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Wait, I just remembered. I have to work on Stardust Crusaders' latest episode summary. Can't wait to see what Jojo's gang are up to.
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1. Space☆Dandy

dochaus, daniel

2. Samurai Flamenco

Episodes - Takashichea

3. Coppelion

Main Anime Page - Aleasha

4. Kill la Kill

Takashichea, FoxxFireArt, Daniel Newton, Bigz007

5. Toriko

ForgottenOne, Othus, SpeedForceSpider, Yusuke52, Takashichea

6. Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Takashichea and Bigz007

7. Sakura Trick

Sifter01 - Went MIA
Daniel Newton - Main Anime page (Started in Feb. 2014)

8. Recently, My Sister is Unusual

Takashichea - main anime page

9. Strike the Blood


10. Naruto Shippuden

TAkashichea and Shawnee

11. Kuroko's Basketball 2


12. Maken-ki! Two

Daniel, Bigz007, Dekken

13. World Conquest Zvezda Plot


14. Freezing


15. The Seven Deadly Sins

low, destinyheroknight, bigz007, taka, smxlr8

16. Wizard Barristers


17. Big Boobs

Dekken's breast measurements

18. Monthly Dragon Age Magazine


19. The Breaker


20. Futabu!


21. McDonald's
22. Weekly Shonen Jump (US)
23. Pretty Cure

BIGRULE - Characters

24. One Piece

Dekken: Episode page creation, images
Gyn: Images
VA: Fortenium

25. Churaumi!
26. Medaka Box

ForgottenOne: Characters

27. Bleach

Yusuke52: Characters

28. HiME


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