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Finished Snowymountain's wiki subs. I'm going to knock out Tari Tari and Attack on Titan episode summaries.
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Wiki Project threads are reference guides and update logs with franchise or series-specific info. Always check the wiki style guide before editing the wiki.

Users who have helped with this project: Daniel Newton, Takashichea, Sonata, FoxxFireArt (Independent), DocHaus (Independent),

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Wiki List: Team Binbogami Ga! Wiki Vitae List

Past Project Blogs: None

Past Events: July Wiki Projects, Binbogami Ga! trailer, Tom Pinchuk's Binbogami Ga! - Can There Ever Be Too Much Fanservice?,

Important Pages

The following pages are common/recurring or are specific to this franchise. Pages listed but not linked haven't yet been added to the wiki database (add them!)

When adding locations, don't forget to add parent locations. For example, when adding Japan to an episode or volume, Earth should also be added. Locations appearing in flashback sequences generally don't count.

Recurring Pages: Earth, Butsumetsu City,

Objects should be specific rather than general, like Natsu's Scarf instead of just Scarf or Purgatory Armor instead of Plate Armor. General objects are being removed from the wiki.

Recurring Objects: Soumin Shourai,


Common: Fan Service, Big Boobs, Pettanko, Unreal Hair/Eye Color, Manga Iconography, Parody, Simulcast (b/c of Crunchyroll), Breast Envy, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Japanese Honorifics,

Specific: None



Meet the wiki editing team!

Daniel Newton
Daniel Newton
Daniel Newton is a Screened and Anime Vice mod who specializes in wiki editing and moderating forum threads. He is a friendly guy in the Whiskey Media sites whose tastes range from adorable My Little Ponies to heavy ecchi shows such as Demon King Daimao.
He formats episodes and add associations.
DocHaus is a well known member across the Whiskey Media sites for his Alpha Victor pod casts and his insight on various media: anime, video games, and movies.
He adds references to the episodes and works mainly in the volume pages.
FoxxFireArt is a freelance artist and a mod who specializes in wiki editing and writes the AV Mod Materials for the front page. He's the top wiki editor in this community and the biggest One Piece fan.
He helps the team by finding Japanese names for characters and other wiki pages and uploads HI RES manga covers.
Sonata is an RPGer at heart and a forum mod who enforces the peace and kicks out trolls. He is also known for his hentai wiki works.
He adds anime/non-anime references, associations, and images to the episodes; he specializes making special images such as transparent png and GIF.
Takashichea (AKA Taka)
Takashichea (AKA Taka)
I'm a wiki editor who work on multiple wiki projects with other teams and a Sket Dance Wikia Admin.
I work mostly on episode summaries and character pages.

We need more people to work on the character, manga, and volume pages since my teammates and I are taking multiple wiki projects. Feel free to join the team. Just don't plagiarized.

Thank you.

(This is will be the last individual wiki project except for announcing finished wiki projects. I'll will make a grand Animanga Wiki Project for the community tomorrow. )


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