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   The legends are true: dragons like to gather hoards and have a voracious appetite that they satiate by eating all living creatures with no exceptions. Like cats, they like to lounge in places of power - they nap there, drawing energy, yet nobody knows what they use that energy for. There are five species of these great wyrms: white, black, red, green and rock. Golden dragons, extremely intelligent, gifted with the ability to assume the shape of any creature, are of course a fairy-tale for little children. Dragons are smart indeed, but they cannot speak, much less polymorph.  The best tactic when meeting a dragon is to pray to all the gods with no exceptions. Atheists should run - they can thus extend their lives for a few heartbeats. It must be stressed that any of these choices would end in death when made by an amateur. One fighting a dragon should watch out for it's fire above all else - the breath is lethal, momentarily ending the fight. The wyrms can also fly, and are excellent at maneuvering, so they use the advantage of altitude in combat. A hunter should climb high buildings to surprise the reptile flying by, and to use walls as protection. The beast's jaws are even worse than it's paws - they bring instant death. Dragons, like cats, like to toy with their prey, so they sometimes lift it to the air, and drop from height when they are bored.

Agent Life

Working in both Teku and C.R.E.E.D has had it's ups and downs in the few months of his life. Getting shot at couple of times didn't mean much to him except a few complaints. Plus always having a good excuse to not do extra "favors" was always good. Becoming friends with Kimiko's friends also had it's perks. Banjee Wylde and Minakio Cronos became his closest friends. In time the relationship with the latter increased to a more romantic one. So far in life Minakio has been the only one to truly understand Cole to the point she knows why he does things the way he does. Banjee has also became increasingly understanding though Guardian himself thinks it's because of his sister's trust in him. Now becoming friends with Kimiko was one of the hardest things to do in life verses staying alive in front of a group of gunmen. At first glance Kimiko was a very cold woman. Her eyes were as ice always piercing but knowing Guardian it didn't stop him. Despite being stabbed and shot at it by her he still didn't quit. Over time Kimiko gave in to his antics and opened up bits by bits. To this day he knows very little about her but at least they are on mutual ground.   

Specialization Hunter

 The requirement of hunters in both C.R.E.E.D. and Teku began when an influx alien of immigrants began to arrive on Earth. The Inquisition is relatively small and highly secretive even at C.R.E.E.D. It's currently composed of only a group of highly skilled C.R.E.E.D. agents and few from other companies tasked with  with uncovering and destroying every threat to the safety of Earth from both without and within . Armed with the best human and alien technology available, extremely knowledgeable about their foe. The Ordo Xenos can respond to any alien threat. Their tactics vary depending on the situation and the level of alien taint revealed. Where the threat is subtle, they will use guile and stealth, wielding their power as if it was a scalpel used to cut out a growing malignant cancer. How Guardian adapts to his new job will only be revealed in time.  
 "Most often than not the things I encounter are usually not pleasant. With my current skills and abilities I am quite shocked to still be alive working with dangerous suspects wherever I go. I expect my life to be shortened by a thousand years despite my immortality. I'm the youngest member of the group. A rookie surrounded by veterans teaches you a lot. Some things you don't wish to know....others, well others just come with the experience. I expect to make a biography about my life as I grow old in years. Hopefully I'll be able to do just that."

Just Another Job

"Haven't fought in a long time. Time to work out my muscles and eyes. Think they're organs not entirely sure with humans," Guardian said, hopping to his feet. He was surprised they only sent one after him this time. A woman no less. This was unexpected and he surely didn't know what to expect from this encounter. Guardian's eyes were too busy looking at her to not notice a group of grunt soldiers charging after him. There were a number ways he could handle these guys in one swift move but he only chose one. Guardian closed his eyes for a period of seconds before opening them again. The iris completely changed resembling that of demon eyes. A smirk was seen before an enormous gust of wind was sucked through his lips. Once he blew one could hear the gust of wind slicing through the air. Little shocks of electricity traveled with it. Apparently one of Guardian's hidden powers were electricity manipulation. The wind sliced through each of the armored men, leaving painful deep gashes. Only one of them was unfortunate enough to still be alive after that.  The man landed at Guardian's feet. Guardian crouched down to his level and pulled a pistol out of the dead man's holster. "Is your target a commanding officer  or me personally?" Guardian aimed his pistol downward looking for an answer. "Just kill me," the man said with tears streaming down his face. "Gladly." Guardian's hand pulled the trigger but the bullet missed it's mark completely. The same woman he saw seconds ago somehow got this close without alerting Guardian's senses. If one could see through his mask his face was in a state of shock though he did manage to block a kick to the temple. "Funny, I never imagined a mercenary getting the best of me like this," he taunted while his hands were even in his pockets. Guardian was quite the confident man. His choice of dress even reflected that. "I'll wipe that damn smirk off your face. A man shouldn't be confident against an unknown element. It's quite stupid. Looks like someone hasn't read the Art of War. I thought most government pigs were required to research some history." Obviously this woman was equally as confident as Guardian. Now their personalities were going to clash. 
Her hand to hand combat was impressive Guardian was surprised that every hit he attempted to land resulted in a counter. Could he even win this? He was getting short of breath and that much was obvious when he lost his footing. He began to fall from the edge of building and onto the fire escape. His opponent didn't waste time taking advantage of him lying on his back. In fact the moment she touched the screws connecting the metal to brick they disappeared. Guardian could feel the pile of weight crushing his ribcage. Everything was starting to go black. The last thing he remembered was that the very same lady who incapacitated him took a set of very important documents from his coat. The important question here is, how did she see those were there?  

Hell on Earth

While Kimiko was going to be out of commission for the whole entire year, Zephyr took it upon himself to oversee all of Cole's missions. This was great a benefit for him. After all he always thought Zephyr was the main one to get him into C.R.E.E.D. in the first place. Over the time the missions became increasingly more difficult till he was at level to assassinate. Not by himself but with a team of other agents. The surprising part was the guy with the least experience was in put in charge. Guardian couldn't believe this. He didn't think he could do it, but then again he didn't think he could survive his previous missions either. Perhaps he could become a professional assassin in the near future if that was what he truly excelled in. It amazed him even further how he was dressed as a soldier for hire more so than mercenary. It took him awhile to realize he was going undercover as bodyguard for an extremely important figure. "This new equipment here makes assassination fun. Can't wait to get to it for real now. Specially since I''ll be taking the shot after all. Hope to get a perfect head shot." The enthusiasm was not appreciated by his other comrades. They all knew too well what happened to those who really enjoyed killing. "One should take no joy in killing. We are agents, not cold blooded assassins. Assassination just comes with the job. Nothing more, nothing less." Apparently speaking such a thing is taboo and not welcomed. So much for a promotion if he kept this up. The elder of the group, Rell, took Guardian's evaluation pretty seriously. Pulling the trigger wouldn't be the problem but going about it will come with some difficulty. 
-to be continued-

Powers & Abilities

Peak Human Durability: Due to his unusual genetic make-up Guardian is able to survive most bullets wounds, stabs, gashes, and as shown above can survive falling from a building with a large amount on iron on top of him. His body was able to last till the extraction team retrieved him which was an entire hour under 300 pounds of metal. Other small examples show that Guardian doesn't need to eat, sleep, or breathe to maintain himself for a good month at the most. 
Enhanced Senses: Guardian can hear indirect whispers, pitches, frequencies, and both sides of telephone communications from several yards away. His sight is not affected by night. His ability to see is akin to reptile close to his genealogy. His sense of smell is starting to rival Banjee Wylde's but as of now it's not as strong. 
Immense Strength: Being a dragon Guardian has the ability to lift a skyscraper under very controlled conditions. It's not something he can pull off out of the blue and it is the limitation of his strength. Without being in his primal form, Guardian, can pick up trucks, machinery, throw projectiles through reinforced steel, and throw people across building if need be despite his physical appearance. 

Accelerated Agility:  Guardian's dragon physiology grants him superhuman stamina, coordination, and balance and he is able to perform intense and swift acrobatic movements that even the finest human athlete is unable to do. Guardian can exercise for extended periods of time without the worry of build up of lactic acid in his body. This will increase as he gets older as a dragon. 
Transformation: Being a heir to once glorified race of dragons Guardian can transform partially at will. Sometimes he can transform into a full dragon, unfortunately for him this is random for majority of a time. His bone density grows to greater heights, his muscle tissue is more tightly wrapped together, and his wisdom grows exponentially.  Despite one would think growing 10x one's size is not painful at all in fact very relaxing.  While transforming it is easy to tell from just a glance that everything in his body grows to accustom the size. His bone density grows to greater heights, his muscle tissue is more tightly wrapped together, the bad fatty tissue is completely gone and only the good parts are left. In his dragon form Guardian is completely at peace with himself and is usual seen to be calm dragon. He only wished people's reactions would be less frightening.   
Flight: While in his dragon form Guardian is able to travel at sonic speeds. His wings can propel him up to Mach 2 if necessary. Aerial fighting also gives Guardian an advantage due to his past history even before the growth of his wings. 
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Date Joined: June 9, 2010
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
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