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Allright.. so awhile back I was at an EB (we dont have a gamestop where we live but their the same thing,) looking for a used copy of "Tales of Vesperia" and I found one for like $20.00, thats the one bit... anyway I had some money left over and I picked up another game called "Endwar". 
I played the beta for Endwar awhile back and it was impressive, but the beta had no real taste to it. (the real game is a hella lot better.)  
Endwar is a Real-Time-Strategy game (RTS as most of you know it.) it was produced by Ubisoft Shanghai, just having Ubisoft in its name means the games story will be good. Anyway its an RTS based in the same period as their Ghost recon games, a small leap into the future (2016-2018), durring 2016 Saudi Arabia is struck by a Nuclear attack. over 6 million are killed and the worlds primary oil supply has been cut. 
Russia (the next best contendor when it comes to oil) steps up and has an incredible economic boom. (most of which is spent on modernizing their army). 
 Lets quicken the pace a tiny bit... 
 Europe becomes its own superpower (commonwealth and etc), the "European Federation". 
Europe and the U.S. begin work on S.L.A.M.S. (Space-Laser-Air-Missile-Shield), they launch one nuke at eachother. and their plan is a success. Nuclear war is over. 
Europe in charge of SLAMS.
The U.S.A. begin (are close to completing) their military/civiliian space station "Freedom Star". (russia and Europe arent too happy with this decision.) 
anyway that about sums the story before the game up. 
The game starts when an Uknown terrorist group attacks a group of EF (europe) uplink sites and thats how this begins. 
If you like a good war story you should try this game out.  
-Tempest... OBLITERATE!!!
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Well I have a pathetic excuse for a youtube channel right now and I'm in a rut. 
I have a fairly small fanbase (one or three people of the most...) so if people want to help me please check out my channel 
also theres another reason my channel is in a rut, theres some asshole on there named IXSLURRXI and he makes poor videos, hes been spreading word and talking shit bout me for the anime I watch and manga I read, anyway if you wanna flame someone get him... but I'd be perfectly happy with people commenting on my uploads.... 
NOW important stuffs, if you have something that you want me to put on my channel put in a request and I'll get right on it!
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I woke up this morning and I got ready for school, I got on my bus and there I was.... only to learn exams were up for another  3 days... so I stood at the bus stop... in a sweatshirt.... during winter... I got too cold so I headed back inside, only to see the bus just leave the stop.... I was mad, headed inside... luck changed a lil though As I came out the slower bus came by and I hopped on... then I eventually made it home... only what was waiting for me was a ten minute walk to my house... I slipped on the ice a few times... my hands are still frozen... 
The highlight of my day...

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