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Finished manga 2015 ending updates, Fairy Tail 209, and One Piece 668 wiki. Since I haven't watch Seven Deadly Sins Ep 14 and 15, I work on their summaries. Hopefully, they will be spotlight material.
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Welcome to the 11th Weekly Sket Dance report! I'm Takashichea, a proud member of Team W.I.K.I. Nation. My team and I are proud to present you weekly coverage of this beloved series and our hard work on the wiki. For those who do know my teammates, they are Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, MohsinMan99, HalberdierV2, Hibaru, and Piface314.

This week's episode has a thrilling crime and mystery story with a big plot twist that goes beyond breaking windows. No, it's breaking hearts.


For Episode 34, The Glass Man. Please see the image gallery for those love images.

Yagi and Saori Yasuda ask SKET Dan for permission to document their activities. When Bossun and Hime tell Yagi that they are boring, Yagi gives them a case to investigate. The case is about a culprit who breaks windows without stealing anything. As SKET Dan unravels the case, they discover that the culprit is not who they think it is and how the answer is right in front of them.

Tune in and watch Sket Dance episode 33!


Beware of Spoilers! Don't worry, I won't give out the ending.

New Characters (Possible Suspects)

Saori Yasuda
Saori Yasuda
Although she is not formally introduced in Shinba's Elegant Cooking Story, Saori is the a member of the broadcasting club. She's the camera woman.
Sakiko Takashima
Sakiko Takashima
Sakiko Takashima is the manager of the baseball club.
Ozaki Mamoru
Ozaki Mamoru
Ozaki Mamoru is the shortstop. I can't remember what's wrong with him.
Shimasaki Takao
Shimasaki Takao
Shimasaki Takao is the cleanup hitter, but he loves to beat things with his baseball bat.
Hiraizumi Eiichi
Hiraizumi Eiichi
Hiraizumi Eiichi is the relief pitcher, but he can't throw a ball right.


Bossun reveals the clue
Bossun reveals the clue
  • This case is what makes this episode stand out in the SKET Dance's usual two story, humorous slapstick style. Plus, SKET Dan is solving more than crime but love.
  • Switch looks awesome as Sherlock Homes, but Bossun makes a better detective with his concentration ability.
  • Anime/Manga Comparisons: The anime did a better job in bring closure with the two individuals of the case by these scenes: They thank SKET Dance for solving their issues, and they continue working in their clubs happily. The manga did not have a scene like that.


Colorful afros SKET Dan
Colorful afros SKET Dan

It's tough to say what's bad in this episode. I can't think of any. Maybe, they overuse the afro gimmick joke too much.


Bossun's odd thinking
Bossun's odd thinking
  • Baseball players are all weird and funny.
  • Bossun's thought bubble seems to make it appear that he likes Yagi.
  • Anime/Manga Comparisons: Reiko Yuki and Roman's short scenes are not in the manga, but they are great, little humorous scenes. I love how Reiko thinks the culprit is a ghost while Roman thinks the culprit is a monster.

Overall, the episode is excellent because it shows that Sket Dan is not all fun, random games. No, it has drama and mystery. Though, we haven't seen a tragedy story like Switch's origin story in the anime yet. We still need to see the origin stories for Bossun and Hime.


I thank you guys for reading this. I thank my team for a spectacular job on the wiki project despite their busy lives with school and doing other wiki projects.

  • KuroNekoXIII - Guilty Crown
  • Annabanana - Beelzebub, Buster Keel, Fairy Tail
  • MohsinMan99 - Gintama
  • HalberdierV2 - Gosick
  • Hibaru - Nurarihyon no Mago

Please see our Team's Vitae List. Remember, we're making this community great by contributing to it by wiki editing, commenting, creating blogs, and more. This way, people would get to love and try anime and manga by seeing different takes and views on it.

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