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Okay the reasons why frieza beats Saint Seiya Verse

One of hades specters using a boulder tech to kill a gold saint and other you can see this is big shit for the specter.

destroying half of a temple is big shit for gold cloth saints.You better watch your back naruto this gold saint pack powerful shit

here they are in space and are cross hundreds of light years, wrong it just an illusion.

going through a column is a impressive feat for a gold saint

A fallling castle can kill seiya and company, at full power

Mach 18 is big shit for seiya at this point.

saint seiya kills orpheus a silver saint that is stronger than gold saints.

Another great feat performed by the mighty gold saints.

It took all the power of all the gold saints to recreate the suns power on a small scale,so people shouldnt even think of bringing up lolz ss characters are galaxy busters into debates.

Tartarus is hell aka underworld.

and heres the underworld:

and I have no Idea how big Elysion is.

A bronze saint managed to put a scratch on thanatos (god of death) so the difference in power is not that big.

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