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I'll be back late tonight after a meeting at 7 PM across town. I'll finish wiki if I get home in time. PM me if you need me. PM mods who are online if you need help.
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Hello everyone! I'm Taka, your neighborhood wiki editor. Due to the recent issues with Anime Vice's wiki scope, I realize we don't have a lot of manhwa series in our manga database. I have been adding any manga series in the database since I met PikaHyper, a Comic Vine mod, who added tons of manga series to our database back in February. I'm taking his role and adding manga series that are adaptations of the new anime seasons such as Fall 2013 and American releases (I use Anime News Network's catalog). I'm hoping to expand the list of Manhwa series we have in Anime Vice. I don't see them much in Anime News Network's latest manga releases catalog.

This year, I only added two Manhwa series due to requests:

I'm hoping you wiki editors out there add Manhwa series that you have read. We will build a list of Manwha series together.

For those who are new, Manhwa comics are like manga, but it's made in Korea. Manhua is Chinese comics. If you need help with Korean names, please check this thread: Korean Names FAQ.

For a full list of all the Manhwa series in Anime Vice, please see my list. The second post is a short glimpse of the list.

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