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Finished MadnessReaver's subs. I shift gears and do Attack on Titan. I have no more user requests as of this moment. I can work on my old team wiki projects. First, I'm going take a short lunch break. Haven't eaten yet.
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Welcome everyone! I'm Takashichea, your neighborhood wiki editor. We had another great year in wiki editing. Why I do these archive threads is because I'm a former historian for a club at my university back in 2010. I took pictures of my club and their happiest and proudest moments. My experiences from college are reflected in this community. I want to give recognition to my teammates and everyone. We are the driving force in this community. A majority of the community are wiki editors, either as a hobby, full time, seasonal breaks, etc.

Please give these guys recognition for their hard work this past year. It means a lot to our community.

If I miss you, please tell me. I would love to add you if you committed to a project for a week.

Related Threads

Wiki Milestones

We had a Who Will Be the Next Wiki Editor with 100,000 Points? thread back then. It was fun watching Wales and Daniel duke it out for the finish line. I still do this, so we have some history for our community. I separated this list into 100,000 class and above 100,000 class.


  • February 24: PikaHyper
  • May 13: Bigz007
  • July 9th: Dekken
  • August 9th: DestinyHeroKnight
  • November 11th: DocHaus

200,000 and Above

  • Bigz007 - 200,000 - 300,000 - Date Unknown. If I had to guess, I think Bigz007 had earned 200,000 points in summer 2013 and reached 300,000 in late December. I worked closely with Bigz007 in the majority of the wiki projects.
  • PikaHyper - 200,000 - He got to 200,000 within a month after Feb. 24.


  • Reached 500,000 on February 5, 2013
  • Reached 600,000 in May 2013
  • Reached 700,000 on August 21, 2013
  • Became a wiki mod on September 12, 2013.
  • Reached 800,000 on November 9, 2013

Finished Wiki Projects

In 2013, we finished a lot of projects, mainly episode summaries. A lot of these were newer anime series that came out in 2013.


The Severing Crime Edge

Start Date: 4-7-13

  • Takashichea finished all episode summaries.

End Date: 6-29-13.

Attack on Titan
Start Date: April 14, 2013
  • Takashichea finished all episode summaries
End Date: September 29, 2013
Notes: There were other independent wiki editors on the project, but Taka and them didn't really make a formal team.
However, Annabanana came back after a year break. Taka and her formed partnership temporarily until Anna had to leave.



October 20, 2012:

Teammates: Acura Max and Takashichea

  • Acura Max and I work on the episodes and characters. We finished around the week of March 29, 2013.
The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
Teammates: Takashichea, Daniel Newton, and Aleasha
  • Daniel worked on the project for a bit. He was experimenting with the anime series's wiki layout.
  • Aleasha finished on the franchise page.
  • Takashichea finished the episode summary project in March 2013.
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Teammates: Acura Max and

  • Acura Max and I take turns on the episode summaries. He and I finish all summaries on 6-30-13.
Devil is a Part Timer ! (Hataraku Maou-sama!)

Teammates: Daniel Newton, DocHaus, Takashichea

  • Takashichea finished all the summaries on 6-29-13 with Daniel and Dochaus's help.
Oreimo 2

Start Date: June 2013

Teammates: Daniel Newton and Takashichea

  • Takashichea finished Oreimo 2 on 6-29-13. Also, Oreimo 1's ONA (True Route) was finished on that day in one sitting.
  • On August 22, Takashichea finished Oreimo 2's True Route episode summaries.
  • For characters, Daniel and I only finished Kuroneko's page.
Valvrave the Liberator

Teammates: Acura Max and Takashichea.

  • We finished all summaries for season 1 as of July 2. For season 2, we finished on December 31, 2013
Wanna Be the Strongest in the World!
Teammates: Bigz007 and Takashichea
  • Bigz007 uploaded episode screenshots
  • Takashichea finished episode summaries on January 5, 2014

List of Ongoing Projects

I have divided the project into two: Solo and Teammates just like before.

Solo Wiki Editors

Wiki EditorsProjects

Acura Max
  • No individual wiki projects. See team wiki projects.

  • Sol Bianca: The Legacy (OAV) - Attachment
  • Amazonian Beauty & Brawn Hilda - Concept attachments

  • Brandish - Volume & Episode Attachment
  • Misc Hentai Series (for Hentai Club) - Episode and Character page Creation

  • Naruto Wiki Bounty Project - Concepts
  • Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited - Anime

  • Yamada and the Seven Witches - Manga & Volume attachments

  • Bunny Drop - main anime page
  • K - main anime page
  • Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions - main anime page
  • Negima! - main anime page

  • Fatal Fury and its series - Main page and episode summary

  • Mysterious Girlfriend X - Episode Summary
  • Space Brothers - Episode Summary

  • Naruto - Images

  • Claymore - Volume Attachments
  • Day Break Illusion - Episode attachments
  • Hyoka - Main anime page and Episode attachments with images
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia
  • Naruto - Episode attachments
  • Occult Academy - Main anime page and Episode attachments with images
  • K-on! - Main anime page and Episode attachments with images + Volume Covers
  • Yu-Sibu - Character Creation
  • Hitman Reborn - Episode Attachments, Character Creation
  • Nozoki Ana - Character Creation

  • Pokemon - Images

  • Case Closed - Episode and Volume dates
  • Sket Dance - Volume Covers

  • Samurai Jack - misc wiki page creation
  • Legend of Korra - misc wiki page creation

Note: Samurai Jack's wiki page is deleted due to AV's new wiki scope policies

Daniel Newton
  • Mysterious Girlfriend X - Volume Summaries
  • Samurai Bride - Images
  • High School DxD New - Episode formatting with images


  • Pokemon - Volume Summary
  • Psyren - Volume Summary


Note: DocHaus is a foundation type wiki editor who will work on various projects, mainly newer anime series.

  • The Guyver
  • Macross

No individual wiki projects. See Team Projects

  • Cross Manage - Volume,
  • Code Geass - Characters, Movie,
  • Gun x Clover - Volume Cover
  • Magi - Anthology Manga Volumes
  • Misc Hentai Manga - Note: Foxx isn't part of the Hentai Club faction in Anime Vice.
  • Strike Witches - Movie, Manga, Characters
  • Triage X - Volume, Characters

No individual wiki projects. See Team Projects

  • Dragon Ball GT - Concept, Characters

  • Heroic Age

  • The Breaker - Characters
  • History's Strongest Disciple - Characters
  • Upotte!! - Characters

  • National Location Wiki Pages - Creating Characters and attaching them to locations like Canada, Africa, and other national countries

  • Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere - Character Creation

  • Pokemon
  • Digimon
  • My Little Pony

Note: Obisidian609 is a foundation type wiki editor who will work on various projects, mainly old anime series.

  • Attack on Titan - Characters (Reiner Braun)
  • Akame Ga Kill - Volumes, Characters
  • Good Luck Girl - Characters
  • History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi - Characters
  • One-Punch Man - Characters
  • Princess Lucia - Characters

  • AKB0048

  • Diabolik Lover - Episode Summaries with attachments and images

  • Astro Boy
  • Gaiking
  • Love, Chunibyo % Other Delusions

  • Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok - Character creation, volume and episode attachments
  • Penguin Brothers
  • Misc Shoujo manga series for her Shojo weekly project. Note: Her project did had a chance to begin.

  • Blue Seed - Episode attachments
  • Captain Harlock
  • Eyeshield 21 - Episode attachments
  • Guyver - Episode attachments
  • Ghost Hunt - Volume attachments
  • Ranma 1/2 - Episode attachments

  • Attack on Titan - Character Creation,
  • Dorohedoro - Volume Creation
  • Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo - Main Movie page
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation - Episode Attachments, Images
  • Gatchman Crowds - Character Creation
  • Genshiken 2 -
  • NoitaminA
  • Wolfsmund - Volume main page

  • Xiaolin Showdown - Character
  • Dan Doh! - Character
  • Dragon Ball Z - Concept

Note: Xiaolin Showdown page was deleted b/c of recent wiki scope policies.

  • Misc Hentai Series (for Hentai Club) - Episode and Character page Creation

  • Kagaku na Yatsura - Volume/Episode attachments, Character Creation
  • Misc Hentai Series (for Hentai Club) - Episode and Character page Creation

Supreme Marvel

No individual wiki projects. See Team Projects


  • Blazblue - Character Creation, Volume Covers, Episode Attachments
  • Death Note - Volume and Special OVA page creations
  • Attack on Titan - Episode/Volume Attachments

No individual wiki projects. See Team Projects

  • Fatal Fury

Wiki Editor Archive 2013 Team Projects

Danganronpa: The Academy of Hope and the High School Students of Despair

Start Date: July 6

Teammates: Takashichea, YotaruVegeta, Sonata, Dekken

  • Takashichea - Episode Summaries with images, Anime's Main Page, Volumes
  • Sonata - Character Creation with Profile Portraits
  • Dekken - Character Creation with Profile Portraits
  • YotaruVegeta - Anime's Main Page
Fairy Tail
Start Date: Around October - December 2010?

Teammates: Annabanana, Bigz007, Buhssuht, Daniel Newton, DestinyHeroKnight, Obisidian609, Wales, and Takashichea

  • Annabanana - Character Writer, Episode Summary with images + attachments
  • Takashichea - Character Writer, Episode Summary with images + attachments
  • Wales - Volume Summary
  • Obsidian609 - Episode and Volume Attachments
  • Daniel Newton - Episode Format, Main Volume Page
  • DestinyHeroKnight - Volume Attachments
  • Buhssuht - Concept, Location, and Character Writer
  • Bigz007 - Episode Images
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Start Date: July 3, 2013

Teammates: Takashichea, Sonata

  • Sonata - Character Attachments
  • Takashichea - Episode Summaries/ Images, Main Anime Page
Freezing Vibration
Start Date: Fall 2013

Teammates: WereWolverine4, Bigz007

  • Werewolver4 - Main Anime Page
  • Bigz007 - Episode Images, Attachments
High School DxD New
Start Date: Summer 2013

Teammates: Daniel Newton, Galebenta, Bigz007

  • Daniel Newton - Episode Formatting with images
  • Bigz007 - Episode Attachments
  • Galebenta - Character (predominantly Issei)
Kill la Kill
Start Date: Oct. 4, 2013

Bigz007, Daniel Newton, Dekken, FoxxFireArt, KingofAsh, and Takashichea


  1. Daniel and FoxxFireArt format episode pages.
  2. Taka fill in episode summaries
  3. Bigz007 and Taka take turns uploading episode screenshots
  4. Foxx and Taka work on character and other misc wiki pages
My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy
Start Date: Summer 2013

Bigz007, Dekken, Takashichea

  • Bigz007 - Episode Images/Attachments
  • Dekken - Main Anime Page (predominantly character section), Character Creation, Episode Attachments
  • Takashichea - Main Anime Page (overview), Character Creation
Start Date: December 2013

DocHaus, Daniel Newton, and Obsidian609

  • DocHaus - Main Anime Page, Episode Summaries
  • Daniel - Main Anime Page, Episode Formatting
  • Obisidian609 - Misc Wiki Page Creation, Episode Attachments
The Seven Deadly Sins
Start Date: December 2013

Bigz007, DestinyHeroKnight, Low, SMXLR8

  • Bigz007 - Volume Attachments
  • DestinyHeroKnight - Misc wiki page creation, Volume contents & attachments
  • Low - Character Writer
  • SMXLR8 - Character Writer
Start Date: Dec. 19, 2013

Teammates: Yusuke52, ForgottenOne, Othus12, SpeedForceSpider, Taichokage, WayBig1010101, and Takashichea

  • Yusuke52 - Franchise page, Character & misc wiki page creation, character writer
  • Takashichea - Character Writer and Episode summary
  • ForgottenOne - Character and Concept Writer
  • Othus12 - Character Writer
  • SpeedForceSpider - Character Writer
  • Taichokage - Character Writer
  • WayBig1010101 - Character Writer

Note: Taichokage and WayBig1010101 joined in January 2014.

Mysterious Girlfriend X
Start Date: 2012?

Teammates: Daniel Newton, Auron570

  • Daniel - Episode Formatting, Volume Summary
  • Auron570 - Episode Summary
Start Date: 10-10-12
Teammates: Annabanana (retired), Buhssuht (retired), Bigz007, RavenBuster (semi-active), and Takashichea
  • Annabanana (her work took place in 2012) - Volume Covers and Character Creation
  • Buhssuht - (his work took place in 2012) Main Franchise Page
  • Bigz007 - (started in season 2) Episode Screenshots
  • Takashichea - (started in season 1) Episode Summary with images, Volume Covers, Character Writer
  • RavenBuster - Fan Art (mainly Sinbad)
Note: Taichokage and WayBig1010101 joined in February 2014.
One Piece
Start Date: 2010?
Teammates: FoxxFireArt and Dekken
  • FoxxFireArt - Characters, Episode with images, formatting, and attachments
  • Dekken - Character creations, Profile Portraits, Images

Misc Projects

Below are special concept pages that wiki editors in Anime Vice team up together to expand image galleries or add a large amount of anime/manga series of a particular genre (IE: Hentai).

Big Boobs

Dekken has several lists of measurements for various sizes.

Start Date: Oct. 11, 2012

Teammates: Bigz007, Dekken, Daniel Newton, DestinyHeroKnight, and Takashichea

See Wiki Task: The Eyecatch Collection

Title Card
Start Date: Aug. 27, 2013

Teammates: Bigz007 and Takashichea

See Wiki Task: The Title Card Collection

Hentai Club
Start Date: August 15, 2013
Teammates: Sonata, SpeedForceSpider, AgentFakku, Takashichea
  • Sonata adds hentai anime
  • SpeedForceSpider adds hentai anime with characters
  • Takashichea adds hentai anime and manga with general info. Works on the Quick Picks: Erotica Version 2013 project
  • AgentFakku adds hentai anime and manga
Implied Sex Scene
Teammates: Dream, Bigz007, and Takashichea
  • Everyone adds images and descriptions of various implied sex scenes from various anime series.

See Conditions for Implied Sex Scene thread.

Magazine Wiki Project

In 2013, the Anime Vice wiki editors work on magazines, and their main work are usually adding issues with some form of attachments: characters or dates.

Weekly Shonen Sunday

Takashichea (Issue numbering Problems)

Comic Earth Star Magazine

Takashichea (Up to Date)

Nyantype Magazine

Daniel Newton and Takashichea: The two editors add posters for a large collection. These posters would be attached to various characters' galleries, Anime Art.

Megami Magazine

Same as Nyantype Magazine project.

Manga Time Kirara Magazine

Takashichea (Not up to date)

6. Megami Magazine Deluxe

Start Date: 10-27-13

Takashichea (Not up to Date)

Bessatsu Shonen Magazine

Takashichea (Not up to date)

Monthly Dragon Age Magazine

FoxxFireArt (Up to Date)

Weekly Shonen Jump (US)

DestinyHeroKnight (Up to Date): Adds characters and dates

Shonen Jump

DestinyHeroKnight: Same as the US version.

Comic Hotmilk Magazine

FoxxFireArt: Contains NSFW images

COMIC Potpourri Club Magazine

FoxxFireArt: Contains NSFW images

Canopri Comic Magazine

FoxxFireArt: Contains NSFW images

Monthly Sunday Gene-X Magazine

FoxxFireArt: Up to Date

COMIC Kairakuten Magazine

FoxxFireArt: Up to Date

Dengeki Black Maoh Magazine

FoxxFireArt: Up to Date

Ultra Jump

PikaHyper: Up to Date

Community Spotlight 2013 Archive

FoxxFireArt writes the community spotlight pages while I gather wiki reports from the community.






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