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Welcome to Sket Dance weekly report! Last week's episode had a new character called Saaya Agata and a new pet, Hosuke. It was the first time we had a female tsundere character in the show to bash the trope. We are left with the impressions that Saaya likes Bossun, and Bossun has now four potential love interest, Hime, Roman, Saaya, and Ayano.


It starts with Fumi bringing Koma to the Sket Dan to help her. Koma's request is about a boy named Urehara who confessed to her. She asks the Sket Dan to give her advise on how to handle the situation given her monstrous strength that she uses whenever she gets embarrassed. In the second story, Dante asks the Sket Dan about a certain girl, and Koma comes to them about a certain boy later. The two have a crush on each other?

Can Sket Dance help Koma and Dante with their love problems?


Beware of spoilers!

New Character

Koma Morishita
Koma Morishita

Koma is a big girl who has monstrous strength. She is a shy girl who whispers, and she is good at doing Sengoku impressions. Another interesting fact is that she wears a very heavy vest. I have no idea why.


Bossun fossil
Bossun fossil
  • It's funny that Dante and Koma both have communication problems making this episode a light-hearted romantic comedy.
  • This is the first episode where Bossun suffers the most bodily injuries due to the "Koma cannon!"
  • Dante's words always confuses the Sket Dan and leads to misunderstandings and more pain for Bossun.


A fan made a Hooter reference :')
A fan made a Hooter reference :')
  • Fan Service: For those who hate fan service, this episode is the first one to show cleavage. What was the point of showing Ayumi and Hosuke at the hot springs? Personally, I don't think Sket Dance need fan service to boost ratings.
  • Plus, they emphasized Koma's bust and butt in one scene.


Saaya's Metal Gear Solid Homage
Saaya's Metal Gear Solid Homage
  • Hosuke imitating Dante is pretty strange since you would expect a parrot to do it.
  • The only time Roman was good at drawing (in this episode) is when she draws a wall to cover the hole.
  • Many Crunchyroll users mention that Saaya's method of stalking is a reference to Snake's method (from Metal Gear Solid) via the "box."

Overall, this episode is great and shows how love can ruined to due poor communications. Sket Dan is all about romance issues. That's an awesome advice.


Geo used to do this in his weekly reports, so I'll carry on the tradition.


Thank you everyone for reading my team's report and for the funny Crunchyroll comments. I thank my Team W.I.K.I. Nation for their support, Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, Sora_thekey, MohsinMan99, Halberdierv2, Hibaru, and Piface314. If you guys love anime and manga series, come and down and drop a comment, wiki edit, or a blog. The more this community gets involved, the better it gets.

Check out wiki vitae list to see our wiki progress on the Sket Dance project. We created one new page, Koma Morishita, and finished Episode 53's wiki page and image gallery.

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