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Welcome to the tenth weekly Sket Dance report! I'm Taka, and I'm here to present Sket Dance and Team W.I.K.I. Nation's work last week. First, I like to apologize for being late. Usually, I have Sket Dance's reports on Thursday and Fridays of the same week; Beelzebub is on weird track since it starts on Saturday. Both my team and I are pretty busy with school. Now, my team and I can discuss with you fans out there with this crazy and senseless episode of Sket Dance.

Anna has a wonderful image gallery for this episode.


Like most Sket Dance episodes, this one has two stories, but it has two different settings: one is in Feudal Japan (first half) while the other is in space (2nd half). Sket Dan is always helping people; in this episode, Sket Dan's two incarnations have their objectives. In the Feudal Japan story, Sket Dan is a trio of ninjas called the Thief Dan whereas in the outer space story, Sket Dan is two space explorers and one robot called Rocket Dan. Here comes the fun parts, Thief Dan's mission is to save Roman from a lord who wants to marry her. The castle that she is in is guarded by Sasuke and his student council friends as samurai. For Rocket Dan, they meet an alien, the prince of Papeppu (Sasuke), and they must get him to his home planet which his nemesis is holding his fiancee captive.

Tune in and watch Sket Dance episode 32, Thief Dan Plus!


Beware of Mild Spoilers! (I will restrain myself not to give you guys the ending and cool plot twists)


Rocket Dan! Represent!
Rocket Dan! Represent!
  • The costume designs for Thief Dan and Space Dan are awesome and fashionable. I tend to like the ninja costumes more than the space version.
  • References: Reiko's Ring References never stop to amaze me. Bossun makes a reference to Street Fighter with Lethal Fighter Kai. Since this is a ninja story, you know that Bossun and his team will make a connection to a famous Shonen series about a hyperactive knucklehead ninja.
  • The characters' incarnations still retain their unique yet funny personalities and quirks. This is great!


  • The Rocket Dan's story ends too soon with a less satisfying ending. It's ambiguous and feels rushed. The Thief Dan story had a better and funny ending.
  • Another Point of Perspective, some people might be turn off about the lack of plot in this episode. This episode is mostly about random humor like Gintama.
  • For people who hate fanservice, Hime is in a scantily clad ninja outfit during those Sket Dance commercial breaks. A show like this does not need to rely on sex appeal to sell itself. Other adult shows use fanservice better and at the right times. Sket Dance is a show for people 8 and up. (You can argue younger or older than that.)


Do you recognize him?
Do you recognize him?
  • Switch's technology and his wooden computer does not even fit with Feudal Japan.
  • Roman has some advanced powers that breaks the fourth wall more than her regular Otome filter.
  • Switch the robot has a cool yet funny antennae that reminds of Teletubbies. Switch uses this feature to translate alien talk for his crew mates.
  • In the Rocket Dan story, they play a Shiritori game for the second time. The first time was in the beach mini story after episode 21: Otaku and Occult.


This episode is hilarious and cannot be taken seriously. Sket Dance is a humorous, slice of life show with Shonen qualities. It's open to all genders despite being a Shonen show.


Did you think you know this series? Click on these questions and test yourself.


I thank you guys for reading this and staying touch with the Anime Vice community and the team, so stop on by and comment anytime because I'm friendly and my team are super nice. I like to thank Anna for uploading the images, trivia questions, and working on the plot summary last week despite her busy schedule. Please check Anna's work on episode 32. Our team loves her dearly. I like to thank KuroNekoXIII (Kuro) and MohsinMan99 for being so active on the team and doing their own weekly reports. Right now, I'm partners with Kuro on Guilty Crown; it's going great!

We're a team of Wiki Editors!
We're a team of Wiki Editors!

This Week's Wiki Work: Franchise of Sket Dance has its merchandise section upgraded with Drama CDs, Bossun's story arcs are streamlined, and episode 32 has its plot summary with images. Please check out our team's vitae list!

Give these guys and the rest of my team, a round of applause. They deserve it because they're juggling this project and others with school. I have college and community service. I volunteer to do community service every week for my hometown just like how I commit myself to help others on Anime Vice. This week's Sket Dance episode 33's wiki page is my turn to do. Hey everyone, if you really love a show, why not create a blog, a review, post some comments, or do some wiki edit. You make a difference in our community.

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