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Welcome to the K Wiki Project!

Teammates: Takashichea, Beelze17, and Aleasha

Users who have helped with this project: Shels, Nelli1876, Daniel Newton, Obsidian609,

Franchise Page /// Characters /// Anime /// Movies & OVAs /// Manga & Light Novel

Past Project Blogs: N/A

Wiki List: K team wiki project (Not Created Yet)

Past Events: K Trailer, K Anime Discussion,

Important Pages

The following pages are common/recurring or are specific to this franchise. Pages listed but not linked haven't yet been added to the wiki database (add them!)

When adding locations, don't forget to add parent locations. For example, when adding Japan to an episode or volume, Earth should also be added. Locations appearing in flashback sequences generally don't count.

Recurring Pages: Ashinaka High School, Japan,

Objects should be specific rather than general, like Natsu's Scarf instead of just Scarf or Purgatory Armor instead of Plate Armor. General objects are being removed from the wiki.

Recurring Objects: Sword of Damocles,


Common: Flashback, Heterochromia, Catgirl, Unreal Hair/Eye Color,

Specific: Homura Clan, SCEPTER4 ,


  • Around June 11, 2012: Takashichea created the Homura Clan characters pages along with the anime series page for the trailer.
  • Prior to November 9, 2012: Beelze17 started working on the character pages herself, Homura Clan characters. Obsidian609 started working on the episodes pages.
  • November 9, 2012: Takashichea joins Beelze17's team and help her edit the Homura Clan characters and take on SCEPTER4 characters. Taka is working on the episodes while Beelze17 is doing the characters.
  • November 16, 2012: Aleasha volunteered to upload episode screencaps; Taka created the manga and franchise pages.
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