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Top 10 World Destroyers/ Capable of Destroying Worlds

My top 10 villians capable of causing the End Of the World As We Know it. These are all IN MY OWN OPINION, But I will take Suggestions.
1. Haruhi Suzumiya

This is what the manga and the anime gives the impression of. Haruhi, if she ever discovered that she was able to warp reality, would completely rewrite EVERYTHING to her liking. The reason she beat out fellow Reality Warper Time Travel Milleniummon is because he's limited to the Digital World. Haruhi's not.

2. Millenniummon

Screws with reality? Check. Travels through time? Check. Woobie towards Ryo? Check. Milleniumon's Final form, ZeedMilleniummon is probably the most powerful Digimon, and then possibly one of the most powerful characters of all time!

3. Armagemon

He caused computer-related havoc in the first movie as well as possibly causing a NUCLEAR WAR, and then also devouring large chunks of data at other times!

4. Acnologia

Outdoes Yggdrasil due to succeding in leveling stuff as well as EVERY CHARACTER when on-screen. Also tore off two of Gildartz' limbs as well as rip out a few internal organs in MERE SECONDS. Also rumored to have destroyed what, an ENTIRE CONTINENT/COUNTRY IN ONE DAY! Let's face it, Fairy Tail would've ended what, 20 episodes earlier had it not been for Mavis and Fairy Sphere?

5. Yggdrasil

We all saw what he did in Savers. He nearly did cause the end of the world in that appearance, and succedeed once pre-plot but failed the second during X-Evolution only because Omnimon intervened both in Savers and X-Evolution.

6. Guilmon

ONLY ON HERE DUE TO MEGIDRAMON. Megidramon is the corrupted Mega-Level of Guilmon. It's on this list because it's mere EXISTANCE throws the Digital World onto the verge of a collapse.

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