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Welcome to the Sket Dance weekly report by Team W.I.K.I. Nation. Right now, I'm contemplating about stopping the Sket Dance reports because I got multiple anime projects with its weekly reports. Don't worry fans, Sora_thekey will provide coverage on the Sket Dance anime. He's a new member to our team. Please welcome him. He's more funnier than me. It's more time effective to work on the wiki and provide images while Sora does the reviews.

It's teamwork.


Ep. 42: Suddenly, Momoka's Road to Being a Stage Actress - "Yaniwani Momoka butai joyū e no michi" (やにわにモモカ舞台女優への道)

This episode has two stories about Momoka, Hime, and Roman. The first one is about Momoka who asks her friends to help her gain a deeper insight into a script for her audition in a play. The second story begins with Hime wondering what career she would have in the future, and when Switch brings up Roman, Roman appears and brings good news. She has made her first debut as a manga artist.

Will Momoka understand the meaning behind the script, will Hime know what she would become in the future, and did Roman really made her debut as a manga artist?

Find out by watching Sket Dance on Crunchyroll.

*This episode is based chapter 99 (vol. 11) and chapter 78 (vol. 9).


Beware of Spoilers!


There's so many hilarious scenes in this episode. I pick the best three, and you guys do the same.

  • Bossun and Momoka's acting scenes ends so randomly. Out of nowhere, Bossun hands Momoka, an Anthony action figure.

  • Bakuman Reference: Roman just makes me laugh hard when I made the connection. Will she and Fumi make their anime debut? I think so since the judges showcased Roman's work, Sudden Temptation.
  • After Bossun and Momoka make Japanese words sound like English words, Bossun ends it with Shinji running away. See this pun, Shinjirarenai (Unbelievable) sounds like Shinji run away.


Sudden Temptation = old gags
Sudden Temptation = old gags
  • There's not much bad things in Momoka's story. However, Roman's second story seems like her other story where she shows off her nonsensical story for the first time. Not to hurt the Roman fans, but the humor seems stale. No offense though. Roman should show off more herself instead her silly manga story. She is one of the funniest girls in the series. I liked her alien call, her rivalry with Switch at drawing Bossun, and her drive to please Bossun, her "prince."


  • Roman's Alien Call
    Roman's Alien Call
    Roman's "Tee Hee" and sound effects are bizarre, but it suits Roman. Her alien call is the best I find her crying scene cute. Not to sound weird, okay guys.
  • Why is Momoka's singing "Nervous" so catchy? It didn't stick with me.
  • Momoka's luck streak in her career is unbelieving lucky. She is a delinquent whose performance in the puppet episode got her career in voicing anime characters. She's a pop idol, and now she's an actress. Sket Dance really likes pop idol culture. The most obsessed guys who love anime and pop idols are Otakura and Switch, of course.

Overall, I find this episode enjoyable and give it a four out of five. Momoka's story is better than Roman in terms of humor. Roman just needs to show off more of her quirky personality and less of her craptastic drawings.

I would like to see Switch, Sasuke, and Roman participating in a crappy drawing show off. I mean artist showoff contest. Plus, I haven't seen much of Roman's Otome filter.


I add some folks.


Thank you guys for reading my team's report. I'm postponing the Sket Dance reports until summer, so please visit Sora_thekey's weekly Sket Dance reports. I thank my team for doing a fantastic job. Don't forget to check out our wiki vitae list to see where we are in the wiki project for Sket Dance. For wiki work, ep. 42 is finished.

Team W.I.K.I. Nation will be here for you guys!
Team W.I.K.I. Nation will be here for you guys!

Please check out Sora_thekey's Weekly Sket Dance ep. 42.

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