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My Top 10 Anime/Manga Characters

Since this is my first list I'll start with something simple characters,beside Number 1 the order is random.

1. Guts

I mean just look at him, every thing about this man is just amazing. To me hes just the the perfect character ,he been though hell since BIRTH!! and he just cut on and lives.

2. Spike Spiegel

One of the things enjoy about a character is his or hers ''cool factor'', and Spike is by far the coolest character I've ever enjoyed.

3. Kei Kurono

Kei Kurono is on here because is one of the greatest example of character development.

4. Lelouch Lamperouge

Personally, I feel that lelouch should be in everyone's list

5. Shikamaru Nara

Now to be honest I have a real liking for laid back characters , and plus he also super smart.

6. Hao Asakura

He's evil,he's smart and he won.(read the manga)

7. Sanji

He's a perverted cook who kicks a$# literally. What not to like?

8. Kenpachi Zaraki

Nuff Said

9. Alucard

The guy a true definition of the word ''MONSTER''

10. Goku

Ahhh Nostalgia

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