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Welcome to another weekly Sket Dance report! (More like biweekly, it doesn't sound pleasant enough). If you guys know my teammates of Team W.I.K.I. Nation, they are Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, MohsinMan99, HalberdierV2, Hibaru, and Piface314. I will also mention a friend of our team, Sophronimos, who is a great wiki editor. He worked on Sket Dance and Gintama from time to time. Let's discuss these two lovely Sket Dance episodes, 38 and 39. 38 was the last episode for 2011 while 39 start off the New Year.

For Image Lovers: Please see ep. 39's gallery and for 38, check my profile's gallery marked Sket Dance. 38 is Anna's wiki page, so I didn't want to upload images if she already had images in her computer. I can't have all the fun. :)


Ep. 38: Kigurumi Break - "Kigurumi bureiku" (きぐるみぶれいく)

Specter and the gang
Specter and the gang

The Sket Dan takes Remi's request to fill in the mascots for the show, Together With Mommy. However, things go awry when Sket Dan get locked in a storage shed. Will Sket Dan get free before the show can begin?

Ep. 39: One Broken, Special... New Year's - "Kowarete shimatta tokubetsu-na ...shōgatsu" (壊れてしまった特別な…正月)

Special Mariko Broken!
Special Mariko Broken!

SKET Dan plays another game with Yamanobe, and this time, they are playing Special Mariko Broken, a video game about the main heroine and her romantic relationship with her boss. This episode has a bonus clip or montage of events that happened in the anime with some comedic twists.

Find out by watching Sket Dance! You can watch them legally on Crunchyroll.



From left to right, we have the mascots for the show, Together with Mommy. Bossun is Specter, Hime is Phantom, and Switch is Bogey.
Mariko is the main heroine and she is based on Mario from Super Mario Bros. According to Yamanobe, she is in a relationship with her manager. I don't know why she is fighting her boss at the end of the game. The Kanji for Mariko, マリコ, can be changed to the Kanji Mario, マリオ, by changing one Kanji.
Luigiana is the twin sister of Mariko, and she is based on Luigi from the same game. She helps Mariko beat her manager. The same changes is similar to Mariko. The Kanji for Luigiana, ルイジアナ, can be changed to the Kanji for Luigi, ルイージ , by changing one Kanji.

Beware of Spoilers!


  • Ep. 38

You can't even use your hand to save your life
You can't even use your hand to save your life
  1. This episode clearly shows you that the best plan can goes wrong.
  2. We get to see Momoka and her gang entertain the crowd with her Yankee improv.
  3. Bossun's intellect gets tested to the extreme. There's so many obstacles in order to get out of the damn storage room.
  • Ep. 39

Eringi madness
Eringi madness
  1. The video game references are awesome. By that main image, you can see the Super Mario Bros allusion. There are several points of interest involving eringi instead of mushrooms and the names of these heroines.
  2. The story has a nice montage with Reiko's twist. I loved Reiko. I put it in a spoiler block. It's like a present for those who watch the episodes!
  3. Roman's pun is such a nice scene of breaking the 4th wall. (see wiki page's points of interest on ep. 39)
  4. For Shinzo, Roman, and Reiko fans, there are good montage scenes.

Reiko just wants the spotlight.


  • There is not much bad things about these episodes. I didn't like Hyperion or Genesis, but this time, Yamanobe did okay for me.


  • Ep. 38

  1. Not much bizarre things. The only thing I noticed is how everyone love their idols just like how we loved our celebrities in America. The only difference is that Japanese idols are younger.
  • Ep. 39

Naughty scene, perhaps?
Naughty scene, perhaps?
  1. Why was Switch teasing Luigiana a bit before he went off the beat the game?
  2. Why do we have a random Moe character?
  3. Comment on Crunchyroll made my day. "She totally deepthroated that fish" by OldThrashBar
  4. The ending credits had Mariko and Luigiana eating eringi in a suggestive manner. Or maybe my mind is in the gutter after reading that comment about Reiko deepthroating that fish.
  5. Speaking of dirty things, that candy came out of the controller look like a tentacle to me.
  6. Off Tangent Thing: I did a weekly report on Beelzebub where they had a video game parody, too. I find Sket Dance a little funnier than Beelzebub in parodying video games.

Overall, these episodes are fantastic but not perfect. There's no drama or sadness which is great. Because the last two episodes were about Hime's origin story, the staff ended and began the year with hilarious stories. Those origin stories are like diamonds in the sea of laughing gas.

Taka's Amateur Stitched Cap

Since Anna is on vacation for R & R with the rest of my teammates, there is no Anna's Stitched Cap Gallery section. I searched for a stitched cap for these two episodes with no luck. (In Fairy Tail Wikia, they have nice stitched caps.) Sadly, Sket Dance Wikia doesn't have one, but they have a nice image gallery. I decided to make one myself. I picked Momoka because I have a soft side for tomboys. It's not perfect because you see on Momoka's right arm where some portions is darker than others. I have no idea why. I find the matching the fingers and hair difficult. Please enjoy my amateur stitched cap of Momoka and her gang. Thank you.

Taka's Stitched Cap for Momoka and friends
Taka's Stitched Cap for Momoka and friends

If there's anyone who's good, please give me some advice. It's my first time of making a stitched cap.


I thank you guys for reading my team's report, and I thank my team for working hard on Sket Dance and other projects in the Anime Vice community. Please give them a round of applause. Do follow them. I'm grateful to work with them. It's no fun working on wiki pages by yourself.

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