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Welcome to the ninth weekly Sket Dance article/ review! I'm your host, Takashichea, and my teammates for Team W.I.K.I. Nation are Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, MohsinMan99, HalberdierV2, Piface314, and Hibaru. We have some trivia questions and wiki progress to reveal after this episode's review. For the recap, last week's episode, Crank up the Nyora!, was about an addiction to collecting toys and Momoka's Moe character change. Now, this episode (ep. 31 - Samurai and Clothes) focuses on Shinzo and the shenanigans of SKET Dan. Be sure to check our wiki work and the image gallery.


This episode has two stories. The first and major story is about Shinzo's pen pal who wants to meet him. Wanting to impress the pen pal, Shinzo asks SKET Dan to help him be a fashionable man. In the second story, Hime and the gang receive a DVD from Shinzo who is tired and decides to give away his pen pal's DVD. Hime tries out the DVD only to feel the burning and bizarre exercise routines.

Will Shinzo be able impress his pen pal and take his friendship to a higher level? What happens during the exercise DVD and what effects it has on the SKET Dan crew? Tune in and watch Sket Dance episode 31!


Beware of Spoilers!


Shinzo decorates his smart phone with pics of his pen pal
Shinzo decorates his smart phone with pics of his pen pal
  • Another story about Shinzo, the out of place samurai who doesn't look like a high school student. His story is pretty funny and how Sket Dance try to help him but fail is even more awesome. There are some great anime references in this episode.
  • The ending to Shinzo's story is a big and hilarious surprise.
  • For the second story, the exercise trainer has a unique thing shared by Switch that makes Hime goes "ew!" or "what the hell!"


  • Comparing the two stories, the exercise show is pretty weak in the comedic element.


Andre tells you to think like a girl
Andre tells you to think like a girl
  • Possible Edit Mistake: Bossun shaved off Shinzo's hook eyebrow to make him fashionable. How did it regrow back after the big makeover?
  • Switch is getting stranger with his information gathering thing. Not only he has measurements of Hime and Momoka, but he keeps track of what Shinpei doing.
  • Andre, the exercise trainer, has the same obsession like Switch.
  • Anime References: There's three of them (or more): Bakuman, Dragon Ball Z, and Gintama. I won't describe them because I want you guys to watch the show or check out our image gallery. Feel free to add some more that I missed.


Compared to the last episode, this episode is roughly the same because both of these episodes had great and hilarious episodes about one character but suffers from the other story's small time humor. The minor story in episode 31 is better than the minor story in episode 30 because the humor flows better without dragging the time. If you are Momoka fan, you'll dig episode 30 more than 31. Same for Shinzo fans except it's for episode 31. As for the anime and manga differences, I have not read the manga chapter versions yet, but I can tell you the anime is skipping around the manga since volume 5. It's strange.

Sket Dance's Lesson

Be yourself when you date someone. There's no use in pretending to be someone just to get the person to love you back.


  • Shinzo Takemitsu - 1, 2, and 3. *The image caption malfunctioned for question 3 when I submitted it. The good news is that the numbering of the images are in from left to right order. I'm sorry about that.


I thank you guys for reading this weekly article; I thank my team for doing an impressive job on the Sket Dance and other projects. KuroNekoXIII is doing great on his Guilty Crown while Anna is working on Beelzebub project with her teammates. As for this episode, it is my turn to work on it since last week is Anna's turn. I need to upload more images since I did not cover enough of the episode. When you love a show or a manga series, get involved in this community and write a blog or a review. You do some wiki work or even start up your own weekly reports. That sounds exciting.

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Wiki Editing and Blogging is a cool hobby
Wiki Editing and Blogging is a cool hobby

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