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Ok, no.

I had already read a few reviews for this show when I started watching, so I knew what I was getting into. Essentially an endless parade of boobage and perversion. Ooh boy the other negative reviews don't do it justice. Some of the stuff I have seen before in other ...

Reviewed by Thanatos on Nov. 18, 2010
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Ok, so, apart from the typical ecchi/harem stuff out there there are a few minor differances that I could see.  1: ALL of the harem, minus the little girl who really shouldn't be counted as part of the harem anyway, are ridiculously well endowed, with Tsukiumi having the largest. This is ...

Reviewed by Thanatos on Oct. 19, 2010
3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

As much as I found some of the characters interesting, the series was a huge dissapointment. The entire thing could be called a tragic titty anime. Honestly, three characters in one anime who are poster girls for the "OMG huge" boob department. Quite possibly the shows only redeeming trait was the ...

Reviewed by Thanatos on June 26, 2010

Ok, ignoring the usual archtypes for this type of ecchi anime, it was ridiculously funny. That said, there was one part in particular that I believe is going over board on the fanservice. The uber horny teacher. What story purpose does she serve? Absolutely nothing. Ignoring the treacher, I still ...

Reviewed by Thanatos on June 24, 2010
3 out of 5 found this review helpful.

Ok, I have watched some screwed up "save the world" stuff, but this show takes the cake hands down. First, the fights were insanely repetative. Second, the series was more humor than anything else. Third... who the hell came up with Mizuki?  That said... I enjoyed it somwhat for two of ...

Reviewed by Thanatos on April 21, 2010

Riotously funny. I found myself laughing more at one episode of this show than watching any other anime so far. But, not only was it funny, it was rather sweet at times as well. Despite a few moments where the romantic stuff went rather overboard. There was also a nice ...

Reviewed by Thanatos on Feb. 3, 2010
6 out of 7 found this review helpful.

Watched every episode... not quite sure how. Overall a typical ecchi series with a few minor differances. Mostly concerning the male hero. Teppei doesn't seem as helpless as some other ecchi characters I've seen (notably Negi from Negima) and the fanservice typically only involves two of the girls. With the ...

Reviewed by Thanatos on Dec. 7, 2009
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