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First of all, Hi i am new  :P. 
so with my first post i want to talk about certain bouncing parts of the female body in animes... yes boobs... 
I recently started Watching High school of the dead. which i thought was great until episode 5 hit me... or 4 .. dunno anymore.. 
It just went rediculous with the girls being drunk and playing in the bathroom during a zombie outbreak. 
Also It doesn't add anything to the plot really... 
I bet it went like this: 
!Highschool of the Dead Meeting! 
"What else can we add to out already mature theme'd anime with Zombies and gore!" 
"Let's add nude Girls... the male audience will love it." 
Same goes for Tengen Toppa Gureen Lagann where it is not as extreme, but still happens very often. 
We know Yoko is a girl, that doesn't mean her boobs should move without breaking the laws of phisycs... 
Again it adds nothing to the plot. at least not most of the time. 
Too long didn't read: 
Do you sometimes don't see the point of massive bouncing in animes that hardly have to do with getting the viewer horny?
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