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Anime Vice Best of 2011

Time for an Anime Best of 2011 list!

1. Toriko

So number 1 seems pretty obvious now doesn't? Toriko is just another series that is so fun whether it's in anime or manga form. While some complain about the censored violence and the addition of Tina, neither of these aspects even bothered me as the anime was able to keep the fun factor, the adventure feel and also able to replicate the amazing food eating scenes.

2. Hunter × Hunter (2011)

Until this year i never really knew a whole lot about the Hunter X Hunter series. Hadn't seen the first anime series nor read the manga. But I decided to check out the remake series and it's exactly what I like in a battle anime a show that is fun and about adventure!

3. Guilty Crown

I love a good Mecha/Sci-Fi anime and so far Guilty Crown has been excellent. It's kind of like if you mixed Code Geass with Ghost in The Shell. I just hope the show continues to be good and doesn't turn into a train wreck like Code Geass season 2.

4. Deadman Wonderland

Again, another anime I have yet to finish, but from what I saw I did really enjoy. I really liked the whole theme park themed prison and how Ganta has to fight to survive in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

5. Steins;Gate

While I have yet to finish this anime, the concept of time travel and the wacky antics that Okabe and his crew got into was pretty enjoyable.

6. Anime Vice Yearly Best Of

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