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Greed- By far my 1# favorite he's a lone wolf(for the most part) and aside from father, he has the best powers.
Father- Cold and powerful(my 1st impression upon seeing him) in his final stage he was nearly unstoppable,....i admire that.
Gluttony- Normally he's terrifying cause of this evil cannibal feel you get from him, but when lust was taken away from him, he became a beast!
Envy- Honestly, i thought he was a she at 1st , 2nd  he's a great fighter (i don't enjoy seeing his true form) ... he's the big brother no one wants.
Lust- Those fingers are pretty deadly but it didn't make her stand out much, at least it didn't until after she taunted roy mustang by bouncing her chest.
Pride- I never cared for that kid until seeing him tear up those soldiers in the tunnel , (lets just call him Damian lol) looks and talks like he's possessed by the devil.
Sloth- (1st impression) A "special" tank,.... later on he shows he not so stupid after he takes on the armstrong siblings , now i see him as a force to be reckoned with! 
Wrath- More like dependent child, I never cared  much for him until he fought mutated gluttony,.... there I saw i side of him that made me say holy ****  
King Bradley- From The Moment I saw his deadly precision , I Couldn't help but see him as the great white shark of the series.
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