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Welcome to the 12th weekly article for Sket Dance! My team and I are happy to discuss last week's episode with you guys. For those who do not know my team, they are Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, HalberdierV2, Hibaru, and Piface314. This week's episode is back to its two story formula that focuses on two silly and quirky characters, Remi Misora and Roman Saotome.


Roman's Craptastic Manga Laboratory

The first story focuses on Roman Saotome who has come to ask SKET Dan to review her craptastic manga handbook. She tells them that she is doing it for her club member, Fumi Segawa. Although Bossun and his crew are hesitant, they help the poor girl.

Will Roman's craptastic handbook make a difference in her manga club or will she fail?

Do Your Best, Onee-san !


The second story focuses on Remi Misora who is still plagued by her clumsiness. After Remi has fail with her history lesson, Bossun and the gang help her clean up the classroom. In the process, Remi talks about her farewell gift from her TV show, Specter (a blue ghoulish, looking doll). When a boy throws a baseball (It's probably Eiichi) into the classroom and asks for the ball, Remi throws Specter to him instead of the ball. Remi and the gang hunt for the ball where they meet a group of kindergarteners and Suemasu.

Will Remi get her confidence and be able teach students or will she quit and go home crying!

Tune in and watch Sket Dance episode 34!


Beware of Mild Spoilers!


It's craptastic all right
It's craptastic all right
  • Remi Misora and Roman never change a bit which is good. They have their own unique personality that makes the comedy fresh.
  • Roman's silly antics in her bizarre manga handbook will leave you scratching your head or laughing out loud.
  • Remi's performance with the kindergarteners will reveal her strengths and a side to Remi that the audience has never seen before.
  • One of the stories' quests had an epic fail. I won't tell you.


  • Not much bad stuff to report. I can tell you Remi's story had conflict in it which made it more interesting and better than Roman's story.


Remi and Chuuma
Remi and Chuuma
  • Roman seems to draw her boobs bigger. It seems she has breast envy.
  • Another pairing?: Remi and Chuuma had a lot of moments alone. Plus, you'll see that Chuuma looks at Remi when she teaches class. What was he thinking at that moment?
  • Roman's craptastic manga drawing had some side effects that are more terrible than her shoujo otome powers.
  • Speaking of Roman's otome filter, she did not do it unless you count the manga.
  • Roman has a drawing rival, Switch, who is a weirdo, too.
  • On Crunchyroll, I remember a comment that suggests that Remi is more suited for teaching kindergarten. This is such a brilliant idea!

Overall, this episode is great and better than the Thief Dan, Plus episode. It's a nice comic relief episode to get away from episode 33's tense, mystery case.

Animated GIFs

I had made three GIFs for this report, though the Remi's one is a bit choppy. Looks like I need more practice. Plus, I made Bossun's drawing GIFs! Please tell me if they're a bit too slow.


Thank you guys for reading our team's weekly report. I thank my team for doing their best to put in some time for their wiki projects and this one with college ending in a few weeks. We're almost there to freedom.

This Week's Work

Anna did a fantastic job on this episode's plot summary and uploaded a lot of images. I worked on Saori Yasuda's page and finished her story arcs, origin, and anime/manga differences. I will do Sakiko after this blog. Please see our team's wiki contribution list.

We hope you guys get active in this community and even make a weekly blogs on other shows like some obscure titles. We need the help of the community to keep this place running.

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