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Appearance & Personality

Real Name: Cole Prydonius 
Nickname: The Guardian
Alignment: Good
Birthdate: 15 April
Hair: Whisky Brown 
Height: 177 cm(5'9" 1/2") 
Weight: 162 
Birthplace: N/A 
Eyes: Green 
Alias: Guardian of Equilibrium 
Age: 424 (He still keeps count.) 
The Guardian in general is a very kind and caring person to all. Though that doesn't excuse the fact that he isn't prone to hate. In fact he is capable of hating random people in general out of nothing but a glance. The Guardian is also a very capable intelligence person. By simply making it up as he goes Cole can easily walk away with his life as if he already planned ahead. One aspect about Cole's personality is the fact he doesn't like to follow orders. Something that can make his superiors very awry of him. Often they would have to threaten him in order see results. 
Purely for battles The Guardian created this personality out of sheer willpower and endurance. During combat he will keep this demeanor at all times. No matter if his opponent is near-death or even dies. Despite this he still a laid back and quite keeps that flamboyant attitude. To his opponents, Criuaser, as he now calls himself will often remain as polite as possible to his opponents and often will try to solve the situation in a civil manner if possible. With friends he could sometimes be too serious of a person and often put people off while in his Criuaser state. In a very serious battle he can be quite deceptively cunning and serious when the event calls for it. 


 Home of the Chronarchs
 Home of the Chronarchs
 The Chronarchs were an ancient race born at the time of  "Big Bang" obviously not needing to evolve over millions of years. Their DNA/molecules didn't past from one generation to the next. (Guardian himself tried to to study this anomaly, not that he was first, he just figured the others were too ignorant to comprehend let alone hypothesis, procedures, data, and drawing conclusion. Though he at least did. As a matter-of-fact he came up with the conclusion. "Evolution is only needed, when the species is endangered. Otherwise if evolution occured every generation there would be many unnecessary mutations and anomalies.) 
Time passed and they explored into the universe with colonies as far as the eye can see. The Chronarchs used slaves, which was better than committing genocide on every race they would come against. Chronarchs also didn't have gods they had guardians: Guardian of Light and Order, Guardian of Darkness and Chaos, Guardian of Dream, Guardian of Justice, Guardian of Life, and the Guardian of Equilibrium, - one Cole would later inherit himself.    

Life as Cole Prydonius 

 The Guardian stood up. Blood was running down his face and he had trouble breathing. As he stood he was horrified  at the piles of bodies that were laid out. Children, women, and men were all laid out. Some with rumble cover half of their faces. Some completely dismembered. His eyes shook as he laid upon the man that caused all this. He was wearing some suit of armor and all Cole had was a pistol. "Hahaha! I've did! I did it. I've killed him." Now that pissed him off. "How dare he laugh at all these people he killed." Cole thought as he raised his pistol from a distance. His laughing and gloating was interrupted as he shot the man four times. One in his shoulder and three into his face mask. The man stood there flabbergasted as Cole stood there emotionless. "This must be a nightmare. Those's like looking into the eyes of the abyss." Cole raised his gun obviously angered to the point of no return and shot at the man once more. Only to miss this time as the assailant ran away.  
 300 years ago.
 300 years ago.
Cole shot up from his nap. "All a dream?" He looked around noticing children playing and adults sitting. "I'm still at home." Cole stated breathlessly before getting up from the bench and heading home. "Hope Mom is feeling better. I hate to see her in that condition." It was obvious he cared for his mother very much. A tear almost left his eye as he grabbed his cigarette and his lighter. "I need a smoke."

Living a Lie

The clatter of boots could be heard throughout the Jedi temple. Cole was in a hurry, ever since he told that lie his life has been changed drastically. He was now a Jedi, not any Jedi in fact, but a master. Though unlike most Jedi, Cole himself chose to believe in the teachings of the Aing-Tii (many different aspects of the force not just light or dark) their beliefs fitted perfectly with his own morals. After collecting his thoughts the last thing "Master Prydonius" wanted to do was run into the Grand Master and he did. "Ah, Master Prydonius, there is matter I wish to speak with you in private." Cole wondered if he was in trouble or if he was found out. "Maybe it could be something menial." He thought. Once they arrived at the High Council Chambers the Grand Master took a seat and Cole did the same. "I see you still haven't took an Initiate as your Padawan yet. You're the only Jedi Master who hasn't had a Padawan in all of his career." Cole looked at the ground, he didn't have any excuse. But he couldn't take both jobs at once. He had Teku and people to look after. Having a Padawan basically ment having a child to take care of. That was the last thing he wanted. The Grand Master looked at him with weary eyes. "I saw you attend the Apprentice Tournament. I sense you have the desire for one, but you feel as though you would fail. Don't let the Force cloud your judgement Prydonius." Cole gave sigh. Apparently he had no choice now. Though there was one Jedi Initiate that caught his attention very much so and as if on cue she walked in. She petite human girl around thirteen years of age with hazel eyes, soft features and dark brown hair that fell neatly to her shoulders. Cole facepalmed at the timing. "Master Prydonius, Grand Master." She said it rather shyly and bowed soon after. Cole wondered why she said his name first. "Oh no." He thought. "She already chose me. She can't do that. I'm not about to be her 'father'. I will fight her if needed." Cole thought. Meanwhile the Grand Master had an amused look on his face. "Isn't this the Initiate, Master Prydonius?" All Cole managed was a look of shock. Both of his eyebrows were lifted in unison. Jade held in a smirk at her new Master's look. Hiding his chagrin, he manged to reply to the question. "Why yes, yes she is but I don't think I am responsible enough." He sighed. There was nothing he could. He really wanted to back out of this. I mean he really did. Suddenly in a haste Cole jumped out of his seat and fast walked toward the door, before he had the chance to leave Jade addressed Master Prydonius in the most innocent voice possible. "Master Prydonius?" Once he turned around Cole saw a look of sadness in her eyes. He couldn't say no now. Cole walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. Jade was almost in tears now. She realized she would never have a master, if he would not accept her. "Jade, I would be honored to have you as an apprentice." He said with a smile. "Maybe this could work out after all." He thought. Her eyes widen and her eyebrows raised in amazement. She was so happy that all she could do was grin. "And I would be honored to haveyou as a master. I can't wait to get started!" She exclaimed and tackle hugged her newfound master. "Oy, so you're a huggy one too?" He chuckled and looked at the Grand Master. "And you did this on purpose." Cole laughed and so did the Grand Master.  

First Assignment 

 Cole stumbled half-way across the landing ramp of his cruiser. It was a long day. "Who in the hell plans a planetary mission at four in morning? He grabbed his face out of anger. It didn't help that he had gotten sick either. In fact it made matters worse thsn they already were. "Not upset, are we Master?" Inquired Jade. She walked over to her and wrapped and arm around him. "Oy, Jade your 'touchyness' isn't making me feel any better. I need to sleep and without you following me to my quarters will be greatly appreciated, Padawan.  Jade held in a laugh as she hugged her Master. "Make sure you get some rest today, Cole. We might have a new assignment tomorrow." She smiled and even more so. Jade oddly found it funny when she called her Master by his first name. Obviously Cole didn't mind, he really didn't care to tell you the truth. "So when's the new mission again?" Cole hoped it wasn't 7 hours or less. That would kill him. "About 10:00 don't worry about it. I'll wake you." She smirked as she said that, which caused Cole to take caution and a step back. "What? I'm not going to dump a bucket of water on you now." Jade chuckled and hugged her Master once more. "Night!" She smiled and hopped to her room which was located in the Temple Ziggurat. Several hours passed before another interruption happened.
"Feet? Jedi feet?" He thought as his vision took it's time to become clear enough. "Jade, is that you?" Cole didn't bother sitting up, he trusted Jade. After all she was only a child. Children do childish things. "They have another mission for us. She sighed. "I came to wake you. We're leaving in an hour."  Cole could tell Jade was trying to keep a good attitude despite being woken up from her "beauty" as she called it. Once she left Cole took a shower, put on his regular jedi robes, and packed for provisions just in case of a survival situation that could occur. He slung his back over his shoulder and headed out. "Buggers, I'm going to be late." Cole checked his watch and decided it was time to run, very unorthodox for a Jedi Master to do after all wise people don't run. Taking in off in a sprint he passed several young padawans and group of knights looking at him like he was cooko. "Okay, so Jedi really don't do this." He huffed. The clatter of his boats left an echo down the grand ornate halls of the Jedi temple. It only took moments later till he reached his destination. "Oh great you're already here. I didn't think of coming to get you. I'm glad you read my mind." Cole laughed breathlessly before tossing his pack into the trunk of his starfighter. "Ready to go?" She asked as she jumped in. "Well I have no choice." He chuckled and jumped in as well. 
To be continued..

A Gift

"Oy, she's right always right. Why must she be so right?" Cole questioned as he stood in front of the door of his ship. He stared out the window noticing Kimiko was still in the same spot she was hours ago reading the same book. "Must be interesting." He thought. Cole walked and explained the whole situation. During the period of their conversation they shared the usual laughs and snide remarks they would banter at each other. Cole always found it exciting to have a good conversation with his boss and fellow co-workers that much was obvious. "So you still reading the same book after all this time?" He smirked thinking Kimiko must be an easily distracted person, because he knew she wasn't stupid enough to read that slowly. Though her response stupefied him. "Well that and working on something else." Which led Cole to question, "Something else? You're fixing another truck or something?" He said in a joking manner. Most of the time Cole was a silly fella even at a serious organization like Teku. Few welcomed it and few abhorred it. "No, just another gift." She chuckled and tossed a black and white orb to Cole. He looked at it with great curiosity. The object looked almost alive. The colors were constantly moving. It was amazing to him. Kimiko watched his fascination and shook her head. "Symbiotic armor, custom for ya." She replied. His curiosity turned into happiness as shown by the smile on his face. "Aw, I really should get you a gift soon." He said smiling. "No need to." She chuckled.  
Cole wondered how he was suppose to put it on and as if it heard his thoughts the suit started spreading all over his body fitting to his form. "Haha, I love this already. It's amazing!" He exclaimed. "Knew you would. Just don't wear it around Minakio or Banjee." She warned as she shut her book and hoped down from the tree. "Sure no problem." He nodded excitedly. "I just gotta get you gift somehow." He replied. Cole was honestly amazed at quickly the suit fitted him. He still couldn't believe it and the suit made him 10x more powerful than he already was. It truly was amazing in his eyes. 

Trial of Dreams

The Guardian's life changed when he realized what exactly made him a Guardian. It was the blood of both of his parents. Each of them had a common ancestor which was a dragon. That explained all the animalistic traits Cole displayed, even if they were small. For example he would always kick or spasm in his sleep from time to time and even to a worse degree would growl when caught in a fowl mood. It was hard for him to believe at first. His parents tried to console him the best they could not that Cole was busy crying in a corner for months on end over something as trivial as that.   

"So aren't I suppose to inherit something from my ancestors or my parents even." Cole asked while looking at each of them. He knew both of them had a common ancestor. "Which possibly made them like 120th cousins fifthteenth removed." He thought. "Gross...." Cole shook away the thoughts of his conception. He really didn't need that right now. His mother, Mhairie had half of her face covered with her hand. She was contemplating her son's predicament. "Well since you're a direct descendant I suppose you will inherit the his robes. No one has wore those since him and I don't want to burden you with that kind responsibility." Mhairie shook her head. She really didn't know what to do for her son, which led Cole's father to give her a reassuring hug. "You just live your life like you used to. We'll think of something soon. In the meantime just take the possessions of ancestor." Kylar handed his son a big wooden box.It was quite heavy for something that looked so small. Good thing it had big iron latches on each side.  
To be continued...  

First Time For Everything: Part 1

 The Guardian was following his target who just happened to be causing a lot of damage than what was necessary. Looking out the window of the apartment complex he was in, Guardian noticed he was two floors above his chaser. "Time to say hello." He chuckled through his mask. Too bad he realized he couldn't leave the little boy he was guarding this whole time by himself. "Ummm, you can have this gun I suppose. I trust that you're old enough to not shoot yourself." He joked while hooking up his zip-line on the window hinge. "Guess, I'll be taking the scenic route and don't come downstairs till I tell you to, got it?" The little boy named Johnathan nodded fully comprehending the situation. Guardian also nodded as well before jumping off the top floor and onto the two floors below. In less than second Guardian extended his legs acting like a battering ram crashing into the window. Gun shots were immediately fired the moment he came through the window. Good thing his cape was bullet proof and protected him from oncoming bullets as he threw a smoke bomb to keep the thugs off his back. Guardian proceeded to knock each out with relative ease. Once the smoke was cleared Guardian checked the area and noticed a thug slipping through a hole in floor. "F#*%, there's more....there's always more." He said breathlessly through his mask. "I'm very tempted to use a gun too. Very tempted." The Guardian slid on the ground rather hard. His cape created enough friction for him to slow down enough to latch his leg onto the silver pole leading below. Unfortunately there were three guys shooting at him with mini-machine guns. How will he get out of this?
Well quite easily he teleported back to the top, which left the gunmen dazed and confused. "You're all a bunch of idiots!" The Guardian threw his voice and he found the thug's reaction quite hilarious. He could see why one of his close friends enjoyed doing this from time to time. "Hello." Guardian said once he teleported in between the three thugs. "And goodbye." He stated once more before proceeding to knock out the two thugs in front of him, meanwhile the one behind quickly pointed his gun in the Guardian's direction, but he effortlessly kicked it out of his hands. Using his quick wit, he grabbed the nameless gunmen by the neck and dragged him toward the window. "Were you saying something to Johnathan? How you were going to kill him or before even thinking about killing the said you were going to do horrible things first. Things I don't even want to mention, because I would like to keep my mouth pure unlike yours." He was pissed off now. Guardian never knew humans could be so foul. His grip hasn't loosened in the slightest, in fact it was tighter. It was quite an accomplishment at how the thug still retained consciousness despite his current predicament. "S-top......stop!" The thug's hands tried to pull apart the Guardian's gloved hand, though try as he must it wasn't about to let go until he got what he wanted and now his victim caught on. The thug struggled to form a few coherent words out of the threat of his captor crushing his larynx. "Talk.....I'll talk." said the thug as he clearly as he could. The Guardian reluctantly let go and listened to his opponent's words. "You don't know what you're getting into. The big boss has powers that you can't even comprehend. He controls all." And soon the thugs words came to light. "HELP ME!" Johnathan yelled. The sound of a window being crashed and then the blur of small boy falling came into the Guardian's view. Without a moments notice Guardian grabbed the same zip-line he used before, but this time as rope. "I'm coming!" Guardian yelled at the top of his lungs. He swung as much as his momentum allowed him and luckily he caught the boy just in time. "Gotcha" He chuckled from relief. If he had missed Johnathan's hand by just an inch it would've been over. Now another problem arose. He was about to crash into the next building. Pure brick and concrete no less. Just his luck. "Shit, shit, shit, shit!" The Guardian yelled as he hoisted Johnathan up. He knew he shouldn't be cursing in front of 8 year olds, but this was necessary. "Think Prince of Persia!" Johnathan yelled at his bodyguard. "Which one? The movie or the games?!" Guardian asked. "Both! You idiot! Both!" They were coming close now and Johnathan was like a snake when it came to giving out answers, even close to death as shown. Luckily for the both of them the Guardian caught on and started to wall run. "And round we go!" Yelled the Guardian as they were about to head back to the original building but a dark figure appeared before them in the window while they were halfway there. "Everything is sovereign over something else and I am that sovereignty." The strange figure stated and suddenly the Guardian's rope broke into numerous pieces which left a crash course to the ground. 

First Time for Everything: Part 2

His body landed with a thud and the Guardian became unconscious, or so it appeared. In reality he was faking and luckily Johnathan was unconscious from the sheer shock of it all. "I never thought I could win that easily", Sovereign chuckled to himself as he made his way over to his fallen targets. Once he was close enough Guardian drew his tanto knife. With a strong force of momentum behind it the knife pierced his enemy's boot. Using his quick wit his boot also popped out a pocket knife from his tip. Sitting up he kicked Sovereign straight into his pelvis. "Ew, I'm going to have to disinfect this later," he thought. Getting up to his feet Guardian was surprised that Sovereign materialized a spear. "Most likely from the medieval period." Sovereign thrust the spear toward Guardian's midsection. Just in time Guardian sidestepped and grabbed the handle of the spear before giving a front kick to Sovereign's midsection and yanking the spear away from him only to jut it back toward Sovereign's neck. Guardian got into his face and his eyes glowed a brighter blue than ever before. "Back off the kid or next time I won't hesitate to kill you," he growled. 
 "Back off the kid!"
 "Back off the kid!"
Sovereign smirked at the Guardian's threat and body dissolved into pure darkness. The darkness took shape formed multiple crows all flying in the same direction. One crow had a knife plunged into it's head. The knife itself fell through the crow's skull and clinked against the concrete. "Must be intangible in that state," he mumbled. With a sigh the Guardian picked up Johnathan's unconscious body and headed home. 
To be continued....  

Long Journey Home

 "Are you sure this is the right path," Johnathan asked softly. Of course it is. I should know my own planet. Still can't believe I brought you here." The cold dry wind blew past their faces as he hiked up a relatively steep mountain. It was necessary to find out who or what Cole really was and Johnathan's curiosity made him follow. "So what are we doing here exactly?" His little mind reminded Cole of sponge everytime he would ask a question. Every answer would be absorbed in that thick skull of his. "Well I'm you about stuff. It's really a personal quest of mine. I just want to be sure about something," he confessed. Johnathan nodded in response. He understood quite well at how serious this situation was to Cole. For one he never seen him so quiet and stoic. The eeriness of the environment made him very uneasy. Johnathan quickly ran up beside Cole and decided to walk closely behind him to feel safe. He knew Cole would protect him always since his parents died and he was content with that. 
It took a day until the pair finally reached the top of the mountain. Johnathan looked quite famished and his guardian could easily tell. Both knew that children his age normally didn't take part in mountain climbing. Extreme mountain climbing to be precise. "We can rest if you want." This only withdrew a silent "no" from Johnathan. "I'll carry you then," Cole suggested as he pointed to his back. Johnathan gave a silent "yes" this time. Minutes later Cole was busy chipping away ice across the ground to reveal the ancient text once more as he had did so before but only with a friend. Cole stopped in his tracks for he heard noise. The noise feet shuffling through the snow climbing to the top of the mountain. "They've been following us for a while but I didn't want to worry you. I was hoping he would to sanctuary before they reached us, but I see this is not the case," said an uneasy Cole with a dagger drawn. He already had a telekinetic shield envelop Johnathan out of caution. He didn't bother to shield himself. He felt it wasn't needed. His combat prowess was more than enough to handle a few scavengers. Surprisingly his ears lied to him. There was only one. "I thought you would come. I'm happy," replied the stranger. His sword was already out of the hilt. He was ready to kill and he didn't hesitate to show it. "Ever since I came back to this planet everyone was afraid of me and no one would accept my strength. They told me of the prophecy of the promised son of the dragon and here he is before he even receives his powers. Too bad your brothers and sisters aren't here to help you," he cackled. All these words left Cole confused beyond hope. Was he really this important? The same bumbling Cole who talks too much and annoys many people? The same Cole who's personality matches to that of a 12 year old? He couldn't fathom his opponent's words. He wish he had more time to crouch and stare but the first blow was struck. They were at a standstill, a deadlock. Somehow his opponent's blade started vibrating against his dagger and soon Cole was on the floor his back arched to make sure Johnathan was comfortable, even in this situation. When it was obvious Cole wasn't going to give, the swordsman punched at the ground underneath him. The top of the mountain was engulfing itself in and Cole fell along in the darkness.  
Something was telling him to get up. The more the grogginess went away from him he realized it was a command and obeyed without question. Cole didn't know why he was compelled to do so but he did anyway. The voice called to him in the darkness and told him to follow it. He did so without hesitation. Incredibly Cole found his way perfectly through the dungeon hidden beneath the ancient mountain. The chamber he was commanded to stop in soon shone with light and a statue clothed in garments appeared. Cole fell at the statue's feet from the power it was radiating across the room. He couldn't believe what was happening to him. Was he about to die? The statue told him to rise and Cole did so. The pain surprisingly went away as he stood face to face with the statue. His hand reached out to touch it. The cloth felt the same as his ancestor's robes. The revelation shocked him and he had to make sure. Cole took his backpack off his shoulders and it quickly dropped to the ground along with Cole. He unzipped it and reached inside to find the material. Once it was out Cole stood up once more adorn the statue with the hood and mask. The statue's eyes glowed a bright blue; the same as Cole's did when he had it on. He still couldn't believe he was connected to this thing in someway. The statue gave a slight chuckle, "I never ment anyone who thought of himself so little. One of my 'kids' no less but that's the dragon's curse for ya. It's different for everyone," he laughed. Cole thought he was insane now. This couldn't get any weirder. "Don't be shy now. I'm your grandfather with a lot of greats in front of that and you are important. Just the like the writings said. For example take this ring out of the palm of my hand and put it on." Cole watched as the statue's arm unfolded. The palm of his hand opened up revealing a black ring in the shape of a purple-black dragon. The moment Cole touched it he felt a warmth from it, a comforting one. He slipped it into his ring finger and his whole appearance changed. Cole's hair became blacker, his muscles felt like they thicken to an incredible amount, his bones became denser by the atom, and after all was said and done he looked like a completely different man. There was one thing he didn't like though, and that was his appearance "When did I become the Hulk?!" Cole's shyness completely went away that quickly. He trusted his "grandfather" even though he didn't explain much about his origin. "The ring processes what you wanted to look like. It's your fault you look kinda silly.." The statue couldn't help but to laugh. "That was a good one. I haven't laughed in about thousand years since your 'brother' came," he chuckled. After a minute he regained his composure. "The ring is called Legadema it's carved from ancient dragon scales. Mine to be specific. Calling her name will teleport the ring into your grasp and only your DNA will be recognizable if one was to discover the 'magic word'." Cole nodded and listened to every word with pure concentration. He secretly wished his "grandfather" could explain more but he knew all the explanations would come in due time. After his current situation was explained he noticed Johnathan was lying right beside him this whole time. Cole carefully picked him up. Afraid to crush him from his newfound strength. He knew he needed someone to train him. With that Cole left to head back to Earth. 

The Return

 The ring at work.
 The ring at work.
Instead of taking the ship as usual transport Cole wanted to test out his newfound abilities. He found traveling just below the speed of light to be quite amazing. All this power in just a ring was amazing. He wondered what else he could do with it. Cole thought about it the entire time he traveled from galaxy to galaxy. "Maybe there's more of me. I would love that though I did like my normal street-level self. I suppose I can do both. Save cosmic power for the galaxy busters and normal me for city busters. Sounds like a plan to me." Cole agreed with himself rather easily. It sounded like a good plan. He could take anyone on now except gods, maybe. "Did other people feel this way once they recognized their powers," he thought. "Can't wait to show the guys at Teku. They wouldn't believe me otherwise. HA! I can't believe I'm talking in space either." His laughter echoed as he passed through an asteroid belt easily dodging the metallic rocks. "How big are these suppose to be to classify as asteroids again? Is there such a thing as a meteoroid belt?.....No, no...don't know actually." He shrugged to himself as he kept flying. Time past relatively fast, faster than Cole thought it did. He expected the trip to take hours but then again he was never really good at math.It wasn't long before he saw the sight of Earth. Cole became quite elated and rushed even faster than before. He was too distracted to notice someone was following him the whole time. Perhaps the man he ran into before but how could he have a ring? Was that talk about power and being hated have something to do with Cole? 

The power behind the crash took the breath out of Cole. He didn't know what was going on and what was happening to him. His chest felt heavy, his breathing was off, and just his luck he gets to have his first fight in space already. Cole was desperately trying to regain his composure but it was at a loss. An iron grip latched around his neck. It gave hard squeeze before launching Cole toward the Earth's atmosphere. Luckily the ring's power protected his body from becoming inflamed but the air pressure was killing him. He wished he knew how to control the damn thing by now. "C'mon! Work already!" He knocked at the ring an uncountable amount of times. He saw Earth's green grass coming closer and closer to his face and his opponent coming closer and closer behind him. Cole looked behind him and came into a panic. He wished he could punch the guy or anything helpful. He was willing to try anything now. Cole outstretched his arm toward the assailant. The ring didn't produce an energy blast or anything expected. Instead his arm stretched to epic proportions much to the shock of Cole and his opponent. Obviously no one expected this. Cole didn't even know how to control it and yet the punch landed sending his opponent toward the ocean. He was so distracted at the power he just displayed Cole forgot he was falling. The landing left a hole in the ground. "Am I really that heavy now?" Cole looked at the size of the crater in amazement. He should've knew better from the size he's grown in the last few hours. Cole stood up slowly only to see his newfound giant opponent. Unlike Cole his opponent resembled a Hindu statue of some god. He would've thought about it more if it wasn't for the that fact that his opponent was growing impatient. Cole couldn't help but to mock him the moment he saw him. His childish spirit would often get the best of him. "Why is your  transformation so fat? Is that why people hated you? For being a fatass?" Cole laughed louder than he should have. Even in situations like this he could always find a good laugh. The echoes of haha's finally went silent from a shattering punch to the jaw. Cole stood his ground despite the raw power that would've killed any normal man. Cole's hand balled into a fist. His anger was overwhelming his normal senses. The feeling of pain was gone and all that was left was his fury. Cole's fist charged straight into his opponent's abdomen. Cole's glowing eyes could see the spit coming out his opponent's mouth moments before his body slid across the Earth. Cole had sadistic smile of delight. He loved seeing the hurt upon his opponent's face. It felt delightful for a few moments and then he wanted more. His oppponent didn't even have the chance to stand before Cole jumped onto top of him and literally starting beating him into the ground. Little did he know this would cause more trouble than possibly expected. 

 New Job



Taking Over

After observing for many months he found the very group of his "extended family". Guardian longed wished to join them but he didn't want to be part of a group anymore. That was his day job, he wanted to be a leader. He felt that he deserved it and over the past months of watching he was willing to kill for it now. Guardian didn't know what was making him think this way. Perhaps it was his animalistic instincts taking over. He thought about this as he infiltrated the compound. It would be best to confront the leader first instead of injuring his potential followers. Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to sneak in during the day. Most would be suspicious of a night prowler but Guardian called himself thinking outside the box. The whole compound was huge and it took hours to just scale the wall. Nonetheless he reached his target after seconds of thinking his search was becoming fruitless. Guardian perched right below a window to the Captain's Office as he learned from eavesdropping on various conversations going on throughout the day. Once the majority of guards left Guardian felt that it was time. "Being a direct descendant I deserve full control and I will accept nothing less." The Guardian replied in an unusual calm manner. In the past few months he's been training alone finding out about his real self, and now spying on the group he decided to take over as leader. He knew he would need a team of his own with what he was planning to do. "Your death will mean the end of the Dragon Clan, Old Man. Your time is up and to be frank you reek of death....."  Was all Guardian said before he launched his attack. The gun and the the suit he was wearing did no damage at all. Rapid shots were deflected until the Guardian's mag emptied completely. A sword deflected the now empty gun shells. This was the very first time Guardian experienced such power. "So much for taking over," Souji replied as he sheathed his sword. "Are you done?" He asked while walking toward Guardian in a threatening manner. This wasn't going to end well if Guardian didn't think of plan soon like he should've in the first place. A hand clasped around his throat before a second thought could occur and sent his head through the ground. The faceplate on his suit cracked in half. It didn't take long before gravity carried it down to the floor below. Blood was already dripping from his skull as well. Having foot rubbing into back of it wasn't helping either. Guardian cursed himself for not bringing his ring with him. What was he thinking? "What were you thinking exactly?" A foot stomped through the floor and kicked Guardian's face up from the floor and back into a desk. "I mean coming into my territory thinking just because you found about your ancestry you can take your rightful place as the head in charge?!" Souji couldn't help but laugh at Guardian's stupidity and that only made the Guardian himself feel worse. "I guess the level of intelligence among your species is low. After all I'm not one of you. No, in fact quite the opposite. I was born and bred to hunt your kind and what better way than to send them to their deaths?" It was obvious now why they all left and that was for a suicide mission they wouldn't come back from.  
Out of anger Guardian's canines grew and his body started transforming to epic proportions without his ring. It would be a shock to him if it wasn't for pure instinct taking over. Flames erupted around him and began burning the area around him, leaving a circle of ash once the flames died down. It wasn't wise to anger the Guardian about his "family" even if he barely knew them. Meanwhile Souji was taken back and even scared for a moment. Despite this he drew his sword and took the classic Dragon Slayer's battle stance. 

Full Power Realized

 Unknown to both Guardian and Souji the blood that dripped from his face while he was down landed on a magical seal below. It housed a special weapon belonging to the original dragon. A pure black blade dressed in black flames constantly swifting and changing shape around it. The fight was becoming brutal and both were losing blood at a rapid pace. Slashes from Souji's sword was leaving deep lacerations. Guardian's claws were leaving the same effect but Souji didn't flinch from pain


Powers & Abilities  

Miraculous Adaption: Naturally born to him, Guardian has the ability to understand the structure and operation of complex systems without special education or training. Guardian's ability is constantly active  helping him to analyze any system that he encounters. For systems that he already understands, he can detect and identify flaws in the mechanism with only a cursory inspection. Systems that he has never seen before may require more extensive study, but he seems to be able to comprehend them far more quickly than any ordinary person could, and he requires far less technological equipment.  
 Teleportation: Guardian is able to teleport himself and objects through space and time. He does not necessarily have to be near the object, and does not have to travel with the object he is teleporting. If he can not see the place he wishes to teleport to, he must focus on that place.
Telepath: Being a low-level telepath Guardian only has the ability to mentally control any function the brain controls, hearing other's people thoughts, scanning the memory of other people and sending thoughts to directly to other people's minds. 
Telekinesis: The Guardian mostly uses hand gestures while exploiting his power, but he is fully capable of using this ability without them. They just help direct his power more so. With just a glance he can incapacitate a opponent even if he is unable to move. This can lead to him controlling his opponents like a puppet. Guardian can also use telekinesis to shield him from a barrage of bullets or projectiles. It is also possible for him to simultaneously manipulate dozens of objects at once.     
Energy Manipulation: Any object containing any type of energy could be absorbed and onto his on powers making him a more admirable foe. He could also use it to expel that same energy into blasts, shields, or any other thing that could use with his imagination. And if needed Guardian could perhaps zap the energy away from a living being. 

Lagedema's Power

The ring: Bestows the power for Guardian to stretch as large as the user who created the ring itself. Apparently the creator was possibly a giant as shown by the lengths Guardian has stretched so far. The ring also gives him to power to expand his bones just the same as well. Virtually any part of his body can stretch, expand, or develop. The size also gives Guardian amplified strength. The ring itself cannot be used by anyone without the same special DNA that the Guardian possess but it can be stolen from him, if he was to become careless with it. Not to say that anyone could steal the ring either. Lagedema has a mind of it's own at various points from time to time though this has yet to be seen. The ring also bestows superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Both will be explained later. 
Enhanced Strength: Even without Lagedema's power the Guardian was fully capable of shattering bones of a human being and killing them in the process. When in his sub-par dragon form he is capable of fending off a horde of mutants with little to some difficulty. His muscles fibers from the transformation intertwine greatly that his body is now in a very muscular stature. No longer looking like himself in any way. 
Enhanced Speed & Agility: Before discovering who he truly was, Guardian, has been able to dodge relatively easy even in enclosed spaces. His reflexes in his new form are beyond what he has demonstrated before. Now he is able to dodge a strike and counter with relative ease. For short periods of time Guardian is able to move faster than the eye could follow and even close tremendous distances without being detected.

Objects in Possession

 Time Capsule: Basically a mobile home or a car to Guardian; an appearance of anything Guardian chooses to everyone else. Nevertheless, this machine is fully capable of traveling through time and space by de-materialisation and re-materialisation from here to there and everywhere. Unfortunately to people who would try to steal this to meet there own needs it is impossible, unless they could somehow bypass the symbiotic link between the Guardian and his ship. Basically an imprint.
The inside is vastly bigger and better than the outside could ever give hint of. The main console room is basically a small library with a few Victorian style chairs and tables. This suits Guardian's personality in design very well. Another one of his ship's most prominent features are the sheer number of rooms. Many are simply for entertainment.
Sub-atomic Particle Disrupter: A multi-functional  get out of jail free card. Needless to say this device is capable of doing a multitude to things. From repairing organic or inorganic objects, re-attaching, disabling, unlocking or locking doors, and even hacking into any electronic object that is not more advanced than it. Not to mention it can disable and or kill people by emittingLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.     
The Suit: Enhances the user's physical strength. The suit also transmits a powerful electromagnetic charge from it's core, allowing the user's close-combat attacks to break any charged armor an enemy might use. Guardian is also able to execute emergency evasive maneuvers to avoid enemy attacks, through the use of the thrusters equipped into the suit. The uniqueness of this armor is that the suit only obeys him. The nanobots only respond to Cole's thought patterns and no one else's.  
For more stealth-like missions the suit has the ability to camouflage itself, wall crawl, and give extra agility when needed. In all the suit is capable to adapting to any kind of environment and is highly resistant to physical attacks. Over time the suit started to gain the ability to heal Guardian at a rather faster rate than normal and can sense other technology as advanced as itself. 
Dragon's Cowl: From combining his ancestor's robes with a piece of his symbiotic suit Guardian created the Dragon's cowl as he called it. The suit itself is very durable. Able to take blows from massive concussive forces. The suit is also insulated to keep Guardian comfortable and nothing more. This item is now out of his possession and most likely will always be. It is now kept in a secret cavern on his home planet. 
Temporary Suit: Designed by Guardian himself to wear for a few weeks at a time till the effects of his dragon side would disappear. Mainly because he doesn't want his secret to be found out yet. Even at Teku he rarely ventures out of his room during this time and only can be found in the jungle if he hasn't teleported off from the sight of another person. The suit is made from the simple material of para-aramid synthetic fiber he managed to salvage from a friend.  
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