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This site has recently been recently featuring the Eureka Seven anime. I am sure as anyone who has ever watched the show are aware, Eureka Seven is directly paralleled with the book Golden Bough in many ways. Within the TV show itself both Holland and Dewey are seen reading the boom throughout the series allowing the viewer to see that the comparison does indeed exist. Personally I am so obsessed with symbolism in literature that I read the Golden Bough after watching Eureka Seven. I will be making a series of blogs letting everyone see these direct relations and just how the Golden Bough and Eureka Seven are parallels of the same idea, as well as focusing on other literary references in the anime such as the Episode Paradise Lost, named directly after Milton's Epic Poem Paradise Lost. I hope someone other than myself was interested in this and that my blog will offer some insight into these topics that throughout the show were merely an incomprehensible illusion to the viewer.

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