughout their relationship Yoriuchi   didn’t let   Soi Fon get too close to her.

Soi Fon got up to walk around a little. Soi wanted to take it out on Marechiyo Ōmaeda, her lieutenant, but he was away on assignment. She noticed a cat in the room that resembled Yoriuchi in her cat form.   She cried out and moved toward the cat, but it ran away.   She chased it but tripped on something and hit the floor. Everything went black.

Now Isane Kotetsu wakes up soaked with sweat.   She got up to walk out to the porch.   There she saw her captain Retsu Unohana seated in her chair.   Retsu in her motherly way invited Isane to join her in enjoying the cool night air.   As she sat down she realized it had all been a bad dream.

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