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Welcome everyone, Yen Press has acquired the latest manga for this year. Here are the 3 manga series they have acquired.


  • Added Blood Lad's spin-off series.

Editor's Note:

This news is late, but as a mod, I should encourage folks to support the official release. I might not be able to cover every anime and manga publishers' latest acquisitions because I'm not good with licensing, given my limited knowledge in law and business. You have to deal with expired licenses as well.

Übel Blatt
Mangaka: Etorouji Shiono

A medieval fantasy that follows Köinzell, a mysterious young swordsman with a past shrouded in darkness and conspiracy, as he sets out in search of revenge. To make things even more delectable, we’ll be putting out Übel Blatt as omnibus editions, so you’ll get twice the action in every volume! Übel Blatt omnibus 0—Japan’s Volumes 0 and 1—will be out in Fall 2014!

Mangaka: Satsuki Yoshino

A handsome, young calligrapher who is forced to move to an island on the westernmost edge of Japan. A city boy through and through, “Sensei” will have much to learn from his colorful island neighbors! And for another bonbon to go with this new license, Barakamon was also recently green lit for an anime adaptation, yay! You can look forward to the first volume of Barakamon, presented in our signature larger trim size, in Fall 2014!

Accel World

The manga illustrated by Hiroyuki Aigamo, is the adaptation of Reki Kawahara’s popular light novel series. It brings the adventures of Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime in the Accelerated World to a whole new medium! You’ll be able to snatch up the first volume of the Accel World manga in—you guessed it—Fall 2014!

Bloody Brat

In this collection of short stories and four-panel comics, Blood Lad creator Yuki Kodama teams up with artist Kanata Yoshino to take us through the black curtain to explore the lives of Demon World Boss Staz and his crew. In this hilarious behind-the-scenes trip, readers will discover the full extent of Staz’s anime/manga obsession, join Bell on her treasure-hunting travels, and much more!

Coming in September 2014


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