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This is what my teammate, Acura Max, talked about since Steins;Gate had a big Dr. Pepper endorsement.

ZombiePie's Dr. Pepper Talk

ZombiePie of Giant Bomb published a blog about the crazy phenomenon that Steins;Gate had caused.

Dr. Pepper is a weird soft drink. Legally it isn't a "cola," and instead is apart of the "pepper" category of soft drinks due to its hard to explain and unique taste. Dr. Pepper like Miracle Whip prides itself on its uniqueness in its marketing and branding. However that unique flavor has come at a cost for its distributors (usually Coca Cola) where it just doesn't sell all that well overseas. In Asian market in particular Dr. Pepper isn't that popular meaning that it is a rare beverage to come by in Southeast Asia and only reasonably available in South Korea and Japan. That said it still struggles amidst a great amount of competition in Japan.

So in comes Steins;Gate with a very visible beverage called "DK Pepper!" Oddly enough DK Pepper is NOT a form of product placement. The name "DK Pepper" was purposefully titled that to avoiding copyright infringement suits. Despite this fans of the Steins;Gate games and now the anime are buying the beverage as seen on the Amazon.jp recommend products tab with the connect between the two rather clear:

See his blog for more info.

Please enjoy the Steins;Gate screenshots with Dr. Pepper.

What is Skal?

From the description, it's a type of milk soft drink. I never heard of carbonated milk if that's the correct term.

See link to Engrish.com. I thank Acura Max for finding it.

I wonder why Robotic;Notes went all healthy while Steins;Gate is inflicting damage to people's teeth with Dr. Pepper.

In my personal experience, I never tried Dr. Pepper or Skal. I probably won't have a chance to try Skal in the states since it's a Japanese beverage unless I find a local store that sells it.

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