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I like many, has been considering myself a lil bit Otaku, I have made my last push into An Otaku
 ( I am being called otaku, and I`m being harassed by some guy who hates anime.)
I made this push earlier this month, I began taking AMV`s seriously, but thats nothing, THEN! I went tro my local EB (think gamestop), And used my diplomatic prowess and charismatic ability to obtain an already ordered copy of Record of Agarest War: The really naughty edition. (the guy hadnt some in for a while and wasnt answering the phone),
Next! I pre-ordered V5 of Lucky Star (the Manga) and was excited to get it... (I havent finished yet... taking it slow... Wanna enjoy my fav manga...)
I then proceeded on by going through great lengths to order a Gundam Figure (I consider this tough cuz many online sites for stuff like that dont ship to Canada). Now if that doesnt proove enough that im Otaku, then here is my last card, I have completely tricked out my Desktop, it covered in  anime related apps including a Miku pic thaat sings along with the songs, so I`m happy about that, I also have a lil Konata icon that tells my how well my computer is running, and another one of Konata dressed as Haruhi that indicates my computers power level, I got  a clock thing with Mr. Anizawa on the inside (manager from Lucky star).... all of this has been thrown onto a big background of Haruhi!
Please lemme know if you would consider me at all Otaku.
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