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Welcome to the 16th Sket Dance report! I'm Taka of Team W.I.K.I. Nation with another review of this week's Sket Dance. Last time, I said we do a biweekly report for everything, but I'll do that next week.

For those who do not know my team, they are

  • Annabanana
  • KuroNekoXIII
  • MohsinMan99
  • HalberdierV2
  • Hibaru
  • Piface314

This week's Sket Dance episode is pretty awesome and damn more hilarious than the last two episodes because it's all about Bossun and Sasuke. Also, we get a bonus story called Biscuit Dance - Sensei's Favorite. It's another adorable story with the toddlers.

Don't forget to check out rad gallery of images for episode 40! We also have new Trivia Questions for everyone!


Ep. 40: Stakeout Blues - "Suteikuauto burūsu" (ステイクアウト・ブルース)

After a lovely flower scene is wilted away when Bossun and Sasuke fight, they both learn from Takaaki Uchida about an extortionist who has been picking students and taking their cash. Sasuke and Bossun do a little stake out to confront the punk, yet they bump into each other. Will the two ever get along to take out the scumbag?


Beware of Spoilers!


*Since there are so many hilarious scenes, I pick these three to be the highlights. What are your favorite scenes?

Bossun's a troll
Bossun's a troll
  • This episode is packed with Bossun and Sasuke's humorous little fights. You got to love how Bossun can make Sasuke mad.
  • The beginning scene where Bossun and Hime talk about the flowers and how that got ruined was the best way to begin this episode.
  • The stakeout scene where Bossun just bothers Sasuke with the troll face is awesome.


Hime's bad scene
Hime's bad scene
  • One awkward scene is how Hime describe how sick she is. If you guys don't like fan service, you probably didn't enjoy where the camera just pans over Hime's body while her skirt magically flutters. I just found this scene not that great.


Switch watching moe cheerleaders
Switch watching moe cheerleaders
  • Love Switch when he breaks the 4th wall as he tells the viewers how Hime and he recover from their cold. Switch's scene is so wacky when he watches those girls, "Go! Go! Onii-chan!" and "Hang in There, Onii-chan!"
  • How Sasuke believes Bossun has martial arts moves is pure brilliant scene.
  • Sasuke and Bossun are in synch despite they are rivals. Strange huh?
  • Off Tangent Point: For those who are Rave Master fans like me, Tsubaki Explosion sounds like a move Haru Glory would use.

Biscuit Dance

I love how the toddlers look cute and the art style. Plus, Daisy is a bit of a tsundere which adds to the cuteness. The ending is a great surprise.

Trivia Section


I thank you guys for reading my team's report, and I thank my team for working hard to support this community. Please check out the community spotlight by FoxxFireArt and the wiki vitae list for Sket Dance to see our progress for the wiki project. This week, we finished episode 40's wiki page except for the anime/manga differences. I have to find the manga story equivalent.

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